Anything that promotes or generates love is of the Light, it sustains life and expands in all directions with limitless creativity. Everything is sentient and knows itself gloriously as part of the whole and changes constantly. It grows, is inclusive, fun and exciting.

Anything that promotes or generates fear is of the dark, it negates and contracts. It is insular and controlled. Everything has a rigid structure is pyramidal and a small group enforces power over others. It is competitive, hard work and boring.

We live in duality which is an unusual space. Both these possibilities exist here. We are also moving from one to the other, they overlap. How we think and operate has been dictated by the dark for millennia. The dark is very clever and has instilled in us their values. Most of us operate within their constraints. We term this being asleep.

Being awake means we are aware of their indoctrinations and are shrugging them off. It does not mean we have done it. Awakening in a process, it takes time.

IT IS NOT JUST A THINKING PROCESS. We have been indoctrinated that thinking is how we change things. That is how the dark works. Thinking is only one way to operate. It has restrictions. Our training tends to make thinking insular. You can join a group and think together but that group is still isolated. There is a way to expand the thinking process to be inclusive, to account for everyone, to be a part of everything.

Awakening is an expansion of awareness at every level. We live in a multi level construction that is limitless. Lets start at the highest aspect we can manage, highest first is always a good start and saves time. We need to become who we really are.

In order to become part of the whole all you need do is join it but you need to do that at a conscious level. You need to experience this not just think about it. We are restricted and constrained but we can go beyond these limitations. There are many ways too do it. Our physiology is designed to do this, it’s easy and is fun – now where have I heard that before.

Meditation is a very easy way to expand your awareness. If you don’t know how to do it and there are thousands of techniques to choose from, you can use your breath. Sit with eyes closed and put your attention on your breathing. Watch your breathing and become aware of it for ten minutes or so. That will change your awareness and give you an insight into what I’m talking about. This is your responsibility not mine and you can look further if you want to.

Now the dark doesn’t just think, they do other things as well. They use black magic, ritualistic and formulaic ceremony that…. but they’re very nasty, we wont go there. I mention it only to give you the opposite – you are magic. Yes you can do anything. You have abilities you never use. We can tease them out to play. There are no limits but we have responsibilities.

You can do anything you want to, the limit is only your imagination. At the moment the dark prevents us from being who we are but they are really busy. They’re fighting a loosing battle. Our magic will quickly overthrow them and they know this. It makes them desperate and therefore dangerous opposition. We are much more powerful than they are. They can’t really hurt you but they can make you rather uncomfortable. You need to be aware of this, some of the things we can do may have repercussions. Personally I don’t bother with precautions and if you read this blog you will see I get beat up fairly often. I shrug this off because I’m not a cautious person. I wade in and do things. You may take a different approach.

Let me expand a little on who we are. We are gods, angelic being of light having a human body experience.  We have forgotten most of who we are. The situation we find ourselves in has constraints, they prevent us remembering. Fully awake we are in tune with the direction of all of creation, we wont do anything that harms. We have forgotten for the moment and therefore need to be careful. Our first responsibility then is to wake up fully. That removes any selfish motivation and many dangers. It would be irresponsible of me to go further unless you are awake. Fortunately there is a safeguard, you wont be able to do these things unless you take full responsibility for them. You can only do that when you are fully aware.

First you need to find yourself, this is an inward journey. It used to be really difficult but things are changing. Because you are magic and can do anything, you need only have this desire. I enjoyed doing this very much and am sure you will too. Give yourself space and time to do anything and sit comfortably then give the instruction in your own words something like, ‘Who am I.’ Let your feelings guide you with what to ask. Say it inside and let go and see what happens. Anything may occur!

If something does expand this exploration, try: ‘What is my purpose here.’ I’m sure you get the idea. The only thing you must not do is limit what you are doing. Our programming says this can’t happen. I assure you that  it does…. it may be clear and precise or a very gentle feeling.

Never ever doubt your experiences. You are magic remember.

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