In my last post I let you know there are other realms coincident with ours and we can interact with them. That is our normal mode of functioning, it is our birthright. I have shared a small number of my own experiences to let you know a little of what is out there. I can do it so can you.

At the moment most of us don’t.

Actually we do, we just aren’t aware of it. It can be subtle and we aren’t always aware of it. Our minds are controlled to turn off and rationalise our experiences but you can get around that, you can turn off this interference.

One of the best ways to do that is to be happy. Yes simple but true. The chemicals and other energies your body releases when you are having fun counterbalances all the programming. You light up and become the real You. It is one of the reasons we are taught that we have to stop having fun and knuckle down, get a job and be responsible. How boring. Being bored means you are disconnected from Self – from the Divine.

Kids have it right then – they want to play. So do you. At the moment you are perhaps restricted to doing that in the evening or at weekends. If you ignore all the expected behaviour and do you own thing you get attacked by responsible folk who are heavily programmed to expect drudgery. It was the hippies were about. Not taking drugs and antisocial behaviour but enjoying life and having fun. Living for each other not selfishly but sharing with everyone. I wont dwell on that, lets move on. How do you enjoy your Self all the time.

One of the best ways is to turn off all the hassles and anxieties – you need to regularly reboot your Self. You need to remind yourself who you are. It is actually very easy and anyone can do it anywhere.

Meditation will do it for you. That is what it is, when done correctly. You re-experience your true self a little bit at a time. You bring it back with you and after a while You are your experience. I have meditated under the stage with a band playing very loudly, in toilets, with kids playing around me, in airports all over the place. I can but that is not my choice. I have also meditated in nature in a silence so profound that it is still with me. If you don’t know how investigate. There are millions of teachers out there – attract one to you.

The next best and often a delightful experience is to go and Be in nature. You can do that even if you live in a huge city. Nature is all around you go look. It is far better if you can be out in the wild but that sometimes takes a little planning. Being in nature takes you to where you should Be. The experience lasts. I like the forest and water and enjoy walking by the sea, on cliffs and high up in mountains. I also love the desert. Actually I can’t think of a natural space I don’t enjoy. What you experience when you sit in nature is very profound. It does you good.

Another great way to recreate yourself is to listen to or play music. I have to be careful here not all music has the right effect. There has been a strong attempt to mitigate the positive influence of music. It is a powerful medium. You know what music moves you and makes you relax – listen to that.

That is three ways to change how you feel. At the moment there is much disturbance especially in the alternative media. Personally I keep away not because I don’t trust it but because it is mostly a focus on where we have been, the bad things that have happened. I know about that and have spent my whole life counteracting it.

There are many things I know about from direct experience, I have been up to several starships. Mother Earth has taken me into her space which is a little different to ours. I know that reality as well as the one around us. The human body points where we are going and I prefer to go in that direction rather than look behind me.

Why we are here is to change what has been happening and that is my focus. You do that best when you are powerful. You are are most powerful when you are clear.


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