Everything is vibration.
 Even matter is a form of energy – nothing is really solid. The true nature of alchemy is change, changing one vibration to another.

When you know this rather than merely understand it then you can start to change anything and really have some fun. It’s actually quite easy. You are only restricted by your imagination. We are all indestructible Beings and live for ever. When you understand that properly you can enable this even in your physical body. Gold is not really a precious metal, there is more than enough to go around. Most highly valued items have been made scarce by hoarding and constant manipulation. Alchemy is none of the things we have been taught. For a start nobody told us it was fun.

Some of what I am going to say here may be a bit unpalatable. When working for the light you need to face all fearlessly. Shining light into dark places is what we do.

A few years ago there was a concerted attempt to wipe out the Earth’s surface population with a plague. It is something that the ‘powers that were’ have been trying since the 60’s. They think that the Earth’s population is unmanageable and needs to be brought under control. They wanted to wipe us off the face of the Earth. They had built themselves big underground facilities in which they could survive while we on the surface died. Those facilities have been taken care of and are now empty. They have nowhere left to hide.

Aids was one of their early biological weapons. It is based on geneticaly modified viruses, two of them, one from cattle and one from sheep spliced onto the human genome. It was transmitted to targeted populations through specific vaccination programs undertaken by the WHO (World health organisation). There is nothing wrong with the science of inoculation but it has been subverted. Inoculation is a clever weapon because it made money too.

Most non Caucasians are in the way as far as the controlling group are concerned. They really don’t like black African’s for some reason. Black Africans and homosexuals were targeted in particular. AIDS is not a sexually transmitted disease and in fact is very hard to spread. A condom wont stop it because the viruses are very small and pass right through it. It would have taken us out if it could be passed on in this way. It can only be spread intravenously. It has been deliberately included in vaccination programs. A doctor who was employed to investigate discovered that there was a direct correlate between small pox inoculations and the spread of AIDS in Africa. He published his finding in the London Times in a first edition but the article was removed in the next edition and he  tried to disseminate this information on a video in the 1980’s but has since disappeared.

I had been helping someone who was making a documentary about the dangers of inoculations when the so called swine flue was supposed to be breaking out. This person had a vested interest in the subject because he contracted one of the Aids viruses from an enforced hepatitis injection when living abroad. His healing journey took over twenty years but he is very clever and had discovered a completely novel approach.

He uses vibrational technology to remove unwanted pathogens. This is not new but dates back to the work of Royal Raymond Rife who was the Tesla of the medical world. What is new is that no external hardware is necessary. We have everything we need in our human body. It is a truly wonderful organism. Instructed correctly it will heal itself. The mechanism has been turned off in our DNA but it is still there and works very well when addressed correctly. It can scan for intruders and even ‘look up’ the vibration necessary to remove anything harmful. It is not difficult and can and has been taught. He can cure a child who is HIV positive in about five days. An adult with full blown AIDS takes a little longer but removing the virus is just the first step.

Once we have the obstructive ‘old order’ out of the way there will be many new treatments available. The same people behind the power companies that are keeping free energy devices on the shelf are also behind the big drug companies and have been actively blocking some amazing medical discoveries. Look to Russia and China. There are some exciting things happening there.

The person I was working with is very honourable but perhaps a little naïve. He thought that he could warn the government about the hazards of inoculation. He wrote an email to the then minister of health asking that there could be a local independent check made of the vaccines. They are not usually tested by anyone after they leave the factory. He mentioned that he was a researcher and was concerned because he had studied the subject and was making a documentary about it.

By return email he received a threatening letter from a lawyer representing the pharmaceutical company involved. It was quite heavy and warned him that action would be taken against him if he showed his documentary or even showed anyone the lawyer’s letter! This is their normal scare tactics that has been working for a long time. They are very scarred that they will be found out, that most inoculations are used to deliver harmful things. Not any more… it only works if we, the people let it.

