A vision for our NOW

Each one of us has a speciality, a unique gift which we bring here for others.
When we put them all together we have everything we need.I have been reading my posts as a way to self refer and realized that it’s time to properly reveal mySelf. Up until now I have been very conservative. I have not really let myself go. I haven’t really mentioned half the stuff I know.

I have always felt that most people underestimate our ability to assimilate new information. It may ruffle some feathers but perhaps they need a little straightening. Nothing I am going to say is new at the soul level.

My last partner is a true empath and is tuned into the collective. She was always telling me you can’t just take people from kindergarten straight into a PHD program. Actually that might be fun. But she likes to lead people gently and does it very well. Her methods are subtle but the transformations they produce can be quite unbelievable.

I am not an educator, I am more the maniac. That is my gift to you. I like to do things out in the open at full throttle and press any buttons that I find. Hang on to your hats and those of a gentle disposition better stop reading now.

Let’s start with where we are. We have all been willing slaves. Part of gaining your freedom is that first you need to know that you have been a slave.

Slavery is hard work for the conventional slave owner. No one wants to be a slave. Sooner or later they rebel. Our clever masters created a win, win situation for themselves by using money as their method of control. We regulate ourselves.

How it worked was very clever. If you hadn’t got any money you willingly worked to get some in order to live and get stuff. Once you had stuff you worked to make sure you kept it. The richer you are the harder it is. Believe me because I have been there and know.

It is much more fun to have enough so that you don’t have to….

I haven’t worked for over fifteen years and therefore have some experience of enough. No I’m not wealthy, last month we got down to $20 and the rent was due. I know all about that. We live on the trust that we can manifest everything we need. The money came in just in time clearing exactly on the due date.

We have lived like that for a very long time. It’s challenging but fun. I get up in the morning and do what ever I like. What I really like is to do things for other people, mostly for nothing or next to nothing.

But what if we all have enough, enough of everything?
What would you do then? I am sure that eventually you will do the same.

It’s something worth thinking about because that is exactly what is going to happen and very soon. If you don’t believe me or this is a new concept to you then have a read here. It’s just one article. If you do some research there are plenty of others that all say much the same things. The time of lack is almost over.

Now that I have dealt with commerce let’s forget about it altogether.

Let’s look at energy – I mean power. Electricity more or less runs everything. The powers that where have suppressed free energy simply because it is free and can’t be sold. Once money no longer matters we can adjust the electrickery, as I like to call it, so that it no longer does us or the environment any harm. The frequency needs changing to match our surroundings and bring everything into harmony.

Non polluting free energy has been around for a very long time. I came across someone who had invented a device in the 80’s. His lab and notes had been destroyed and he spent some years in prison. Ironically he turned off his electricity because he was using his device but was accused and convicted of stealing energy from the power company. He has been up and running again for a while. There are many more like him all around the world.

Energy that doesn’t pollute removes a huge burden not least from Mother Earth. Why waste her resources. That will shut up the green lobby in a good way. There has never been a need to conserve, pollution has always been the problem. Non polluting energy is what we want not low carbon emissions. Focus in the right place and the problems disappear.

What about travel – electric cars nah! I don’t think so?
Only if you really have to but if you must have a car then have one that can fly.
Roads and highways take up far too much room.

There is a global underground train system already in existence. It runs at thousands of miles an hour. I came across it when I was working in London in the early nineties. I knew someone who used it all the time. He was deep dark and stealth and worked in high level security. He caught the train sub sub basement down below Paddington station and travelled up north hundred of miles in just a few minutes. There are stations all around the world. Only the bad, the rich and famous get to use it at the moment.

But even that is very slow compared to some other means of travel. We will have access to teleportation devices. Perhaps not straight away but sooner rather than later. It’s something our former masters have been using for a long time. If this all sounds science fiction to you don’t worry about it. I mention these things simply to get you used to the idea.

But now that I am getting started what about communications and computers. Even in the early two thousands I knew that you only needed two base stations to cover the entire planet with a mobile signal. We had researched it for the company we were building. We were planning to buy one in Russia. It was a snip at five million dollars.

So what are all the masts for and why is reception so poor? That is because our masters liked to play nasty tricks and didn’t want us to be able to communicate too quickly. Most of the masts are there simply to broadcast disruptive energy.

If this worries you do something about it.

You don’t need to do this the old way any more. Use your imagination. Interface with the transmitter and adjust the frequency to make it benign or even better beneficial. I have been doing that sort of thing for years.

Let’s look at the internet. Now where did that come from? Yes you guessed, it is a common tool amongst our star brethren although their system is a bit more sophisticated than ours. Now that I have mentioned them let’s all welcome them. We are truly glad you are here.

Banks use very fast networks but those that control the banks don’t want anyone else to be up to their speed because they wouldn’t be able to control all the transactions.

The military have had very fast computers for a long time. When I say military that’s really dark ops not ordinary soldiers. Their technology is usually at least five to thirty years ahead probably way more. That is a long time in computing terms. Look at the computer you could get five years ago compared to what is available now.

I knew about video conferencing at least fifteen years before it came out. My source had a touch screen, wind up laptop that was in a machine tooled one piece tungsten case – military issue of course.

Modern computers are nothing compared to the intelligent machines or AI’s that run things like the stock exchange. A computer that is intelligent and can read thoughts. Don’t think HAL that is just your old programming. Think a machine that is friendly and who’s only purpose is to serve.

Our communications systems are very old. Electrical devices are limited. What about light based communications. Three D moving holographic images that look real and a device small enough to wear on your wrist. One that is more powerful than all the computing power on our planet.

There are plenty of other toys coming to us once we are over the first big hurdle out of the way. Once the political situation has calmed down we will get to meet our star brethren who are going to gift us some wonderful devices.

Light based replicators that can provide for all our needs and single handedly remove the need for agriculture, manufacturing and transport all in one go.

You will be able to create anything from nothing without harming anything. Free luxury food, shelter and clothing for every single person on the planet without exception. What ever you desire provided that it is life supporting even for the poorest and least amongst us. We will all have equal status again.

Even better because the food these machines provide can be completely assimilated there is no waste left to pass. No more sewage. An instant clean up. This is just the beginning. I haven’t even mentioned the learning tools, the spiritual guidance, healing, the off planet excursions, moving out into the solar system to the other planets and then on to the stars.

How do I know all this? Because like many others I am from the future and like you I can remember – we all can. There is no time but NOW.

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