The difference between us the Light Beings and the Dark is very simple; they are not connected to the Divine Source of all Creation. They have disconnected them selves. They therefore have no creativity. They can adjust and manipulate and are very clever at it but because they lack Love, the nature of the Divine, they have a tenancy to distort. They lean towards self interest and control which is the exact opposite of Love.

This is something we can reason and understand, there is a possibility for argument but that is a trap, it is a mental process. They are profoundly clever and good at augment. If you step back you can see how active they are even in the alternative media. I don’t bother with it. My information comes from inside, it is a much better Source.

Each one of us is a Light Being and has this special connection. How well it works is up to us. We decide where to put our focus. The best place to bring out your true nature is through your creativity. Every single one of us has something to contribute. We are all Divine Beings.

Being creative then is a good way to connect to your Self. It doesn’t matter what it is. I write, make music, art, video anything artistic because that is my nature but creativity can be anything. How you set the table, how you dress, the way you drive and the way you do a mundane job. It doesn’t have to be profound. It may be something totally for yourself or something you share with others. That doesn’t matter either. It has to be of value to you or you wont be able to play with it, it wont be fun.

Fun is an indication then that you have got it right. It should be very enjoyable.

Don’t think about the value in monetary terms. Never turn the joy you bring out in yourself into a commodity. That is a process that has been used to chain us. If it makes you money then that is an addition, it should never be the objective.

I am principally a writer, at the moment anyway, I write without my head. The mental processes, thinking, can be manipulated by external sources. It is susceptible to interference. It is one way we have been controlled. Most writers are heavily manipulated completely without their knowing. The plot they write may not be their own but is fed to them. When you are being creative you are very open and therefore you need to be aware. You need to choose where the creativity comes from.

I notice that at the moment there is a strong attempt to manipulate what I write. My writing creates. It happens. I have to be very careful what I write.

I am writing a new book and noticed plot lines coming in that are familiar. They are shown constantly in the mainstream in the dreadful Hollywood juggernaut. When I noticed this I erased them. I am very aware of it now. I have been under constant bombardment for a while. As we get close to freedom the opposition is stepped up. Even posting this was very hard I was being blocked and my internet connection went down, my blog became inaccessible, the usual kinds of stuff. Anyone who is powerful will know the scenario.

Once you notice you have been got at, you can check and it becomes rather obvious. My edits are always made because of how it feels. I don’t think about it. Thinking is a useful way to solve problems, it is is not entirely useless, but it is not the only way and certainly not the most reliable.

So be creative but don’t loose your Self. You need to be aware and define what you want to create. Not the specifics but that it is Light based. That should be you motivation. You have no idea how profoundly powerful that is.


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