This getting old thing is actually rather fun. It’s a bit like being a kid again. I have far less responsibility. I don’t have to make a living and can do what i like. Well that hasn’t changed but I don’t work in quite the same way. I am unaccountable. Nothing is urgent or particularly important. I only answer my phone when I feel like…. well I guess it’s just the same but I really don’t have to.

No junk mail. Someone must have said something because spam has almost disappeared. No more must do’s, not that I did. I rather like it. There is a deep sense of quiet which is starting to grow. I see the youngsters still rushing around. They have so much busy ness to do and countless things to organise. I can’t communicate my silence because they aren’t able to hear – yet. Mind you, I have no need to do that. I feel quite complete already.

It’s very silent here except when I’m playing. I got a really great groove going today, all my machines joined up together and triggering off each other. A space rock ensemble. All I need is a drummer. No I definitely don’t need a drummer there must be a way to do that without all the hassle.

I may record it or perhaps I wont. It doesn’t really matter. i am here to serve others.

The service I give comes from the silence. It is a not doing thing. Like very many others i am holding space.

I am in position. Watch out world there is going to be a change.


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