I was thinking about the nature of my reality, I say mine because it will be different to yours. We each create our own. I have been “looking” in but can also “look” out, back or forwards, in any direction I like.

I pondered this a little and realised I have experienced quite a lot of different – I’m not sure what to call them. Some people might call them dimensions but that confuses rather than clarifies. They overlap and calling something a dimension infers a separate space. Creation is not that simple it is multiple realities that are all superimposed. What we perceive is dependant on the moment and our awareness at that time. We can go low or sometimes go up very high. We are all capable of doing either. But there are also many things we can tune into in parallel. We can only see a limited spectrum with our senses but light has many frequencies.

Starting here and now in 3D we each have an idea of what is real. Science tries to view it objectively and is determined that everybody perceives it the same. To do that they measure it. The instrumentation they use can perceive more than we can. Perhaps but only in some ways not all. It cannot devise instrumentation to measure things it cannot interact with. Machines don’t have a separate awareness which you need in order to observe certain things. That rather limits what it can comprehend – for the moment anyway.

Sensorily everybody has a different range. A colour blind person who only sees shades of grey doesn’t see in the same way as an artist who can perceive more colours than they can name. They live in very different worlds. Our senses are particular and relative to us. That also applies to our finer senses – our inner sight some people call it. It is not easy to measure because it is intangible and is also unpredictable. It depends on how we are at any one time whether it even works. It is only activated when it is appropriate.

It is like watching a TV and tuning in to different channels. Our body can tune in to any programme it likes but we dictate which one we want to watch. It also depends on the signal, if we are in range. Some of the stations have strong others are weak. The quality of the TV (our bodies) determines how well or not we receive the information, how well it is displayed. Some people still have old black and white sets, some distort the picture with drugs while others use a 3D holographic projector. They see different quality of images. Our brain interprets the input in a manner we can comprehend but our five senses are only one way we acquire information about our environment. There is more.

Let me start at the very bottom and describe a lower vibration, a different dimension one that is lower than ours.

I remember an incident in my studio about ten years ago. I was having problems with my gear. I was running several computers which controlled audio and video equipment and a small render farm. It was all linked together. The video was high definition which nobody else was using much at the time and technically it was problematic. I had the first full 1080p HD camera in New Zealand. I was ahead of the game but that means the technology wasn’t back then. It is easy to do it now. I was making a film and writing music for the score, editing and to some extent creating the film at the same time. It was a complex process in which timing was critical but it wasn’t working. My equipment was inconsistent and that broke the software which was fragile, it had bugs. It was doing things that weren’t possible or predictable. It was driving me nuts.

I investigated and found my studio was infected by lower dimensional entities that were screwing about in my gear. They were getting in through a hole, a portal that went down to a lower dimension. The hole was coincident with my rack of computers and caused by well perhaps I wont go there…. They were very small beings but causing all sorts of problems. They enjoyed messing me around; they were having fun. I went down through this hole with my awareness to have a look and discovered a being who was looking after them. The easiest way to describe him was that he was a troll, he was like a shepherd. We interacted and he was helpful and removed all the little nuisances by calling them to him and then put a huge thumb into the hole and twisted melting the rock which then blocked it off. Problem solved. Most people would consider me quite insane to talk in this way but my problems went away. I could see all this but not with my eyes, I was using different senses. I know it sounds odd but that was my experience.

Now lower dimensions are more dense. They have a vibration that effects less dense matter very powerfully, like throwing a rock into water. Stone is very dense compared to water and makes a big splash which generates huge shock waves. If you go down to a lower dimension and bring up that energy it makes you very powerful here but unfortunately it also has a detrimental effect on you and is not a good idea. You vibrate higher and it slows your energy down and drops your awareness in uncomfortable ways. I have interacted with a few people who have done it. They were all dead, quite insane and trapped in the lower end of the forth dimension. I will get to that but the entities of the anomaly that live lower down want to control higher dimensional beings. They aren’t very nice. They can’t act here much unless they have a body. There are a few of them who have bodies but not many, a hundred or so perhaps but they are in positions of power and have very nasty technology which keeps them there. They introduce us to their values which is why dragons have a bad name and are shown as scary. Dragons can deal with these beings and do. The ones without human bodies can interact in the forth dimensional plane but only low down. They can use people who have a human body when they do dark things. They posses them. I have described several encounters with them. Here is one.

These people or rather possessed souls without bodies may have been strong when they were alive but when they died they were then trapped in the lower forth dimension by the being that controlled them. In turn when alive they had also trapped many other souls and the entity that controlled them was using all of them to give it power. Power it could use here. I have interacted with three such people, all Maori so called “wise” women perhaps hags better describes them. One was taken out by a friend of mine who is a dragon. In another case my clean up also rescued her soul. I’m not sure about the other she was much older and may have been too far gone. I don’t know what happened to her. She certainly couldn’t get back here.

