Animals that aren’t

The veil between dimensions is thinning. Not everything is as it seems. Some of the creatures around us are in disguise.

My grandmother was unusual for her day. She was a contemporary of Gandi and followed a similar spiritual path in her search for truth. She was a vegetarian from the age of  sixteen, a theosophist and became a fairly well known astrologer. She always had robins inside her house, usually at least two. They are very territorial. One inhabited the rear of the house and only came into her kitchen and the covered passageway on the north side that she used as her cool room for milk etc. because she didn’t have a fridge. The other one enjoyed the rest of the house. I had a passion for all animals when I was young and thoroughly enjoyed staying with her on my own. The robins tended to disappear when the rest of my family was there. She spoke to them and treated them as her friends. Robins are very friendly and grow quite tame if you encourage them.

When I lived in Devon it was quite natural for me to do the same. I often had animals and birds in my house. I had a very friendly dormouse who would come and visit me when I was working. He was very cute and would wander about on my desk looking for crumbs and climb onto my shoulder and walk over me when I was meditating. I had to remember to make sure he wasn’t in the oven when I turned it on. He liked it in there for some reason. There was also George the pheasant who called every morning to be fed. He would find a way into the house to remind me if I happened to forget.

I had a robin too that I couldn’t have kept out even if I wanted to. He got very cross if the windows were closed and would dive in through the door as soon as it opened. I had to make sure there was always a window open, open far enough for him but not wide enough to let in the squirrels who could make an awful mess. This robin was always around. He would wake me up in the morning by singing in my ear. When I say in my ear I mean right next to it, about a foot away. He was very loud. It was rather a nuisance when I got home very late after I had been working in London for a few days. I told my friends about him but I don’t think they believed me at least not until they stayed. I only had the one bedroom at the time. On one occasion I let a couple have my bed while I slept on the sofa downstairs. The robin woke them up in spectacular fashion.

One of these friends was clairvoyant able to see him as he really was. She told me he was actually a nature spirit. He looked like a small boy and about the same size but with his knees on backwards like a bird. I am fairly telepathic and could see him through her as she described him to me. It turned out that he was one of my guardians. I was in training and doing some fairly heavy duty spiritual work and needed a lot of protection. He took that role very seriously. I was careful not to lock him out once I knew who he was.

This is just an example. Not all the birds and animals or even plants and trees are what the appear to our limited senses. Everything is alive. Rocks are very interesting beings. Most crystals have a strong presence. What we perceive is limited by our awareness. We are usually rushing around so fast we don’t have the time to sit and really experience our surroundings. It used to be that we had to work very hard in order to elevate ourSelves and tune into these things but not any more. We have all gone up enough that the difference between our worlds has narrowed.

It will depend on your personal circumstances but don’t be surprised if you start to experience some odd things around you. You only need to Be still inside to witness them.

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