Taking the bag off your head

It is a very exciting time. We are so close to a new world and yet it can be very uncomfortable. It may feel like a massive car crash. How do you keep it together?

The best way to become comfortable is to be still, step back from the madness. Meditation does that very well but we can also actively do things.

Become an angel. Well actually you don’t need to you already are. That’s right you just forgot. It’s a bit like having a bag over you head, your senses are confused. You turn around and bump into things. There are lots of ways to take the bag off. You need to find something that pleases you.

I have found one or two tricks that work for me.

I stopped using my head. It didn’t work very well anyway and I just let things flow. I use my intuition. It can see round corners which helps a lot. I have been doing that for a long time now. Most of your thoughts aren’t yours anyway, they are imposed by a nasty implant. It’s easy to turn your thoughts off if you think it is. It wont do any harm you can still use your brain when you want to. We are good at fooling our selves that we are clever, we are more than that. Don’t think about it just bring the idea to your awareness. Decide to turn the thoughts off. I find that even outrageous things that happen now don’t really effect me. I can change anything.

To give you an example. I have several incomes. I read Yoga Anada’s autobiography of a yogi and he talked about a saint who had two pensions, one from the railway and one from the Divine. I thought I can do that and I did. It worked because I didn’t think about it. I thought I can do that and let that go. I manifested a pension from the company I worked for which is for life, this was in the late eighties and like the saint I’m now working on my second pension from the Divine.

Anyway that money goes into an account in England and I live in New Zealand. It is paid monthly and I transfer it across. No big deal, very cheap and easy, it takes about an hour to get here. It used to take days and cost a fortune but we are going up. I logged into my English bank today to do this and found they were doing horrendous things to my account. There were charges being added daily. I was trying to work out what was going on and suddenly I was locked out. A screen told me my address was unacceptable and I could no longer use my account. Hum!

Didn’t bother me at all. When I was meditating later I decided it was all sorted out without me doing anything. I checked later and it was. This is normal and works with anything. Any difficulty can be removed like that. You don’t have to work out how or do anything let it resolve itself. I do it a lot. It makes life far more comfortable. You don’t have to believe you just do it.

Here is another that I find very effective for almost anything. I find it focuses me in a different way. I become more me.

Stand barefoot, that is important. You need to be grounded. You also need some space around you so you don’t hit anything.

Let your hands fall down by your side naturally but turn them so they are facing up hands splayed out. Become comfortable and relaxed and face the sun. If it’s dark just guess. It doesn’t really matter but it works best in the light. Feel the light on your palms. There are chakras there and you are going to use them.

Keeping your hands aligned as an extension of your arms, fingers splayed wide, slowly raise them up keeping them straight out to the sides of your body. It is like you are making a big circle with your body in the centre.

Breath in as you move them up. Breath from your gut. Let your stomach do that, expand it as you breath in and let it contract naturally as you breath out as you move your arms down.

Raise your hands above your head. Turn your hands so they are facing the other way just before they touch and bring them down. Use your breathing to set the pace. Keep raising and lowering them slowly with your hands facing the way they are moving until you feel you’re done. That is easier with you eyes closed. You may feel something happening in your heart. Don’t think just let it happen. You will know when you have done enough.

I sometimes turn to face the four directions, east, south, west etc. changing when I have been up and down. Let that happen spontaneously if it does. I usually do that when clearing a space rather than when clearing me although I am usually doing both things at the same time.

When you have done this you may notice that you feel different. You have done several things. You have integrated all your bodies bringing them together and into clear focus. You are centering. You have also cleaned your etheric body, your aura. It creates a protection around you because you are more your Self.

You can use it to do things, clear a space, energise a room that sort of thing. We are powerful and by empowering our full potential we clear everything around us. I can do many things while doing it, open and close portals, remove trapped spirits, all sorts. You decide that with your will but that should be spontaneous. You just do it.

That may sound hard but when you are used to doing this the intention will just drop in. Thoughts don’t get in the way if you do it properly. I feel a golden light around me after doing it but that is me. We each have our own experience.

Another thing I do sometimes which makes me very powerful is to create a double vortex around myself. They are spinning in opposite directions. I usually do it when meditating but not always.

Start by imagining a vortex spinning clockwise around you. Once you have that one going do the another outside of it spinning the other way. That takes a little practice. Once you have them both going you at their centre you will find you become highly energised and protected. Nothing can get in. It’s very good if you are feeling vulnerable or want to go very high to do something. Sometimes I explode into a huge light being as I’m doing it. The dark doesn’t like that because I become invincible and Love flows.

This is how I take my bag off. Unfortunately it is only temporary – for the moment. Only do these things if they resonate with you, we are all different and have different needs. They can be powerful so treat them with respect and be gentle with yourself.


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