The forth dimension is not really a place more of a transitional plane it touches many other places. You move through it to get to the next level of your evolution, when you die for instance, a little like going to neutral when changing gears in a manual car. I went there when I died and was on my way to somewhere else when I was dragged back. It is not a particularly interesting place just a transit space. We go into the forth dimension sometimes when we’re dreaming, we transit through it to the astral plains. We sometime dream there. Dreaming is a state of consciousness, being awake is another and sleeping is another but there are more. They all have different – perhaps symptoms is a good way to describe them. We can astral project – leave our body with our awareness or dream that we are. It gets tricky to tell occasionally. Projecting out of the body is possible because of who we are. We are inside several bodies simultaneously. We can remove our awareness from them as we do from our physical body when we sleep.

Dark beings are dense. They are usually not very evolved but can be. They normally inhabit the lower levels especially on the astral plane and they like to attach themselves to us – that can create nightmares. Normally they aren’t a problem if we are aware. You can control your dreams. If you are aware that you are dreaming you can change them any way that you like. Nightmares are not our natural experience. They are not who we are. They are not us doing a clean up they are interference which is imposed. We can handle that but only when we know.

When I was in my early twenties I was a very wild child. The early seventies were much more outrageous than the sixties ever were. One of the people I lived with was into Aleister Crowley, black magic and drugs many things that he shouldn’t. He’s a Buddhist now and I wont go into the past but I got involved with him and ended up having to confront a demonic entity. I had innocently summoned him and needed to send him back and detach him from me. I did that by walking through him to show he had no hold over me. I did that on my own in the pitch dark in a house out in the country. I had to remove his influence by conquering my fear. It wasn’t fun was extremely hair raising and not recommended. He tried many times to get me back using my dreams. I had some horrific nightmares. All good training and I have no fear of these beings now. Fear is their weapon and how they control us but it isn’t real. When you grasp that with your being you are invincible as far as they are concerned. They try many ways but there is nothing they can do to you. I think I have experienced most of their tricks and I am still around – just. The dark in an anomaly but has a hierarchy similar to the light. There are masters of dark. I have dealt with one of them and he is no more. I wont dwell on this but it is good to be aware that these beings are very tricky and can masquerade as being of the light. If you sense something not quite right with an entity challenge them and ask if they are of the light. If they aren’t they will usually disappear. There are no rules when dealing with them so you need to be fully aware.

Like many others I have spent a long time removing their influence. The dark energy of the creatures of the anomaly that cause interaction going down are only part of the anomaly. Clearing their influence is a drag but has to be done and hopefully is easier now as we go up. They had created a negative energy grid which is now failing and being dismantled. I participated in some of that. Having dealt with the lower end if only briefly lets go up again or rather sideways.

There are many adjacent worlds in close proximity to ours, I was told they are like a bunch of grapes. The person who said this could move between parallel dimensions. He didn’t come from our world but was trapped here by accident. He was sent here through a portal when he was about sixteen but it took him many years before he could go back. He moved back and forth when I knew him. A friend was writing his biography and I was laying it out, type setting and illustrating it. I know he was for real because he often talked about new technology that he was using from his home world which didn’t appear here for very many years. In the late 1980’s he had a wind up, clockwork, colour touch screen computer. It was housed in a shock proof sealed titanium shell that ran all the operating systems we use in virtual screens. He talked about video conferencing. We have touch screens similar to his now and video conferencing is common but over twenty five years ago it was a rather wild idea. I had colour but had only just got it and the screen was CRT not LCD, rather expensive and definitely not portable.

He used the underground high speed train system. He also used portals to get to and from his home world. It took several days before people there could see him when he went back. It took a while to adjust. He talked about things that were outrageous, like doped rubber electric motorbikes and being able to fill a three story building with foam in just a few seconds. It set instantly trapping anyone in it but they could still breath. They could then be cut out one at a time. Good for disabling bad guys especially with guns or explosives. The foam once set was very strong and prevented damage. We don’t know about such things here but that is most likely very old tech. I have plenty of scary stories involving him but I wont tell them here.

If there is one parallel dimension there is bound to be more. He looked normal, well pretty normal, he was rather eccentric and very smart. He was a wild and fearless guy. His book talked about bringing people out from east Berlin under the wall in the mid 1970’s. I learned a great deal about dealing with fear from him. I was working on the edge of his world at the same time as going up very high with the Elohim. I will get to that too but his dark dangerous place gave me a good balance. One day I was in the sub basement the next up in the penthouse. I became flexible.

In our realities there is far more. Some beings vibrate in a way that we can’t perceive or only do so rarely. We sometimes see their effects and occasionally interact with them. I have seen small blue orbs that appear occasionally for as long as I can remember. That is fairly common.

The are plenty of what we call magical folk. Some of the first beings I saw were fairies. They were a focus for a healing I received. They live in and tend plants and the natural world. We don’t see them because they hide from us at a frequency we can’t see – for the moment. Our energy can upset them. The ones I saw appeared to me because they were instructed to do so. They became a focus for energy that was directed at me. I have no idea by whom. They were there in order to get my attention and they sure managed that. There are many more sophisticated beings in nature. Some like Pan are also very powerful. His is another story that we have been given to prevent us interacting with him.

