To enjoy the new reality that is dawning upon us you have to let go of the myth of the past, the allusions of the future. Let go of everything you have been taught. None of it will be relevant to who you are becoming.

Easy – right?

We all hold values, all have faith. The way that we have been living has been dictated to us. Everything. All of our learning and experience makes us who we are but none of it is real. Very little of it has substance. It has huge gaps.

I used to be into light shows, it was my life. I was constantly trying to make them better until I met a very wise old man. He used light to heal and he could cure anything just using light. I asked him how could I make my light shows help the people who watched them. His answer was shocking. He told me the best thing I could do was to stop.

It was very hard but I did. It sent me in a new direction. Most light shows no matter how good they are have a very detrimental effect on our physiology. It is a powerful medium. We have all been going in the wrong direction nearly all our lives. I like to think I have learned enough now to make a light show that would heal and uplift. If I get that opportunity perhaps I will but until then I can write about it.

Let me give you a simple example of how we are constantly led by the nose.

In politics there has only ever been one choice. If you think differently then you have been fooled. The ideology is real but not the electoral process or its implementation. Like most things it has only ever been about division. The different parties are designed to stir up and polarize opinion to create discomfort in the collective awareness. Anything worth while has been corrupted. Individuals can be honest but they had no real chance on their own because the systems aren’t. It makes no differences who is elected, the same policies are implemented regardless. Only the personnel change. The greedy get on and the good are ham strung and forced to toe the line by any means that is necessary. It is nearly all fake. The real part of it confuses us, makes us believe all of it.

Our mental wellness is determined by fixed values that are deeply ingrained. We crave stability and hate change.

Nope that is our programming. We are taught to fear. It is how our masters think, what they want to impose. We are not naturally hierarchical, we like to share and help each other. The either or choices we appear to be given are between a rock or a hard place. Not real or much fun.

We thrive best when we are evolving and enjoying our Selves but not at the expense of others. That creates a pinch.

I have said this before but the only thing that has no real value is money. A few people have proved that you can live very well without it. They opted to live within the old regime but in their own way. They have to work at it and it becomes their way of life. It isn’t an easy way to live but the example is valuable. It is not impossible. Anybody who wants to can do it.

How then do we become removed from the reality that is so ingrained that we take it for granted?

The easiest way is to go in – to discover your Self.

That may seem too esoteric. It isn’t. It is a very practical way to expand your influence. When you can imagine something into happening what a lot of effort has been saved. There is no reason to do things the hard way but you need to be powerful – to find the power inside you. It is a delusion we have all followed; that we are powerless. We can all create what we like but few people do. We are told that they are lucky. There is no such thing. We all have that ability. We can imagine anything.

I am not anticipating, what is coming is actually here – time is relative. You can grasp it now if you want. The potential is there. The sooner you do then the sooner it happens for everybody. It has only taken a long time because so few of us take it on. The more of us that do the faster it occurs. It is all happening now.

You can experience many dimensions at once, we all have that potential but very few do. We are labeled the weirdos but that doesn’t make it any less real. I know someone who communicates with the unborn, I myself can interact with the dead if they are still hanging around. Other people who definitely don’t feel anything still feel the effects. If I move someone on or take off a curse the discomfort that creates is gone. Does that make it my imagination or theirs?

We live in an illusion that we create.

We can decide not to.

That is fun.

What we experience is familiar and the unusual is ignored. The late, great Terry Pratchet was a very intimate observer of the human condition and noticed that people totally ignore anything that they can’t explain. He used it in his humor but his observation are surprisingly accurate. It is particularly pertinent to highly educated people. Academics are very conservative and have been trained to ignore the unexplained. They try explanations that fit what they have been taught. That makes them comfortable. New theories are challenged.