We later found out that the minister in question was a former executive director of the WHO. That probably means that they pay him. The WHO receives 80% of it’s funding from the pharmaceutical companies and was set up by members of the old order to serve them not us. They have a vested interest in drugs. The other twenty percent of the WHO’s income comes from national funding – your tax dollar. There is nothing wrong with the idea of a global health organisation but that is their usual MO. Set up something masquerading that it is for the public good… no one can ague with that. If they don’t found it they will take it over by infiltrating it. It was fairly obvious to us that the minister had a serious conflict of interest. Governments no longer serve the people and he was probably just doing as he was told.

There is no independent studies that show any benefits from vaccination programs and plenty that show what harm they do. Most vaccines contain mercury amongst other things. I won’t dwell on this subject but let you research it for yourself. I wouldn’t have one myself. Now that I have set the scene let’s see how easy it was for us to put a spanner in this monstrous machine.

The technique we used works equally well locally or remotely. I asked this practitioner if he could use it wholesale on the entire Earth’s population. He had not thought of doing that but after some reflection he couldn’t see any reason why we couldn’t – so we gave it whirl.

We targeted the specific disease that was going to be spread by the inoculations with the frequency that would destroy it in the phials that were due to be sent around the world. All quite easy but we had to take account of free will. Free will always has to be respected. We had to enable anyone who wanted the disease to have it but left this decision up to their higher self to make on their behalf.

No swine flu epidemic broke out. We did the same thing for several other virus scares. The powers that were are unimaginative and keep on trying. You may notice their constant bulletins in the main stream media. It hasn’t and won’t work.

On this first occasion we did so under threat and faced that fear. We did set up a safe place to work in. I have mentioned in previous posts that we lived at a portal. In it we created a golden dome of energy that was impenetrable to any outside interference. Most of the work we did was in the fourth dimension.  There are many dimension adjacent to our own. The main problem we humans faced inhabited the lower forth dimensional space and influence us from there. They have been systematically driven out by the new energies that are coming in. They cannot exist there any more.

When we had almost finished that first process a Master, who materialised next to me, casually opened a window into our protected space so that anyone could see what we were doing. I had not noticed him beside me. Since first writing this post I now know that this Master was actually me, or rather my higher Self. It gets rather complicated. There was a lot of interest and it was a bit of a surprise at the time. My higher Self wanted the old order to see how powerful we humans had become. In a few minutes we had undone what was probably tens or more years of hard research.

We later discovered that not only was the vaccine dangerous but that when it was administered the needle contained a nano chip linked to a bar code. The nano chip was extremely dangerous in that it could be used to track and control the subject who contained it. I decided that we should make some adjustments to that too. I have imagined into my Being the ability to interact with technology directly. It sometimes causes strange things to happen to my computers because they are sort of linked to me. I won’t go into that here. We can all do this sort of thing and will be doing much more soon. There is no need for buttons on a telepathic machine. I transmuted the technology so that if the chip was activated it has a benign result, actually a very benign result. Let them push their buttons if they dare…

Reversing the process 180 degrees appears to work on most of the harmful technology. I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble doing that. I have interfered a lot and been attacked many times because it. I am sure it has caused the powers that were a lot of headaches. They have tried to remove me on many occasions and sometimes they have got very close to doing that…

Needless to say we did not stop with one threat but kept going looking for any other diseases we could eradicate. Most of the indicators show that it has been working rather well. We were attacked constantly. No big deal it’s what we came here for.

Around the time of the second world war Mother Earth began to really suffer. She cried out for help and we, the baby boomers answered that call. Very many of us came here to assist her. We have all come here to help, from the first beginnings in the hippie movement to our incredibly talented grandchildren that are coming in today. Some of us have forgotten, for a while, but who we are will eventually come out. Everything is multi level but if you are reading this perhaps consider that you are part of that mission too. You can help just by feeling it.

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