Science like most things is controlled – we are only allowed certain understanding. I enjoy some of the mavericks within the scientific community who tell it how it is. They confirm my own conclusions derived from personal experience. I am not objective and considered barking mad but truth will out as they say. Science or rather scientists are discovering the intelligence of creation every day.

Nature is intelligent at every level and is not mechanical or machine like in any way. Everything is intelligent without exception. I first discovered this when I began to communicate directly with rocks – more specifically with standing stones. They are aware and I am able to communicate with them sometimes – it depends on how I am and if they have anything to say. I have also spoken with natural rock formations and even single crystals, trees and many other natural awarenesses but perhaps I wont go there this time. Everything in creation holds knowledge and wisdom for us. There are many levels to creation and this one is not all that we can perceive. Most people have simply chosen not to or rather they have been coerced not to explore in this direction. There is very little guidance and what there is, is ridiculed.

Everyone is sensitive but most are in denial because of peer resistance to such foolishness. This is established by the programming of the control system we live under. They have become deaf and blind rather than risk culturing their abilities. I have never worried about ridicule. I am not special then, just disobedient. I refuse to conform and cannot be programmed. That bit of my brain appears to be broke.

All matter is aware even planets. I have interacted with our own and others. New Agers and ethnic people talk about it all the time but seldom actually do it. i haven’t met any that do with any real credibility. Perhaps they would say the same of me. I don’t find it hard but there needs to be a reason. It is like talking to anyone but is more magnificent. Mother as i call her is very eloquent and speaks many ways at once and is fully telepathic.

Our entire galaxy is aware, the only difference is scale. Nature has a purpose and we are part of it. We are on a specific path. We grow. The things that happen to us are not random. We define them by our choices. Karma means action and what action you take defines the choices you create. If you choose darkly that is where you end up. Choose lightly and the choices will lighten up. Our actions then defines our path. We can go where we like. There is no punishment, no cruel reactions, that is just a myth. Here we are in control.

I choose not to be part of the deaf and dumb system.

There are certain scientific assumptions which are taken for granted but are ludicrous. I had a near death experience, actually was dead because my heart stopped for a while. When I died i didn’t stop thinking or perceiving my surrounding but they changed. I was in an alternate place. It was like taking off a virtual reality headset. I adjusted to it immediately because I had to. I observed it with interest but it wasn’t particularly interesting. I was in the forth dimension, the gateway to the next level. It is a transitional realm and takes you to the where that is appropriate for you.

Your awareness is not in your head. The brain is a brilliant organism but you don’t take it with you when you die. I could think and perceive my surroundings and had clear memory of my life here. I wasn’t any different than I usually am but I certainly wasn’t here. Scientists might argue I was perceiving random thoughts still firing off in my brain. Perhaps but that was not my subjective experience and I was moving in a specific direction which was something over which I had no control. i had lost my free will. I could look over there but not go there. A process had started and I was following it. I had no choice in the matter. Like jumping off a cliff the only way is down, once started there is no stopping it at least until my heart started up again then I was back in my body here. That involved time travel and is another story. Free will is rather complicated and has no regard to time or rather it is flexible. You can read about that adventure here if you want to.

Science doesn’t like the unconventional particularly the supernatural. Most supernatural phenomena are quite a normal part of our functioning but they threaten the established belief systems. Singularly our perceptions are not objective and therefore considered doubtful. Objectivity has a value but is only one way to perceive. Subjective experiences are also valuable and can be very interesting.

I remember walking down the path to my studio and waving back to the group of small ‘men’ who were busy working in my vegetable garden. They were about thee feet high and all waved at me. I thought nothing of it until I sat down to meditate on the coach that was there for that purpose. I was busy thinking about the film I was making and although I registered them it wasn’t until I was still that I thought ‘what just happened.’ I looked out but there was no one there. The vegetable plot was extremely productive that year. Such experiences take some getting used to but you do eventually.

At the moment I am confronted by science because I have to deal with doctors. They don’t like the look of me. I wont take their pills because they don’t work, don’t make me feel better. The don’t give me much of a life expectancy but then they have been saying that for the last fifteen years. The dark forces have been trying to kill me off for a long time and get quite close occasionally. According to my diagnostician it is a life experience I have chosen. Emotionally I would rather not but have to deal with it. I have to find another way and my life depends on it. Normal in other words. It is the sort of thing I would have chosen. If there was a course that had Warning totally impossible DON’T even think about it in big red letters and was hidden on the highest shelf that is definitely the one I would have gleefully grabbed. I will get there and will learn what ever I need to… probably in the nick of time but that is also how I operate. It makes life more exciting.



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