All the drama was probably desperation but it didn’t work, nothing is going to stop me. I am lighting up regardless.

When I say lighting up i mean I am Being who and what I AM. It is so big and so incredible I am not surprised the dark tried to prevent it. Each one of us has enormous potential. Glimpsing even a part of it is awe inspiring. Being it is a magnificent adventure. At different stages I have been as big as a the sun as dynamic as the whole of creation; limitless.

I am also my normal self. I oscillate as the balance changes. The illusion is breaking down but hasn’t done that completely, not yet, but soon.

At one point I was looking to move away from where I am. I sort something better. I was guided not to because I am in the right place. My light shines were it is needed. Perhaps it is a lonely experience to be in the right place but that is what is required. The light shines brighter when it is in the dark. The piercing blaze shines and changes all in its path. Knowing that We are all connected and that separation is an illusion does help. Feeling it is better.

To go within is a bliss filled experience, I expand and grow bigger. At one point I was so blissed out and grew so huge I could no longer feel anything but my self. It is also a layered experience, every part of creation is involved. I could feel my human body but could also feel all the others, each bigger than the last. When you can move in them and do things then that is power. Light erupts from above my head spreading like a nova. There are many of us doing this.

I have been trying to feel the damage to my body in order to fix it but when I do that I only feel bliss. There is none. At some level I understand that. It is the illusion that we consider real. It makes it rather difficult to interact with doctors and other people. Expectation creates and most people cannot even see me.

The awareness of this multi level landscape is not easy to interoperate because awareness moves around. Do you know where you are?

I share these experience to let you know what you are in for.
The veil is lifting and has started breaking down.


Lighting up

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