Anything that can’t be scientifically proven is suspect. It kind of takes away the fun. That is what has happened to us, we aren’t allowed to enjoy. We have to take life seriously. When we don’t, we grow quickly. To stop that happening the controlling factions invent a war or a financial crisis. They will do anything to prevent us from prospering, even kill us if they can. There is no reason for any hardship. There is plenty of everything.

Yes there is. The doom and gloom sayers have an agenda and use the gullible to spread the illusion that we are hanging by a thread. Academics have been so brainwashed and are particularly susceptible. Take oil as an example. It’s a dwindling resource right?

No there is actually so much of it that if what they have found was common knowledge the value would drop very low. Oil is part of the very structure of our planet. The silly thing is we don’t need it. There is technology that supersedes it which has been there for at least a hundred years. Lots of things only have “value” because they are scarce. Gold for example there is plenty of it but it is controlled. Diamonds are lying all over the ground in parts of South Africa. They are closely guarded in order that their value escalates. Manipulation is the game.

These are not easy facts to prove and are therefore must be incorrect! See how easy that is. Theories like global warming are believed because of extensive propaganda. We are actually entering a minor glacial or cooling period. Climate is dictated and heavily influenced by the sun. Nothing else has anything but a minor local influence. CO2 is actually a good thing, it promotes plant growth and oxygen, something the hybrids that rule us don’t like. Their reptilian heritage makes them slow down in an oxygen rich atmosphere.

All controversial stuff because we have been told that science indicates… the facts are often faked or concocted. It is all about money and control. We are constantly reduced. Look at how restricted a green person is. They can hardly do anything without damaging their environment. I am not criticizing them, they are the aware folk but it is very unnecessary. There are so many options that don’t pollute.

In spite of the escalated pollution and poisons dumped on us and our planet, we are both doing rather well. We are still here. We are going up in our awareness very quickly. We will soon be able to fix all the unnecessary damage. The remaining opposition have been desperately trying to start a war of epic proportions but they can’t. They have been trying to slow poison us but the Light is winning at last. The positive change can’t be stopped. We and our planet will get better very fast once we have wrested control from those with dark intentions.

The pipeline in North America for instance is about damaging an important energy line. It is one of the major arteries of light that sustains Mother Earth. They are trying to remove its influence or distort it because it is very benign. It wont happen because that is not what is intended. All the positive energy being focused on it will prevent anything bad from happening. It has become a positive focus in spite of and because of the negative actions of the opposition. It may end up being the trigger that changes everything.

We are constantly regimented, told how to behave what we can do, how to think. I never listen unless it is uplifting and makes me feel good. I am not being a Pollyanna but speaking from experience. The doctors I saw thirteen years ago gave me a few weeks to live, a few months, perhaps a few years if I was lucky. They told me I shouldn’t travel, it was too dangerous. They said I had to take drugs for the rest of my life. They had rational and reasonable explanations. Obviously they were wrong.

It hasn’t been easy or comfortable but I ignored them. If I had taken the drugs I would probably be dead from the side effects. I traveled to the far side of the world as far as I could. The doctors I saw recently repeated the same warnings, it is how they have been trained. It is not that they are ignorant it is just that they are given false information that only really benefits the drug companies. I’m still here at the moment. If I drop dead tomorrow it wont make them right. We each have a choice to be here or not as we wish. I haven’t finished. We all decide who we are, when to go. We did that before we came. We forget a lot when we incarnate. We are about to remember or certainly be reminded. It is part of waking up.

What is right in front of us is what we need to resolve. The fears that we face are the choices that make us grow. We have no real idea what we are doing – not yet. That is why I say forget everything you think you know and just Be your Self. The chaos around you is essential and is what is needed. It is building to an event of epic proportions one that my inner eye can see. Nothing can stop it. I use an analogy which puts it into perspective.

The small fish even the sharks are thrown out of the way effortlessly when the blue whale breaches the surface.

I can see the bubbles of it rising they are bursting all around us. It will be such a huge event that it will eclipse everything we know. You can be part of it now.


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