Who are You?
That’s not an easy question to answer and is far more complex than it appears but asking it tells us a a great deal.
We live in a world of experiences but that isn’t who we are. We are not out experiences even though they happen to us.

You think you’re fat and you are, regardless of you’re actual size. That is a subjective experience.

You weigh in at what ever and you are so high. That gives you a height to weight ratio that when compared to others tells you that you aren’t. That is an objective experience.

Experiences have an influence but it is the experiencer who is important. You are still fat if you feel fat, that is because of You.

We are taught to be objective. Why? To some extent we are our feelings, emotions and imaginings.
Objectivity denies that part of you. It requires lack of bias, judgement or prejudice but humans have an emotional body. We feel. Denying it is counter productive.

Objectivity has a value but it certainly doesn’t tell us who we are, that can’t be measured or quantified and it reduces our humanity because it ignores a large part of who we are. Science isn’t all wrong but it has been distorted.

Emotional maturity rather than objectivity is more desirable. It means that we no longer loose control in emotive or difficult situations. It enables compassion to flow. Compassion allows, we become tolerant. It is a very important part of our growth.

The dark forces try to fracture, deny and destroy our emotional body for a reason. When you are no longer triggered you are very powerful, you have no fear. Fear is the main control system and their food supply. If you can’t be frightened you can’t be controlled except by force. Numbers start to become important. An elite small group needs huge resources to control a large population by force and there is a tendency to rebellion and they get overthrown. That is their fear and what controls them. They are even frightened of each other.

You are not your physical body or its attributes. You are not male or female or even in between. Your physical body has a gender and most people orientate themselves with it but that is not absolutely essential. A homosexual is not who they are. It may feel important to them and has social implications but it is only their sexual orientation. Just a preference, a choice. You are not the physical body or any of it’s appetites. Your body has it’s own awareness, it’s own body consciousness. When you die you leave that behind and it goes elsewhere. But who leaves it behind?

How we think is important but not who we are. You are not a feminist even if you value that point of view. Most feminist exhibit very strong masculine traits. That is what was needed at the time to change how the general population thought but it’s isn’t who they are. We each have a balance of masculine and feminine. Both are desirable, it creates balance.

Our bodies contain us. Death is only transition, we leave some of them behind but not all.
I have actually done it. My heart stopped and I was dead for a while. Eventually my heart was started again and I went back into my body. I learned a great deal and can avouch that the body is a very good place to be but it isn’t me. My awareness didn’t change although my perceptions did. I was somewhere else for a while. Being and awareness continues outside of your physical body. You are still there, you still perceive. But a body has many advantages. In a human body you have free will. You can do anything you like and experience very many levels of creation. It is a very special thing to have a human body and it needs to be treated with respect.

As I have mentioned what you do to your body effects that awareness. Your awareness determines how well you perceive your surroundings. That again is a very long story. Being asleep is a state of consciousness not of awareness. Expanded awareness is an indicator of your consciousness but not who you are. You can be asleep and aware at the same time even if most people aren’t. That itself is a journey.

Any vehicle, which is what your physical body is to some extent, requires fuel, maintenance, oil and water etc. or it wont work for very long. Its environment also has an impact. What we fuel our bodies with greatly effects performance.

Eating meat may give you energy and supply specific nutrition but it reduces your level of awareness because meat has a relatively low vibrational quality compared to other foods. The killing is ingested too. That statement may make you uncomfortable. It’s just an emotional response that I have created. You are not your emotional response that is just behaviour stimulated by how you think. It may be based on experience or what you think you know. That changes constantly. It is a variable. We grow.

How you think is dependent on what you have learned. Most of that information is second hand and not worth very much. It is how we have been taught to function. There are other better ways.

I really don’t care what you think, not because I don’t care about you but because what you think is unimportant. It is simply a process, a way we make sense of our environment. Thinking is a good way, but not the only way, to solve problems. It is just a tool. It is not who you are. You don’t need to be good at it to increase your awareness. In some respects thinking has disadvantages. When you stop thinking all sorts of interesting things start to happen. Meditation is one way to experience that.

What you think may feel important especially if you are good at it but you are not your thought processes, that is your mind which again is only part of you but not who you are. You don’t take your brain with you when you die. It is not the source of your thoughts anyway it is simply a processor. It does lots of other things and runs the body but it doesn’t do your thinking for you. You initiate it. But who is it that does that?

Where do your thoughts come from? Another rather complex subject. Do you think you create them? That’s rather egotistical of you.
Come on smile that was a joke.

Are you your ego? I already decided that you aren’t your body or your mind, your emotions. Are you the ego? The ego is what makes you unique, it is the only part of you that differentiates you from anyone else but it’s only a part of who you are. It is or has a useful function. The ego is a means of confining or refining the unbounded to a specific point. It identifies you, whatever you are.

We are expressions, thoughts if you like, points of awareness in the endless sea of creation knowing itself. That we are aware is the important bit. How aware is up to us. We can change that for the good or the bad.

I have never met a pot smoker who impressed me with their wisdom or level of awareness. They choose to lower their perceptions but probably think they are doing the opposite. I can only make that judgment because I have explored it thoroughly, even if that was a very long time ago.

The same with knobs on applies to drinking alcohol. Perhaps there goes another emotional response. Alcohol is poisonous to the human body, it has no beneficial effects. In excess it will kill you. It has killed a few of my friends. Again that is a choice. Coffee, sugar and lots of things we consume avidly are not very good for us. Drop them and it makes a difference. Your awareness will increase. I am always looking to be better, not always good at it but that is my constant goal. We can all be better than we are.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your awareness. There are plenty of teachers out there but I have never met a follower who become a Master by following even though I have met plenty who thought that it did.

Masters provide you with tools to expand your awareness. Mastery is earned when you take full responsibility, not by surrender to another. It is a very difficult and somewhat lonely journey. You go in the opposite direction to the majority. Followers are sheeple even when their motives are benign. The amusing thing is that we are all Masters already, we have simply forgotten that for the moment. Perhaps we need reminding. The reason we have forgotten who we are is important and a whole other subject but one worth pursuing – another time perhaps.

There are many levels of creation all around you. Some can only perceive the obvious. That doesn’t make them any less important, only less aware. We all have the same potential but choose who we are by cultivating and expanding our awareness.

We can learn to spontaneously do the right thing. Eat the right food be in the right place follow our intuition. We intuit how to behave. It doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience. You simply tune in. I find that much easier than thinking but then I have a different sort of brain. It isn’t very good at ‘normal’ thinking. People I know well, especially very clever people often finish my sentences for me. It may take me a while to remember a word I want to use. Writing anything like this takes me a very long time. With ‘out there’ other stuff it is a different story. Most people can’t even comprehend what I’m talking about much less go there and do things. We all have different skills and abilities.

We are influenced by what has happened to us but that is all in the past and no longer relevant. What happens next is coming at you much too fast to keep looking behind you. Carrying the past will only slow you down. You don’t need to analyse or process it. You will grow much more quickly without it. Accept it and let it go. Who you are will always remain.

So we aren’t any of our bodies, I haven’t bothered to list them here but there are five, we merely inhabit them. We aren’t our thoughts or our thinking our emotions or how we feel. We aren’t our ego that is just a function that focuses us in the here and now.

What is left?

The simple answer is You.

Talking to my Self
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