So all is a mess and unstable nothing seems to  be right yet Рactually it is. It is simply that you have your attention in the wrong place. It is easy to allow your attention to go to the mess.

Your mind tries to understand it and decide what is right or wrong. If you do this you will always be dissatisfied. Each thing you examine has sides, is multi-faceted. It is like looking closely at the ground, you don’t see the sky which is much bigger and all encompassing.

There is a better way. The Divine Feminine is very powerful and all around us now. It is only necessary to a bring it to the mundane level. I will run through how to do this but first you need to step away from what you think it is.

It has no relation to gender. The energy is not polarized. It is something new and balanced.

In order to bring it in you only have to contact it. That is very easy as I said it is all around you.

To do this simply close your eyes and will it. No big deal and requires no energy from you. You will know as soon as you do, you will be smiling inside and out. It is quite subtle at first you may sense light in your crown, a sense of peace and a deep feeling of love in your heart. It is an uplifting experience. It feels feminine – there is no other way to describe it.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen straight away. Keep checking in. It will come. Have the desire. When you feel it allow the love to peculate through you. Put your attention where it goes. The love will flow there and no matter how dark and dangerous anything will be dissolved.

You can do this at a local level if you have discomfort in your body. It’s a great way to cure anything.

You can use it to bring peace to mental anguish or emotional distress.

It will infuse your whole being and you then become an instrument that spreads this light everywhere you go. You will gradually learn that you can call upon it at any time no matter where you are. How you let it out is up to you but for me I have no attachment to it. It just is. It goes where it likes spontaneously. It’s fun and takes me by surprise. There is no defense against it.

It is how we connect to Source.

Bringing in the Divine Feminine

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