It’s always difficult to be different, to be swimming in the other direction. You get used to it but it’s not an easy journey. When your truth is nobody else’s that makes you tough. You become self contained. We are all One is a tricky concept to align. It can be done but you need to go high.

To give you an idea: I was one of only three boys with long hair at my school and the other two were brothers. They were in the very lowest stream where that was more acceptable mainly because they were tough. You didn’t mess with them. I was in the highest group but had a learning difficulty. I couldn’t read out loud or spell but was studying advanced level English. I have never drunk tea or coffee apart from a brief experiment when I was trying to conform. It made me rather ill. I don’t drink alcohol and again tried it but I never liked the experience. I don’t do drugs. It took me over twenty years to recover from that brief flirtation. I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs and am more or less vegan and have been most of my life. I was brought up in a household with vegetarians around.

You can see that straight away I have a social problem. Practically everywhere I go I am refusing something. It is easier now than it was even ten years ago and where I live there are large number of alternative people. That helps. I am not complaining but it is a daily experience and that is just the surface and obvious differences.

Most alternative lifestyles don’t appeal – I don’t want to live in a small box, a yurt or a tepee. I like to be comfortable. I have tried most things, I lived in a straw bale house for years, cob is alright except in the bathroom unless your Fred Flintstone of course. I’ve lived without electricity in a cottage with a dirt floor and a well, even lived in a van for a while. Primitive is rather uncomfortable. A wood burning anything is just raw pollution. Permaculture doesn’t do it for me, it’s way too uncouth. Being green is a rather dated concept. They are all good ideas but are of their time and will soon be superseded by sophisticated technology that removes the problems they address. Try explaining that. It certainly isn’t popular around here. I have spent most of my life waiting for people to catch up. Patience is all very well but we all need to go together which is what is happening now.

The tasks I have undertaken put me outside of the mainstream. My physiology is a little different, I am very sensitive. I can’t even relate to most spiritual people. We clash. I remember stuff which is innate to me but isn’t acceptable. Things others revere seem like caveman values. I don’t follow, I lead. I tend to keep away from other people because that causes friction which is never my intent but I cant help it. I only have to open my mouth. I can handle practically anything, mainly because I have had to but I don’t choose to live amongst the mayhem. That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried it. I lived in central London for over a year and worked there on and off for much longer. I even tried suburban California, definitely not me, It’s a very weird place. A big city has its moments but you can’t beat the silence of isolation. Technology makes it possible to have it all. I love it. I have lots of computers.

So I’m very high tech living with a load of tree huggers who often don’t even have mains anything but we manage. I like to hug trees too. There are points of similarity. I am sharing this in order that anyone who feels somewhat isolated and different because of their views knows that is perfectly all right. There are plenty of others who are the same as you. What is coming will smooth out the differences and make life much easier. We are about to be equalised. The wealthy and the poor, the intelligent and the stupid, the mainstream and the alternative we all have a place. None of the differences will seem very important. We are about to become human again, watch this space….

Watch this space?

2 thoughts on “Watch this space?

  • December 31, 2016 at 9:09 am

    I admire your optimism Ray. Hopefully you’re right. It does seem that 2017 could be a pivotal year with the old order turned upside down, but what will replace it? We shall see……

    • January 7, 2017 at 8:53 pm

      It’s very easy to be optimistic when you know what’s coming. A little research is all that’s required. There is plenty of information out there. This is just one place you could start.


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