Shouting at computers

Have you noticed a tendency for logical processes that should just work to become irrational and they don’t

This is particularly obvious when dealing with computers. You give an instruction, one that you have used many times but it stalls, doesn’t happen and eventually fails. It’s rather irritating. Emotions become involved, shouting and swearing is required and then for no logical reason it suddenly works.

If like me you use computers a lot then this process is normal but is getting much worse. The internet is unbelievably difficult and sometimes refuses to cooperate at all. You cannot connect or it hangs for ages.

This is a very good sign. It means that reality is breaking down. The game is almost over.

Before I go on just to let you into a secret. If you exert your will strongly then that is almost always all that is needed to remove the block. Do it verbally and powerfully and direct your attention specifically to what isn’t working and tell it to do it. It doesn’t matter that you are commanding an inanimate object. It will work. It has to obey your free will. You are probably using your emotional body to do it but there is much more than that involved. It is about clear undivided focus. Your reality was getting muddled and didn’t know what to create.

Just this morning I gave this advice to a friend who was having terrible trouble uploading a file. He had two large images that needed specialist printing. The first went up smoothly but the second refused to go. He was using a commercial service and there was room but nothing he did made it work. He had called me three times trying to work out what to do. I had prepared the images for him.

I gave him this advice and a short time later he emailed me to say that it worked.
He told his computer to JUST DO IT and it did. He changed his reality instantly.

Just writing this blog post required me to use this technique several times; first to unblock myself from the blog which had locked me out because it thought I was a robot! The social media sharing had turned itself off for no obvious reason and refreshing each link manually created duplicates. It took a while to create what I wanted.

At this time reality (which is a real misnomer if ever the was one) is in flux. It is on the border of a phase transition. We are living in a changing state. We can take the opportunity to command and create but it requires us to be moving with the flow.

We have been so used to being told how things work, what to think, how to behave. We have become passive and accepted what was going on around us. Our group consciousness was subverted. As we wake up to this awareness reality shakes. The command structure no longer works we need to take control.

We have the opportunity to change anything. You do that by aligning with natural law, the law of heaven what ever you choose to call it. Bring in the highest aspect of who you are by asking on a daily basis. Let go of who you have been and embrace a state of grace. It is only a matter of will. It doesn’t require faith or teachings, knowledge, understanding or anything.

You just do it.

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