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I have been watching some alternative media about New Zealand talking about the things that are here from our past and it puzzles me. People are happy to tell us that we are all one and Divine and live in multiple dimensions but they still revert to their programming when they examine the physical. I have discovered many interesting things as I have wandered around the world.

Pyramids are everywhere but aren’t always recognised as such. Here’s a couple that you may not be aware of.

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

The building on the top is a folly built relatively recently but the Tor itself has a pyramid beneath it and is very ancient. From this angle it is easier to see the possibility. I have met the guardian but he inhabits a higher dimension so unless you are invited you wont get in.

bell rock
Bell Rock Sedona

Here is another in Arizona. It is very high tech inside and is a control centre. An English women who was there at the same time as me told me about it and I remote viewed it. This is a place where the Galatics and the Agarthans interact and monitor us. They aren’t 3D either but neither are you, at least not all of you. Both places are known power centres. I am leading somewhere but just put this into your awareness for the moment.

When I was in Africa I came across standing stones and stone circles. There is a good one in Gambia at a place called Wassu.


The local people have an aural tradition that says they were placed there not by man but by the gods. That’s interesting the gods were here before man? Where did they go?

Here’s a standing stone visited by the dowser Hamish Miller. He traced energy points all over the world. This stone is in New Zealand. It’s not far from where I live but is quite a long hike up a mountain and is in the middle of nowhere. Here is a video of Hamish talking about it.

Standing stone near Motueka, New Zealand.

I visited this stone in the winter with the same people who went there with Hamish. They managed to arrange for the farmer to drive us up in his battered ute which you can see on the right in the background. I cognised that he is a splitter stone, one that splits a single energy line that comes out of the Kahurangy into two, somewhat like a prism does with a laser. One ray shoots off in the direction of mount Egmont and the other goes towards the mountain range in the Tararua Forest both on the north island. He was quite chatty and a very happy fellow. Hamish thinks he is about six or seven thousand years old. It’s must have been thick forest on the lower slopes and rather inaccessible and I’m pretty sure nobody would want to live up there. So who put him there?

There are stone circles here in New Zealand with carvings similar to the ones found in Ireland. There are also bones of small people about four feet or so high that are buried in caves. Aural tradition from the local Iwi, (Maori group) say they were shy, had blond hair and used magic. They lived in burrows with round entrances. Hobbits? These dwellings are still there, hundreds of them, little homes set out in villages. Officially they are just storage places.

DNA samples from a tooth date them at 2000BC with a Celtic, Welsh heritage. There were also giants over eight feet tall, light skinned with red hair. They were put into burial caves after they died. In 1861 their bones roughly 60,000 skeletons were taken away and ground up to be used as fertilizer. The settlers did some awful things. There are still some here hidden away in the main museum in Wellington, buried underground and in missed caves. If you report finding bones they go to the local Iwi who destroy them. They aren’t their ancestors. The Maori officially arrived here about 700 years ago and the government refuses to acknowledge anything older. There are very old walls similar to those found in Peru that date thousands of years BC. There is an official ban to stop academics even talking about old artifacts. The hush order is for 70 years but why?

New Zealand was officially discovered by a Dutch sailor Abel Tasman in 1642 but there are many wrecks on the beach hidden under the sands. One is a junk that is over 412 feet long and 180 feet wide. A sample of the wood carbon dated independently by three labs was found to be made of Chinese youmu wood and nearly 6000 years old, probably of the Hermudu people who date back roughly 7000 years.

Just from these few examples you can see there is a back story we don’t know yet and it is being covered up. His story is flexible. Roman remains in Europe are OK but the Romans were fairly nasty. The did more or less the same thing the power structure does now. Ancient Celtic civilization is frowned upon and removed. Funny that, they were a part of Atlantis.

Picts were a small tattooed people who were said to use magic. They were not called Picts, that is only the Roman name for them. They are considered Celts and the Romans more or less wiped them out. Hum they used tattoos, the people here in NZ have them too.

Sumeria has its tablets but the translations I have seen appear rather one sided. I know someone who can read them and remembers a lifetime there. He was classed as schizophrenic and was committed when he talked about being able to do this. He was given shock treatment and can barely function now. He can still read the tablets but finds it difficult to translate them. He says it’s a feeling rather than the content he can’t explain. From what I can tell the society then was more heartfelt than head orientated. Sumeria is where money started and Cuneiform is as far back as writing goes – as far as we are able to go. Why?

Michael Tellinger has done some amazing work uncovering our ancient roots. If you don’t know his work you should check him out. He is a very good speaker and has made plenty of videos. He has discovered ancient technology and perhaps what it did. I have great respect for his work but he isn’t going as far back as we go, only to the Annunaki. He is uncovering the first layers of deception. We go back further.

The Annunaki are not the Elohim. I know that because the Elohim are still around and I have met one face to face. The are extremely high beings and express nothing but love. I could have been fooled but if you have read my blog I am sure you will realise that I don’t fool easily and would have sensed something. I pick up on the dark no matter how it is portrayed.

My question to you, because I remember some of it, is what came before the Annunaki? It is very relevant now because that is where we are heading.

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