I have also seen Angels. The ones I have seen were very large nearly a hundred foot high. I have seen them on a number of occasions. All involved important changes for this planet. The first time it was when I was involved with a large meditation group who wanted to build a dome. They planned to use it for advanced, twice daily group meditations. Their intention was to use the energy to establish world peace. This involved hundreds of people. I was the surveyor for the project. I felt drawn and drove to the site at the time of a meeting which was going to decide if we could have planning permission. I put my hand on the ground and I requested Mother Earth that we be allowed to build our dome. I don’t know why but felt that we should ask her. Two huge Angels appeared one on the east and one on the west of the site with a dome in between them. It was visible but etheric. We were granted planning consent. I didn’t tell anybody what I had seen. Most of the people in that group were rather conventional in spite of all their meditation. They would probably have dismissed me thinking I just imagined it. It is the usual reaction and you get used to that.

Angels can be guardians and messengers. I have seen one, about the same size, roughly a hundred feet tall, who carried a huge sword. He was guarding a portal that was in the process of opening. It was for the dragons to use and opens to their dimension. It is open now.

Why did I see them? Not because I’m special but because I was participating in the events they were involved in. I am a Light worker and have came here to do as required, sometimes that means I interact with higher level beings.

The angelic host are on one side of creation, on the other are the Elohim. The Elohim are also beings of Light. They are very powerful multi dimensional beings who create stuff – stuff like planets, galaxies, ideas, anything. They are pure love and to be in their presence is a wonderful experience. I have seen one or rather he showed a part of himself to me. They are eminently practical and to see him all would have destroyed me. It would be a little like going too close to the sun. At the moment they are participating and directing the rebuild necessary, in our part of creation, in order for us to ascend. They are the highest beings I have personally met, not the very top perhaps but they instruct the Ascended Masters who then instruct us. The Elohim don’t often instruct us directly but can.

There are many elemental beings. My first elemental was a water being. I didn’t see him but felt him. He was manifest at a house site beside the dome. There was a controversy which caused a lot of anger. I innocently opened to feel into it having been asked to do so by a friend who lived next to the site. It was a shock but all worked out well in the end. The elemental eventually took up residence in the big kitchen sink and the kitchen taps. Water was always pouring and he was happy with that.

I did see a large water elemental who joined three of us who were toning purifying the lake outlet where he lived. People had been un-stressing themselves there for years and the stagnant emotions had blocked up the outlet. We freed it. The elemental looked like he was made of jagged water, a bit like the pictures of Jack frost but not frozen. I still have a link to him now, even though he lives on the other side of the world. Distance means nothing in his reality.

I now live in New Zealand and have discovered that not all the native people, the Maori, serve the planet, they can serve themselves. They have earth magic and used elementals in their curses on the European settlers when they upset them. They also used them for cursing other tribes. I have freed plenty of them. Fire elementals can be very destructive when locked into a curse. One town I know has burned down at least six times and there have been plenty of house fires. You would have thought someone would have noticed and investigated but they hadn’t. I have freed that strong fire elemental and it shouldn’t happen again.

I have interacted with all sorts of elementals but mainly air. Some show themselves in bodies that look like animals and can interact directly with us in our 3D world. One looked like a robin and was my guardian. He was much bigger than he appeared to my 3D sight. He spent a lot of his time in my house. We are surrounded by layers of different beings. I once had a very odd elemental mouse. He would lie stretched out on his stomach on the floor almost leaning on his elbows as he stared at me as I wrote in the evenings.

Rocks are alive too particularly standing stones. They have a very powerful awareness that we can join or merge with. They hold a great amount of knowledge. I can link with them from anywhere if I have done that once on the physical plane. How? I have no idea. I don’t think about it I just do it, so can you.

I have been given healing by the being some people call Mother Divine, I have seen her twice. I have interacted with our planet that some people call Gaia. They are different essence of the same, I was just told as I wrote this. I have spent time with Gaia and love her very much. She has taken me out into space and shown me many wonders, like her friends. Each planet is a body for a highly evolved being, as are suns or stars and even galaxies. Everything in creation is alive and intelligent. A fairy can be very minute only millimetres across but a planet is much the same. They have different roles, like an angel or an arch angel. They are not hierarchical they simply do different things. Neither is of more value, they are all part of the Oneness that is Creation.

These are simultaneous spaces that we can only perceive if we are in the right head space ourselves. Some people are open to such experiences others are not. It depends on your state of being what you can handle. We are evolving very quickly and are more likely to be open now. There are very many “magical” creatures like the Dragons. They are not from lower dimensions but more a higher level being made of and they live off light. Light is the manifestation of Love, it’s concrete form. Dragons inhabit parts of the Earth that we don’t really know. They can change their bodies as they like. The one I know has appeared somewhat like a human but with a dragon head. He also appears as an enormous dragon. He wasn’t restricted to one shape. His natural shape is huge and you would recognise him for what he is. He is not sharp teeth and claws or breathing fire. He is an intelligent being much like we are but is very long lived. You need to go up to see him. Doing that is part of who you are, we can all do it. You get there as you evolve. It just takes the desire and a little practice. As I was once told never doubt your experiences.

Looking Out

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