We are taught the intricacies and excellence of the brain and it is a very clever piece of technology but… there are better ways to operate.

Our brain, is great at manipulating information. Most of it is autonomous and it manages the rest of our body with all the millions of functions that are involved to move it around in 3D and regulate a comfortable environment for us to live in. It is fed information from multiple sources including all our senses. That is done simultaneously and it can interpret and process information very quickly. It is fast but not that fast. Thoughts travel at a finite speed – between 160 and 260 miles per hour. Thoughts don’t travel far so the computation is in micro seconds. It sounds very fast but that is relative. Even what has been measured is only a small part of the story. The physical aspect, our physical body is only a small bit of who we are. There is far more than that. We can cognize instantly but we don’t use our brains to do that.

Most clever people who use only their brain aren’t creative. What they are good at is ordering things, analysis and and breaking reality into its component parts. Tweaking things to adjust it or interpret it slightly differently. They may refine a process but they don’t actually create anything new. That is the role of a genius.

I can almost hear your gears grinding – he’s talking about the two hemispheres, the right brain, left brain. Sorry no that is a delusion that science has invented in order to explain what it can’t understand. It tries but cannot map the un-manifest. The two hemisphere of the brain, actually two of many parts, are not very dense, they don’t have many cells. they don’t do much. The rear part of the brain is extremely dense, it has very many more cells for an equivalent area. Sometimes called the reptilian brain what does that do? Sciences senses only a small part of it. The frontal lobes have different functions and this can be seen by technology but it is only part of what is going on. The electricity meter goes much faster when you turn the oven on but watching it doesn’t tell you what’s cooking. You need to look somewhere else to discover that. The left and right brain light up during different behavior but they aren’t the doer just the the done and only reflect that.

Most of who we are is invisible to science and can’t be measured. It is not objective it can’t be observed repeatedly. It can only be experienced and is different for everyone. Having died for a while I can tell you that you continue. You never stop. We have an intimate connection to the Divine, the source of all of creation. We can go there. There are ways to do that and you don’t need to die to do it. Meditation is a good way. Repeated often your connection is enhanced and the veil we live behind lifts a little.

The difference between someone who is very clever and a genius is very simple. One uses the head and the other uses their heart. A genius is passionate and they are usually physically engaged. They use all of themselves. We have two brains one in the head the other is in the heart. The second is mostly un-manifest and has no limits. It has infinite potential. As I have said it is also a direct link to all of creation. Anything can come through and does at speeds that can’t even be measured.

A genius can be hard to be around, they have a different focus. Inspiration comes when the heart is open. Most geniuses are considered mad because just having an open heart isn’t quite enough. You need to be unbounded, uninhibited and have no limits. Unbounded people are hard to control, they don’t conform therefore they are usually labeled crazy. Anyone who can’t be controlled is a liability to the rigid society that has been built to control us. It wont take many geniuses to break it down, actually only 144,000 will be enough and we all have the potential.

Our present society cannot handle a genius because it has been designed to control – everything. A mature society is not threatened by genius but would openly encourage them. If we all went in the same direction nothing much would be achieved. Small incremental adjustments perhaps but no giant leaps.

As you would expect our mental processes are part of the mental body. The next step up and larger than the other two bodies is the emotional body. We are like a Tardis, bigger on the inside than the outside. The emotional body is very important, it is how we feel. These are only the lower manifestations of who we are. All three bodies, physical, mental and emotional are part of this 3D creation we live in. They have indicators that can be sensed even objectively and science recognises them. But when you die they stay here. The rest of you goes elsewhere. When we die we leave the lower part of us behind. We go up higher. The lower aspects we inhabit drop away and we disconnect from this plane of existence.

When we ascend, as we are doing now, they…

Well what do they do?

We are all taking the journey that we do when we die but without dying. We leave those parts that are not going to go with us. We need to resolve the dramas that aren’t needed which is what is happening now. That is very exciting but also rather tricky. What of you goes? Most of the things we consider important are no longer necessary, that’s most of your skills but not your creativity.  If you have hangups, best hang them up. You wont be taking them with you. You wont even need a toothbrush, there are better ways to clean your teeth.

Our physical body is changing, I know mine has. I can feel many things I never felt before. Creation has expanded considerably. My body is different, so different that my doctor can’t measure it. Their machines they try to use literally can’t do it and just say – no sorry fault. The doctor, not being a machine, can measure what is going on but they try to rationalise using references they know. That isn’t working. That can be funny but how do you explain anything to them. The label mad comes up once again it becomes a useful generic label for anything that doesn’t conform.

So we are actually ascending. I know we have been told this would happen but I can feel it. Actually it is more that, I can’t feel what I used to. Duality has gone. It makes life interesting because I become a tool that triggers other peoples buttons. I am keeping to myself a bit but when I go out all hell starts happening. I trigger their fears which can be awkward and embarrassing. I interact with other dimensions more frequently and that is fun. I walked into a room a while ago and was suddenly in Atlantis. I could see it all around me. The person I was seeing was there too, I could see them as they used to be. They remember too, we were living in both places at once. Don’t be surprised if this happens but it is just a message nothing more, a link to our current reality, a partial memory.

I recently helped someone who was being attacked in their dreams by a nasty fourth dimensional aggressor. It used a human to get here because it needs a way in. It tried to attack me and surrounded me with fire. I had put my Self in the way. I didn’t react and wasn’t frightened, it was just an illusion and it couldn’t do anything. I was working with a higher aspect of my Self. He stands about a hundred feet tall and I wouldn’t like to get in his way. He saw off this nasty being and chased him down his rabbit hole. It was using an intelligent person unknowingly to do it’s bidding. Intelligence can be two edged. It can be useful but leaves you open to exploitation. You need to feel in order to know that something is wrong. If you can only rationalise you’re open to manipulation. You can be led without even noticing. Logic can take you somewhere the heart would never go. That leaves a crack,  a door partly open….

It was probably the being responsible for attacking me recently but he isn’t around here any more. I closed its access. I may write that up because it was like living a fairy tale. There were dragons and ….

It’s not all in the mind

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