I now know what it is I was going to do which caused all the hassle and believe me it was major league. I am not surprised that there was a powerful attempt at interference.

We have set in motion a technology which will undo what may be the last dark hope and a nasty physical attack on everybody on the planet. We were being slowly poisoned. We all know that but perhaps not the extent or severity of the problem. It was close to 50: 50 but that is not what is intended to happen.

I am not going to go into details although there is no way that what we did can be stopped. I am not giving out any clues. All I will say is that it was at the level of the physical. What had been done was working and was already killing and has killed very many people.

It is no longer such a big threat and will gradually be removed. It will take a little time but the problem is being neutralized. It was not the plan and was never going to happen.

Like all good ideas it was easy and effortless. Creativity can overcome anything no matter what it is.

Without the stimuli of opposition none of this would have happened and the dark would have got away with it. By attacking me they set in motion the opposite of what they wanted. It is a great cosmic joke, what opposes you does make you stronger. Research to find the solution would not have been done if the researcher had not been attacked a long time ago. His research into his own problem gave him the solution.

The real lesson that I have learned from this is what I want to share. Our subjective experiences may be uncomfortable sometimes but…

No matter what happens to you it is for the good.

End Games

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