What is outside self right now are polarized views. Some look forwards others look back. For instance the trivia that is politics is the past. The vast and stunning freedom we are entering is what comes next. We oscillate between the two. One is slowing down the other is speeding up. You probably notice it reflected in your own life. We are coming into balance.

I recently decided I don’t want to work any more. What a waste of time, I’m much too busy. Stopping has been a gradual process. It started with the vague idea a few months ago. Certain clients were way too much work. I let them go and stopped taking on new projects unless they appealed. They seldom do. It made no logical sense. If you don’t earn you can’t…. but that is something I’ve never subscribed to.

A vague idea is now gradually starting to manifest. It probably wont matter because we are all going to be free but I am verging on the edge of financial independence. I will have enough to manage without the need to make more. Lots of things came together all at the same time but there was a small gap. I decided that it could be filled and asked Mother Divine to do that for me please. It happened so fast that it’s hard to keep up. She’s always been good to me.

At the same time my inner world is spinning in two directions at once. Sometimes that manifests into the physical and I wonder where I am. I have to sit, sometimes lie down. Even lying down can be difficult.
Am I experiencing an earthquake?
We get plenty of them. Last year we had over fifteen thousand. Most are small but I look it up but the list says no, nothing big enough.

It feels like being in several bodies at the same time, which we are, but somehow they are separated. The physical one is having a hard time. The others are integrating and it the last to catch up. I have a super nova on top of my head which is there all the time. It is very stable but the rest of me isn’t. We are still being bombarded. The interference takes its toll especially on the lowest three bodies, the emotional. mental and physical. They are changing rapidly. To give you an idea of what to expect let me backdate to a strong experience which lasted for years. It took a long time to integrate.

My very first powerful kundalini experience happened when I was in my mid twenties forty years ago now. I had been meditating for hours on an advanced course when the sun came out in my room. I didn’t look but you can see that even with eyes closed. I was told afterwards that my room actually faced north and got no sun at all. It got brighter a pure white golden light. I felt great and all these silver bubble were poring into me from every direction and rushing up my spine. I was alive for the first time. A totally indescribably experience which lasted for seconds – hours, days – there was no time. Afterwards it was hard to remain grounded I was totally spaced. I noticed the plants most, they glowed. In my naivety I even asked someone if they knew what they were
‘Just succulents,’ I was told.
‘Do they have lights inside?’
The person I’d asked looked at me strangely and walked away. I was high as a kite.

Of course it couldn’t last but it will soon. We will all be higher than kites. I am getting that way again now. I am telling you this in case you don’t know, haven’t noticed. I have been involved directly for twenty odd years, twice as long if you count the preparation. I have met and interacted with some of the big players. That gives me confidence because what they said long ago has happened. Now as we wait impatiently for something major to happen….

Plenty of major changes are happening all around us. People expect change and are ready. That is the criteria that will trigger a marvelous and earth shattering event. Our lives will be turned upside down. How it feels now will depend on the direction you face. It’s easy to become focused on the problems. It is more fulfilling to focus on what you want, where you want to go. Who you want to BE.

Being Half full

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