The Light is growing brighter and in consequence the conflict we live in has heated up. Last month was a strong pull in the direction of the dark a last desperate effort to regain control. The equinox was a possible positive window and they were desperate to stop that from opening. It made life significantly uncomfortable for all of us. The veil was thinning and they tried desperately to sure it up and regain control. In some senses they have but that wont last for long….

In my case I had everything including the kitchen sink thrown at me but…. I had to find the inner strength we all have. I was bright before but now I feel positively radiant. Many of the projects I have been involved in have started to light up and come on stream.

We all have implanted nano chips, three at least. One each in the frontal lobes and another above the navel. They are plasma level technology and give the control system feedback to their AI computer about what we are up to. Entrainment is sent out as broadcast mainly through the entertainment systems and from the mast that now surround us; nasty vibrational and mostly plasma level stuff. They can see and hear what we do including our thoughts. Well now they won’t….

The poisons in the air we breath have been thrown out constantly. The chem trails had some very nasty ingredients. Now neutralised…. this is an ongoing cleanup.

Some of the nastiest of diseases the ones that kill us will soon be taken care of…. each one of us is getting better as fast as our body can. This setup is global, you don’t need to get in touch. The indications are that it is all working very well.

On a personal level to give you an idea how good it is. After the last psychic attack I was badly hurt. Some of the telemetry indicated I could drop dead at any moment. The more dangerous readings have all moved up to a safe level and all of them are climbing. All without a single drug. The body can heal itself if instructed properly.

Rather than do this individually it was decided to do it wholesale on everybody all at once. That is much more fun and we are all One. It is also less dangerous – no monitored visits, no doctors or healers to knock off. It is all there at a level where it is protected by the most High and can’t be undone.

Our will, our personal power is important but it doesn’t matter how strong it is. It is where it is directed that is critical. If with our free will we decide to flow with Love and Light we are supported by everything in creation.

The Tug…

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