As the old breaks down and disintegrates we are left with the responsibility of creating the new. A strong statement but it’s true. What are you creating or are you still stuck in the confines of what was?

The old world model of finance and things you just have to do is defunct but what are you replacing it with? I will get to how to do that but it is quite difficult to think outside the box when everything has been geared to confine you within it.

People are born grow old and die but nothing is certain any more; not death and certainly not taxes. We don’t need to die or grow old and money is not necessary or of any real value. It is a has been.

Death is simply a transition, a doorway… having died I have no fear of it, having died I don’t see it as that important. Tomorrow is not Now and is therefore not particularly relevant. We take it when it comes. It is easy.

To look ahead as I do sometimes can be interesting but it is only like speeding down a hill and looking up to avoid the bumps. But bumps are sometimes good for shaking things up. We can choose…. a smooth ride isn’t always exciting. You decide what you want.

We all change and grow and evolve constantly at what ever speed we like. But we can take the blindfold off now and let go. All restraints are projected and imaginary. We can do or be anything we like.

What we do creates what is coming next.

As a writer I like to explore different scenarios I can imagine whatever I like. I have discovered that also creates – what I write happens. Take that a little further – what I think happens. That is a big responsibility when every little thought manifests.

Actually we have been doing that all the time just not very consciously. Those that surround us influence us too. There are not many people around where I live, perhaps that makes it more obvious what is happening.

Creating every thought consciously is rather alarming. When every impulse of energy you have can create you have to be thinking the right things. To make it work you have to be in tune with your best interest flowing with the whole of creation.

That require insight, going inside and then externalising that space. To go with the flow you need a small impulse a desire to go in that direction especially if you are bogged down in old patterns, wallowing in the shallows perhaps. It takes commitment to push off into mid stream.

When you think you have it sussed, right at that moment then something gets thrown at you. The stronger you are the harder it is. You can decide NO. That happened to me as I was writing this. A phone call put me into a choice, a rather difficult situation. I decided to change my reality. Resistance is futile but sometimes strong resolve is required. You need to paddle to get out of the whirlpool and get back into the flow. Leave any fear behind.

Being your true self isn’t easy and creating positive scenarios for everything is – well it requires a single clear focus. You can’t let anything distract you but how do you do that?

All you need do is have that desire – that intent. That is enough.

Breaking from old patterns

One thought on “Breaking from old patterns

  • November 1, 2016 at 12:00 am

    yes … fully resonant with this … thank you for putting it in words Ray. And knowing that what comes your way and how you choose to see it, grows you in whichever way. There is no right way … only that it is your truth


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