I came here from the stars to help with the transformation of this planet. Like many others I work towards everlasting peace. We are moving out of darkness back into the Light. For me that comes before everything else. I have worked towards this change for all my life and consider nothing else important. It isn’t always easy and I have been subject to a rather complex and difficult life.  At the moment I can barely stand up but I have also been given some amazing experiences and I share them here with you. Living here is all about balance, that means personal balance. That is the task I have undertaken. You are not balanced if you rely on any one else. Personal balance is internal and is who you are. That is dictated by ego. Ego is very misunderstood. It is not a negative but creatively defines you.

As you can tell I am just me… all the time.

This has caused some discomfort to the people who have tried to change me. That happens fairly often but I walk my own path and have done right from infancy. I never did as I was told and have always made up my own mind regardless of the consequences. I was often in trouble especially at school, not always for bad behaviour but for disagreeing with the teachers.

I was born in the dark ages at the beginning of the fifties and survived the sixties which means I have plenty of experience. I have always lived very closely with nature but I have a background in high tech. Like nearly everything about me nothing really makes any sense and often appears contradictory. For example, I write, that being the medium I favour most but am very dyslexic and suffer from word blindness. I live in an isolated place, in a very isolated country but consider myself a global thinker. You probably get the idea.

I am normally very easy going but people make the mistake of thinking that because we are walking in the same direction that means I am going where they want me to go. I won’t follow if they turn off my path somewhere along the way. I caused a few heads to spin when I walked away from a multi million euro business but looking back it was definitely the right decision at the time.

Aged 5 with one of my zoo

I was brought up in a rural area in south east England and spent my childhood examining nature in every minute detail. I loved animals in particular and had a small zoo of pets. I had a real fondness for badgers which annoyed my teachers because I brought them into almost all the stories they made me write. I did not do well at school and when I was eleven I was sent away to a boarding school to try an improve my academic achievements. My Latin master called me sapientissimus (wisest) which he thought was funny. I was put down a year and still struggled but I did learn how to survive on my own in a very hostile environment. I recovered but that took quite a while. It took me a very long time before I realised that I wasn’t stupid at all, was actually quite bright and that my dyslexia is a gift. It gives me abilities that enable me to do supposedly difficult things quite easily.

I bought my first computer second hand in the late nineteen eighties, it was a Mac plus with no internal hard drive just a meg of RAM and two floppy ports. I added an external hard drive and have never really looked back. I have run just about every operating system including Sun on military grade servers, Unix and Linox in several iterations, and probably every flavour of Mac and Windows ever made. I know what I am doing with technology.

I have been making websites since they first began. I am not a geek and don’t do serious programming but can hold my own. I like technology and can do almost anything from writing, making artwork to keeping accounts. I make music, edit, animate and composit video, When it comes to being creative, you name it and I have probably done it. I am usually way before my time and was trying to be a VJ in the early nineteen seventies. It can be somewhat frustrating. By the time things get invented I am busy doing something else.

Like all dyslexics I cannot be programmed and see things rather differently. Being a bit different is normal in my family. My paternal grandmother was a Theosophist, a vegetarian from age 16 and a fairly well known astrologer. My dad was a country doctor. He was rather eccentric and sometimes wore spats, usually a bright coloured waistcoat, a bow tie and towards the end of his life added a monocle. He was popular and most of his close friends were as eccentric as he was. My mother was a nurse when they met in London. She was the eldest daughter of an Irish hill farmer and was his exact opposite. She quickly lost her Irish ascent and became as English as she could. I never really got to know my Irish heritage. My parents didn’t really get on and separated when I was thirteen. I floated uncomfortably between these two rather different worlds until I left home at eighteen.

In my late teenage years I adopted the hippy ideology of peace and love, both feminine attributes sadly missing in our society for the moment. We live in a warlike patriarchy that is a distortion of masculine energy. It lacks balance. The hippy ideology made sense to me and it was happening at the time. I loved the festivals with the camaraderie and the mix of colourful people. I rejected the strictures of mainstream society and have lived a free and independent lifestyle all my life. I worked all over the UK as a cartographer and have never lost my delight of being outside in nature. I have also worked with touring musicians and in the theatre. I co-founded an Irish record company. For tax reasons we were registered in Dublin but had recording and multi-media studios in London. I had a flat in central London but lived and worked mainly from rural Devon. I did spend a year or so living in London and know my way around. I can operate in a big city but I probably won’t live in one again. I have been both very rich and very poor, neither is much fun. I have travelled on four continents and enjoy moving around. I particularly like Africa and the African peoples. They are a genuine and happy even when they live in the poorest circumstances. We could learn a great deal from their simple love of life.

On Little Bell Rock, Sedona 2004

I am a sun lover which is a very good reason for leaving Britain which has a really awful climate. I also think it is much too crowded. I like to live way out in nature and although you can do that in England you will get visited by RAF jets and helicopters no matter where you are. Before visiting New Zealand I spent time in North America, first in Arizona and then northern California. I was considering settling in the USA but in my opinion it is probably the poorest country I have ever visited and I didn’t fit at all. I loved the countryside but it is a police state and I was in trouble all the time. I was arrested at San Francisco airport on the day when we were leaving. I didn’t mean to be difficult but America was a total nightmare for me. I have never been hassled in any other country. Everyone I met seemed heavily indoctrinated and I found I couldn’t be creative at all. I am fairly easy going and adaptable but didn’t take to the lifestyle and although I tried I just couldn’t communicate.

