I’m finally beginning to get an understanding of how this 5D thing works. Language and the meaning of words are restricted to certain levels of awareness. In order to access them you need to vibrate at their level. Once you have integrated those aspects of your Self that vibrate higher or faster then you can access them again but that isn’t as much fun. You loose the finer meanings that can only be perceived at higher levels.

It is a choice. Now that I can move up and down more easily I know where to put my focus. When I am writing I don’t have these restrictions because I am unbounded. Having said that I am discovering a new sort of writing too. It is very visual and I see the world I am writing about more clearly. I also have a clearer understanding of why positive writing has been so restricted. It is very powerful. It creates.

I have been saying this for years but only just cognized its deeper significance.

The dark imagery that has predominated; vampires, werewolves, nasty aliens that jump out of your chest all have a very clear objective. It create fear. It give substance to the dark which has none. If you look closely at this imagery it is everywhere’ in TV, films, books, computer games all sorts of entertainment. It is a desperate attempt to define your masters – something that doesn’t exist and isn’t real. They need your fear. It is what sustains them and keeps you in your place.

Heroism is used as a way to limit. The hero, most usually a lone warrior, is a winner and is special. He usually wins by blowing things up or blowing the bad guys away. Things we can’t do because us lesser mortals are flawed and human nature prevents… actually all bollocks.

Human nature is Love and we all have enormous potential. We have been carefully brain washed and programmed to prevent our breaking out, our waking up. That is happening globally and there is nothing that will stop it. We can take the dark to bits quite easily. It is only necessary to shine a light – to look at things in the right way.

It is important then to remember that you are where you put your focus.

You are where you put your focus

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