I get a lot of information when I’m writing; I don’t use my brain much. Words just come.

I was writing about a bretharian who has the sight. She is a white witch in the story and later ascends. She says to another charter, ‘We didn’t come here to be comfortable, we came here to change things.’

Impressed I thought about that.

If you are a Light Worker too then that applies to us. We are not here to complain about how difficult it is, working for years to enable things to be better. If like me you have been doing meditations for world peace for over forty years you either give up or keep going. It has been just about to happen for the last twenty years. That doesn’t mean it wont but keeping going is a daily experience.

I was sitting reading the other evening, as I tend to when not writing, when a thought entered my head. That in itself is unusual but I started an interaction with a guide. A bright golden light enfolded me. I was told that I had achieved remarkable progress and that I was going to ascend very soon. There was more, I forget but on my own apparently I would be able to tip the balance, be an example. It sounded good.

Fine I thought then wait a second “Are you of the Light?’ I’m a cynical old bugger and have been caught a few times in the past.

‘We are the Light,’ I was told.

Happy with that I kept reading I wasn’t that impressed or fussed. If it happened I would go with it.

A bit later I was contacted once more and as we started to interact I asked again ‘Are you of the Light?’

‘You already asked.’

Oh dear. Not the right answer. A divine being wouldn’t hesitate to reply.

‘I abjure the, tell me are you of the Light.’

Abjure is a useful word it means renounce; I was renouncing the being so that it had no power over me.

I asked it three times.

The golden light went out and with a howl of rage a humanoid sort of wolf head snarling in great anger appeared to my inner site.

Just another trickster.

I went back to my book.


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