We are at a rather crucial point in our ascension. The dark is cornered and at it’s most dangerous and yet we still go on.

I Am holding the light like never before, I do it all of the time. In every living moment awake and asleep.

Anything that effects that has to be removed, goodbye Facebook I’m afraid. That has made a difference. The balance was close but in the end it wasn’t worth the darkness it evokes but I can recommend it. There is a palpable and well defined lightness after letting it go. If you want to share this post there I don’t mind at all, I am simply removing an influence I don’t want.

It is difficult to remain centred and focused clearly if you are being constantly battered by the noise of the media. Remove it and it is like shutting a door – highly recommended.

What comes next. Social media is a connection a linking up. There are better ways to do that. Link up using your awareness. We are all connected already you only need to notice.

The concrete, the factual, the scientificly proven, the logical, the reasoned are all highly suspect now. They don’t mean a thing. We have the gift of creation we can create anything.

Let me give you an example. I like to get right to the bone so this may be uncomfortable for some to start with.

If you are fat that is what you have made yourself. You believe it which is why it stays but it isn’t who you are.

You can approach this missbelief in a number of ways.
At the level of the physical. It is caused by lack of exercise and bad nutrition.

That is a mental approach.
You can study this and find plenty of guidance that will change the situation by eating correctly and exercising well. There is a wealth of knowledge about vitamins and trace elements and even subtle things like prana or the life force found in living things. You can go Raw or eat a very special diet designed specificly for you. You can exercise until you are really fit.

Your energy level goes up and you feel better but you’re still fat. Emotionally you freak out ‘what am I doing wrong?’

You aren’t doing anything wrong you are just fat. You accept this and live with it for a while. You feel better but you are still fat. There appears to be nothing you can do…. or perhaps there is.

I once took a photo of myself taken in Sedona that I was using on a CD cover and using Photoshop removed my large stomach. It had accumulated when I was trying out being rich. My business partner of the time liked to start the morning by going out to breakfast and didn’t like to eat alone. We ate in expensive restaurants in London sometimes three times a day. It didn’t really bother me but was prompted to thin down the photo by my partner of the time. She felt it mattered. I shrugged I wasn’t that fat any more anyway but my belly completely disappeared. I didn’t notice, she was the one who pointed this out. Perhaps that is new way to slim. It is a repeatable experiment, I was curious and tried doing other things. The lesson I learned from it is that you create even when you aren’t aware you are.

At the level of your Being you aren’t fat. You aren’t anything other than Love which manifests as Light. When you love your Self as you are the weight no longer matters. It isn’t there and you can be anything you want.

Concrete things really no longer matter. It may go against everything you think you know. But Be who ever you are. That is what is important. It really doesn’t matter who that is. You are very special but you have to discover that in your Self.

It is how you shine your Light.

Being Connected

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