It is not possible to be wise if you rely on someone else, a teacher or a philosophy, other peoples opinions. We learn from these things but they are just good beginnings. Starters to take us in a direction but that direction may not be yours. The way we travel is for each one of us to define. We can run with the heard or cut out on our own. That is not important. It is our will that we need to follow, the essence that is inside us.

Our differences don’t divide us unless that is our choice. When you are walking in your own direction you sometimes walk beside others, you sometimes go the other way. The dance is not about that it is about staying true to who you are, even when you are being shouted at that you are going in the wrong direction. There is no right or wrong there is only your way.

At this time it is easier than it has ever been but harder. The energy of the moment is very powerful. There is a lot of noise in the silence, it is energised but quieter than it has ever been before. We can choose to be part of it – or not. The more concrete the information the less it matters. To be really free you let go of these finite things. You can redirect energy to be anything, do anything. You can go beyond it.

I was talking to a cyclone the other day, he was rather surprised, people don’t usually do that. He was an electric dark blue being one of several elementals whipping up a storm and we had a conversation. I asked him if he would be gentle on the land when he came to it. He seemed startled by my request and thought it very funny but agreed mainly because the request had been made. Now is that any more real than talking to someone in the supermarket. As far as I am concerned they are the same. Perhaps that says something about me but it doesn’t matter. I will go on being me no matter what you think.

The noise of people milling about going in direction less ways will gradually subside but only when enough of us our going the same way – Our way.

P.S. Somebody really didn’t like me writing this and I was woken at about half past three by a very nasty entity. The eyes were familiar and I realised who it was eventually, it was Yaldabaoth. This being is nearly gone and there is very little left. We have a relationship of sorts. The dark doesn’t create anything it only distorts.

P.P.S. Cyclone Cook was a bit of a non event in New Zealand. I will let you decide.

One way

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