Recently I have been involved in a …. perhaps rearrangement is the best word.

Energies in our worlds are shifting and some of the adjacent portals are opening. We have risen high enough now that the old connections are being re-made. There has been strong opposition however that has not prevented anything. The dark times are almost undone.

The upper firmament which was stripped away when the Earth fell and Atlantis sank is being replaced by the Elohim. This is the realm of quite a few creatures including dragons. The Earth has moved up in vibration high enough that the portals to other dimensions are within reach again.

Dragons and other beings like the Mer people, fairies etc are parts of creation that used to come and go here at will as they do in all the rest of creation. Our collective memory remembers them and that is why they are in our folk law. They have a role and interacted with humanity. They also husband parts of the Earth, mainly the bits that we can’t reach.

There are many realms very close to ours and as the portals open their residents are keen to come and go as they always did. They have been excluded for a long time. Some of the first are the Dragons. They are wondrous beings full of wisdom. They serve the light, the unity of the Law of One. They live off pure energy the light or love which is limitless.

The stories we have about them have been distorted to make us fear them. Like aliens they have been given bad press quite intentionally. They only ever fight the dark. They are unbiased, incoruptable and are often guardians or repositories of knowledge. They will help guide you.

Above all else they are themselves and are truly regal beings. We need their wisdom and their energy.

The Dragons are back

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