Light Worker

Being awake is a responsibility. I am feeling my power and what I say may be uncomfortable for some. I tell it how I see it. We are very close and pushing hard. If you are reading my words this message it is for you. I speak at my level. Only take it on if it resonates with you.

There are no ascended masters on the surface of our planet at the moment but we are. We chose to be here. Light workers are powerful beings in their own right or we would not have come. We can manage, we can handle it. We have all we need inside us. Bringing that out is all that is necessary. Actually you only need to be aware of it. We don’t need to evolve and grow to become better, that is the illusion of the past. We don’t need to do this because we already are highly evolved. All we need do is remember. You do it by letting go of who you think you are and by going inward. If you do this you will discover something amazing, your true Self. Once you have the experience all others pale, everything you have done before becomes unimportant.

If you are worn out and exhausted and have had enough. That’s OK, it has been very hard but it was your choice to be here. You can leave at any time you like. We will manage without you. You can check out or rest up, what ever you like. It will happen regardless. If you want to participate you are very welcome but don’t whinge or complain. That slows the process down. No matter how ill or debilitated you can be restored, you can also shine brightly no matter how you are. It is hard not to. No one will be left behind. If you can’t handle it at the moment stay out of the way and rest until you can. There are more than enough who are in their full power. We are going forwards very fast.

Many people talk about embracing their dark side, their shadow self, to fully integrate themselves. They need to feel complete. To do that they need to include all of themselves the good and the bad. It is a part of your growing but it isn’t the truth of your nature. At an intellectual and even emotive level it makes perfect sense but is a delusion. Your mind may be able to grasp the concept of who you are but you don’t become it that way no matter how clever you are. It is actually easier if you aren’t. You only need look in the right place. That is easy, simply desire that and do it. Go into your heart.

At our core we are light beings. We radiate light. Light is manifested love – our true nature. We have never been anything else. I have discovered this in myself and share it. You can do it too. We have been hidden from our selves but at this fundamental level we haven’t changed. That isn’t possible. Our connection to the Source of all that Is has been shadowed but only partly, it can never be removed not unless we will it, which we don’t. The illusions we have lived are only transient experiences, unimportant. Strip them away and let them all go. They aren’t you.

Shadows are an illusion – something that is in the way of the light which casts a darkness. It isn’t who we are. Our light is still there. We are not of the dark. The dark has no substance or creative impulse. It can only manipulate and distort – dark creates fear. How useless is that?

We have been shadowed but the Light has never been completely extinguished. As Lighted Beings we shine in dark places. That is why we came. We have achieved all that is required. The Light is shining brighter every day, even if you can’t see it. To see it you only need to open your eyes; not by looking around at the world but by looking inside into your very being. You are still there.

There are many doing the difficult practical things; our focus will give them support. If your role is to do something then go do it. Do not become caught up in the past, the dark things that have happened. It will be unveiled as part of the process. It is not necessary to uncover it or argue it’s truth. Shining brightly, as brightly as you can will illuminates all. To do that you only need to align all of you with where we are going. To feel it.

Doing this also aligns you with everybody else. The journey is easier when we are going in the same direction. We become stronger. It is not a journey of the mind or the even of our feelings it is a journey to our true selves at the level of Being. All we need do is remember. It is what is intended, is what is happening. You only need to be pointed in the right direction. We have the support of the whole of creation, it is our purpose. That makes it so much easier.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder Ray. It’s very easy to get lost again in the distractions of life. I find your posts always helpful.

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