Automatic instructions can be programmed into your brain.

Have you discovered this yet? It can be very useful

The conscious mind can be unreliable well mine is.
I have real trouble remembering complex meditations designed to do something specific. I can read it over very many times but when I come to do it – total blank.

Actually even simple instructions do the same thing. I have a problem with recall. It is because of how my brain is wired or rather not wired. I can remember details from past lifetimes back a million years but something that happened a few minutes or seconds ago is iffy. There is a gap. I haven’t found a way to cross it. Well that’s not strictly true I have found a work around. I use the unconscious mind and have been doing that for a long time. Because I can’t do it the normal way I found a shortcut.

In the old days, now we’re talking way before mobile phones not quite before phones but nearly, I never wore a watch. They don’t like me and break. When I was very young my dad felt it was important for me to tell the time. That was probably because I ignored it and would be out in the fields and woods oblivious to everything. I ignored meals or that it was getting late. My mother never knew where I was and complained.

They thought perhaps if I had a watch I would know when it was time to come home. That was unlikely but there was a jeweller who had a shop more or less next door to my dad’s surgery, he also sold and repaired watches. Normal watches stopped when I wore them even when I remembered to wind them up and the jeweller thought that was because I magnetised them. When I was about nine or ten I was given an expensive antimagnetic clockwork watch for my birthday. Like all the watches I was given, it worked for a time, then it started going backwards. That was impossible but it did.

I couldn’t read it anyway. It had roman numerals which I couldn’t fathom, too many vertical lines. Dyslexics have problems with symbols using lines. The jeweller couldn’t fix it and was flummoxed. I quite liked that it went anticlockwise but that was unacceptable and I wasn’t allowed to keep it, it was sent back. They gave up. Digital watches when they came out would stop and start to blink or the battery would expire. I didn’t like how the felt anyway and taught myself a trick. I gave my unconscious mind the instruction that I always know the time. That was my first ever sub conscious instruction. It still works.

I get where I want to be on time. There is never need to rush you can travel in time. It is elastic. Try it if you’re late. Give your unconscious the instruction that you arrive in time. All of creation is happening all at once which doesn’t have to be related. We think that time is liner because that is how we perceive it. That doesn’t mean it is.

I never use an alarm EVER. How terrifying and distressing to be dragged out of deep sleep by noise. In my early twenties, for the brief period when I was wild and working, I had to be at work at 8:00 am. That was hard if you had been up having a good time till 3 or 4 in the morning. I had a huge alarm clock. When it went off I used to through it out of the window, it got rather dented. I hated it. A few years later when I stopped working I decided never again, both to working and alarm clocks. Forty years later I haven’t used one since. It isn’t necessary. I can request to wake at any time I like. It works. The subconscious can do anything. It also interferes which can be fun. If it doesn’t think it should wake you up it doesn’t, it usually knows best. Just go with it.

Now when I want to do some complicated visualisation I simple give the instruction do that and the that is a memory of reading the instructions. It makes life much simpler. You can apply it to nearly anything because the unconscious never forgets. Doing it is very like manifesting but easier. You just think what you want it to do. The higher aspect of your self doesn’t need an interpreter and sorts it out for you. Using your free will should always be effortless.


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