So what is the Buddha inside, that part of you that is Divine, doing?

Experiencing all of creation.

Cognising that was fun and led to extreme bliss. I can’t say he/she was experiencing because gender is a lower level relative experience. I’m messing with this to bring it into every aspect of who I am. It feels quite natural but huge.

We are somehow compressed into a solid form but focused might be a better word. Our 3D body is a marvelous vehicle and quite capable of experiencing the breadth of all of creation. What an incredible thing.

The daily play we entertain is designed for us to do this but has been compromised. We have been refocused and blocked from Our Selves to some degree. This anomaly is not Divine Will, it isn’t us and has a different agenda. Our experience has not been who we are but a distortion, a limited awareness. That control system that generates it is dissolving and we are nearly free.

We aren’t restricted at all, we just think we are. Perhaps that is why meditation works so well. We don’t think and become One. It is our true nature.

What I find fun is I can play with this in the relative even as I type at my computer, I can become One as I do things. No big deal but it feels fantastic.

So try this at home. Go into your Self. I can’t really tell you how to do it but you know, and you will be guided. Don’t think about it. Set it as a destination and go.


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