I have been getting some interesting downloads recently which I feel a need to share. The different realities are moving relative to each other. We experience them depending on where we are. That is in our personal space.

I have been focusing slightly differently trying to integrate all of this awareness within the framework of what I know. I have interacted at lots of levels. As I have done before let me start with the lowest density. As you go up the cosmic elevator it becomes less dense, which is I think why this appellation. It lightens in every aspect of the word, like air it also gets bigger.

Let me start at the bottom. I had an experience when I interacted and released some gifted children. This was quite a long time ago. They were trapped by a nasty lower density being who was using its abilities in a very negative way to control them. I remote viewed the place which was deep underground very dark and lit only with reddish light. The place appeared to be made of bricks of some sort. It was part temple part its living quarters. The being was a large, very dark reptilian. The atmosphere it lived in was very noxious. Initially these psychic children attacked me at the beast’s command. I was doing something it didn’t like. I felt the attack and it was horrendous but wasn’t clearly focused. The beast underestimated and there weren’t enough of them to do damage. It was uncomfortable but I had protection and could handle it. I interacted with these children and freed them by suggesting they free themselves.

They had been hand picked for their innate psychic abilities and taken from the surface of our planet when very young. They were held in fear. The were very powerful and together could easily overpower the beast that had trapped them but were indoctrinated to fear it. It was not kind, used fear to control them and sometimes even ate them. The fear they had was an illusion.

My suggestion to join together was a new idea to them. Working together they overcame it easily and it fled. Afterwards we interacted occasionally but they were not comfortable. They abhorred violence and being controlled and only did things that felt right to them as a group.  They helped me a few times at my request and once jumped in to protect me. They focused on their own needs. They are very suspicious of other peoples motives. I have no idea what they are doing but they were very gifted, a solid collective consciousness and were heading up like sky rockets. That dark entity is the lowest value being I have experienced. You wouldn’t want to meet it. This could be considered the lowest part of the dark control system.

Not long ago I was meditating when suddenly I heard a chainsaw going. I hate them but I live out in the country and they get used often. I felt the enormous crash as a huge tree came down. I didn’t know where it was but it was close. A female deva suddenly appeared. She asked me desperately why this was happening. I told her I didn’t know and she disappeared. The trees kept falling and a male deva appeared he asked me the same thing. They seemed to think I should know. I did but didn’t know at the time where the trees were being felled, the noise came from all around me. I realised afterwards when I went out to look. The trees were a row of huge poplars beside a tributary of the river. Eight of them were blown down in a gale that winter and one hit a cow. One fell across the road. The farmer was having the rest cleared as a precaution. He also had a bulldozer scraping the river bed flat. It is limestone porous and dry most of the time but builds up with rocks and gravel when it rains heavily and that can cause flooding. Both projects were causing huge devastation. The devas were being assisted and I saw many angels and a huge operation of light to take the trees and other plant spirits to their next dimension.

The trees were about 40 metres high and taller. They stood on both sides of the river. They were left to rot partially hidden under rubble like the one on the left in this photo.

What took place would not be visible to most people even though it is a part of where we live. The subtle realms are very close. Being able to sense them is not always pleasant. We are very out of balance with the natural world but is part of where we live.

At a much higher density I spent a brief time at an inner Earth temple. It was a very beautiful place. The temple was huge, a healing space but was dwarfed by the forest that surrounded it. There was also water in a lake. The light was was quite indescribable. It felt gentle and very powerful. I meditated there. The forest was made up of enormous trees much larger than any that we know. The silence was immense. I was on my own. It was that sort of place designed for solitary healing. I lived in the same relative space but up on the surface at a portal and I could sense creation went up very high. All these places coexist but are completely separate. They were accessible when tuned into at that spot. It has moved but I don’t go there now. My time with it has stopped.

We have the ability to make our own portals to put our attention anywhere we like. The physical is an illusion, we take on and make it real. How you tune in then dictates the space you inhabit. There are many levels, many realities. We can identify with any of them but we are not quite able to do that yet. They all exist simultaneously like time.

We are able to do this because the body we inhabit has huge abilities. It has no restrictions. Our body is the best of the best. The genetics, our DNA is a composite of all the best beings in this creation. We are an experiment an advanced hybrid race which is why the dark wants control of us. They tried to interbreed to gain our abilities. They get them but it isn’t what they want, it makes them evolve as they are beginning to discover.

I have seen dark blue orbs nearly all my life. They often turn up when I’m doing something high level. These bright indigo orbs come and go, sometimes I don’t see them for years at other times I see them nearly every day. They don’t appear as part of our world, they are more real, superimposed on what feels like a hologram. They are higher density.

The highest beings I have ever interacted with are the Elohim. They are so divine you feel no negative anything in their presence. They are timeless, formless and completely unbounded. They can do more or less anything but only ever express love.

So there is a vast number of levels we can all interact with. I have been exploring other peoples experiences. What I find interesting is that the information is starting to link up. People come from different angles, different backgrounds but what they share is becoming more integrated. We have experiences in common. They use similar language. The more we share the more we have in common. What we focus on is what is in the group awareness.

When you focus on negative experience then that is where you go and that applies equally for the positive. For balance we need an appropriate experience, what is right for us. Awakening is an understanding of where we are. We don’t need to relate to darkness, it has no real value. We can leave it behind. We need to understand our full potential which is almost infinite. We can’t comprehend that not fully – not yet.

What we focus on as a collective is where we live and changes all the time. Collectively we are going up in density a little bit at a time – as fast as we can manage. That is what our body is capable of. We came into them because we desired to make that journey. As leaders in this adventure our focus should be as high as we can manage.

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