The people I met in Senegal and Gambia are far richer in many ways. They are healthier and much happier probably because they eat less and have a much better diet but above all else they were very friendly and know how to have fun.

I fell in love with New Zealand as soon as I got off the plane; the clean air, the smells and the wonderful climate. In the area where I live it is equable, green and sunny for most of the year. There is no need for air conditioning and central heating is almost unheard of. A fire suffices for the brief winter months and unless it’s raining you can eat outside during the day even in the middle of winter. Kiwis are never wasteful and live within their means but they are easy about most everything. I don’t get on well with shoes but I can walk into a restaurant or any other public place in bare feet without anyone taking any notice. The people are naturally happy and smile a lot. They are strong, warm, friendly and the ones I seem to meet are pretty well travelled. We’re a long way from anywhere and travelling is a normal part of growing up. I remember several lifetimes living in New Zealand but not as a Maori. My people share the same ancestors but were not warriors and were here many thousands of years before the Maori came. I am not fond of them but that they have been labelled a warrior race, that may just be something projected onto them. Individually I find them charming and often very gentle.

Totaranui Beach – one of my favourite places in Golden Bay

I live in an isolated area on the west coast at the top of the south island, a place called Golden Bay. I moved here in 2006. It is a small community of about 4,500 people. We are spread out over quite a large area. Golden Bay contains two of New Zealand’s national parks and is surrounded by high mountains. The only way in by land is over a pass that rises up to over 2,500 ft. It is euphemistically called the hill and is very steep. There are several hundred bends on the road and that tends to discourage casual visitors. Even hardened travellers can get car sick. We occasionally get cut off in bad weather but that is half the fun. I love it. It’s peaceful, very beautiful and rather wild. The people who are attracted here are an eclectic mix from all over the world. Like all rural communities everyone knows everyone else’s business but that also means that help is there should it be required.

I have a very broad spiritual background and have been meditating for most of my life. I learned Transcendental Meditation in early 1975 and was actively involved with that group for over twenty years. I left because I felt that I had gone as far as I could with them and wasn’t growing any more. I followed Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living for fourteen years but that system didn’t satisfy me either. Both systems have great benefits but in over forty years I have never met anyone who has reached an exalted state by following either teacher. I am not a particularly good follower anyway.

On my journey I have met all sorts of gurus, shamans and highly evolved people but although they have been well intentioned and sometimes quite powerful none of them have particularly impressed me. They may be good for beginners but eventually you have to take full responsibility your Self. Since doing that I have grown very fast. It can be scary and rather wild especially at first but it is worth it.

My path is one of silence. I like to be on my own, I don’t like to talk or to sing. Verbalising is not my thing but I can if I need to. In a recent video interview I talked non stop for over six hours but I don’t seek notoriety and prefer to keep in the background. I don’t understand competition and prefer a more fluid situation with no leaders, no followers. My stance and views are not conventional and people sometimes react badly. I can take their hostility but it is uncomfortable. My thought processes are ponderous but go deep. I am not a great orator but prefer to share with my writing. I can cogitate and revise as I receive more knowing. If what I write is upsetting then people can simply stop reading.

I have had my fair share of odd experiences and it is fun to write them down. I learn a great deal from doing that. I know some people won’t believe what I write but I don’t seek or need their approval. I simply tell you things how I perceive them. Sharing them may help reassure other people who have similar experiences.

At one time I worked on and off with someone who came from an alternate reality. His technology was way ahead of ours and he was a good source of information for what technology was coming next. I have interacted with elementals, ancestors, nature spirits, fairies, angels and dragons. My awareness has travelled into space and I have seen and visited the fleets of ships that surround the Earth. I have been guided by Ascended Masters and my all time favourite the Elohim. They still impress me greatly.

I have had a role to play in cleaning up and preventing damage both for us, the people and for Mother Earth, the amazing planet we live on. I have spoken directly with her many times and have been blessed by her in that She has manifested in front of me occasionally. She communicates telepathically with thought forms containing feelings and emotions as well as sights and sounds. They can’t be misinterpreted. She has shown me visions in answer to my questions. She has also taken me into outer space. I feel totally comfortable and at home with her. She is a truly marvellous Being.

If you have these type of experiences you tend to attract another sort. I have a tendency to jump in and do what is needed without thinking of the consequences. That has garnered some adversity. I have been attacked by a master of the dark, by dark magicians and psychics, malicious spirits both dead and alive, by all sorts of beings from the darker side of life and even by some who inhabit other dimensions. I have eye gazed with the huge plasma octopus known as Yaldabroth. That was not a pleasant encounter. I have seen it several times but I still don’t know why. I am still being attacked which tells me I am having the desired effect. It has left me somewhat shaky and rather beaten up but I am still here. I did die once briefly but came back.

We each create our own lives and I take full responsibility for mine.