A new way to Be

I look at what is happening around the world and test how far we have come. The old way of doing things is still there but is falling apart very visibly. Letting it go requires a new start, we need to revaluate what is important.

Some of the things we have been programmed to believe are still hanging in the air. I like to push them into the past where they belong. They have no relevance any more.

Value is a subjective experience and applies to all sorts of silly things; countries, money, prestige – none of these are that important. We can let them go.

Where you live is part of your heritage but everywhere is part of Mother Earth, no place is more or less important. No matter what you have been taught no way of life is better than any other. They each have their good and bad points. They really don’t matter in the larger scheme of things, they are the past. We tend to hang on to our heritage and cling to what is familiar but we need to think much bigger. We are all part of the human collective. We aren’t from a country we are from this planet but even that is only partly true, we come from all over.

I was talking to a tree the other day. He is a huge fellow a guardian, I visit him fairly often. When I opened to him this time his world opened to me. He is living in the new world already, he is connected to everything at every level. None of my petty problems were relevant in his space. We look around at what is visible but it isn’t real or particularly important. His world is glorious and vast. It is much more salubrious than our past.

I was wounded in a recent dark attack and walking is a little difficult. I was looking for some healing but he laughed and showed me that my hurt wasn’t actually real. I already had the healing. None of our pain is real when you look at it from a higher perspective. We can leave it behind if we want to.

We are very good at creating negative scenarios that appear to manifest in our physical. They only do so because we create them. We allow them to appear. We are used to bad things being projected onto us but undoing them is part of our journey. We need to see through the illusion. That may appear to be impossible but it only requires a different awareness. Once you have it then they’re gone.

It may take time or can be instant that is up to you. Our belief system is heavily imposed and is reinforced every day. We need to consciously remove it.

The dark has heavily invested in maintaining things as they are. As a light being we have no restriction other than what is self imposed. We play the game and believe in it but we can stop when we like. That is our own decision.

This isn’t a process of the mind. We can’t think it, we need to be it. You do that by moving up and reaching out to who you really are. This is a constant undertaking. There are many pitfalls. We reinforce the old world constantly. For instance we look at the news be it alternative or mainstream and that imposes itself on our awareness. We expect things to change but that wont happen until we do. Letting the old world go is about looking at who we are, not the old you but the you, you are becoming.

That is easy enough to do it is only a question of tuning in, we are moving up anyway. You go faster if you accept this and leave behind what isn’t life supporting. This post may appear to be pushing the envelope but that is what a leader does, we go to the edge and then go further….

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  1. I wish I could run a recording of this post in my mind continuously in order to stay in tune with its content.

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