Are Ley Lines really straight

How do you know something you hear or read about is the truth?
 Truth for one person can be the opposite for another.
 We each one of us live in our own realities.

Our mind, intellect, the reasoning part of us what ever you want to call it cannot always discern the truth. For most of us it is much too vast to comprehend and you can only encompass it with your heart. You feel it.

Unfortunately truth seekers are often romantics which means they can be extremely gullible people. They tend to believe more or less anything if the information is presented coherently. There are many traps for the unwary.

Glastonbury Tor

Take Glastonbury as another  example. Just the word Glastonbury gives it authenticity, Avalon and all that guff. Most of it is just make believe, a myth, wishful thinking, romantic rubbish. That doesn’t mean there is nobody there with the truth or that it isn’t an important place. Just not most of the hype which is just that. The same applies to Sedona or any other of the so called ‘special places’. Discerning the truth is not always easy.

As a hippy I was drawn to Glastonbury like everyone else and first went there in 1971. It was still a sleepy little market town. The hippies that had settled there were interested in all sorts of things. They researched stuff and regurgitated stuff. Some of it was authentic and Divinely inspired but most of it was just imagined, badly put together and just stuff. They made a living from it and no one should begrudge them that. Many people have devised a lifestyle that generates income from sharing knowledge. Most of them are genuine but not all. Some are just a little misguided, but there are others who are only out to make a buck.

Finding your true Self in among all the crystal shops and healing centres that are in Glastonbury now can be difficult. The town has changed and grown but is still an interesting place to visit. There are energies there if you are perceptive. The Tor, not the tower which is just a folly, is actually a pyramidal structure. It has a guardian so you won’t get in unless you are invited. That is rather unlikely unless you have something specific to do there.

At first I was just as impressed as everyone else and fell for all the hype, that was until I came across the real deal. I am not better or wiser than anyone else but once you are connected, anything that is not becomes rather obvious. I have visited Glastonbury many times but it’s not one of my favourite places. It is the guardian of the south west which has some truly special spots and that is its true value to me.

In the nineties I started mapping global energy lines and looked at all the available information, books and maps that other people had put together. I had my own sources which were all I used to plot my own lines but I wanted to at least look at everyone’s research to help get a bigger picture, to see if they had similar information. There was a map of all the lines of energy running into and around Glastonbury. It’s still sold and circulating today. It looked interesting and I called the author to find out how he made his map.

The first thing he said was ‘Ah well actually I don’t do that any more.’ He sounded a bit defensive.
‘Fine,’ I said and told him why I was calling.
I asked him how he had made the map, was he a dowser?
Did he use intuition or had he researched.
‘No I just sort of looked and could see them.’
‘Are you clairvoyant?’
‘No, no, I mean I just stood there on the land and could see from this place straight to there, it was obvious really.’
‘Has your map been checked by anyone else?’
‘Eh, not that I know of.’

We talked for a while but it was clear to both of us that there was no real foundation to what he had drawn. It was something from his past and he’d moved on. He was rather anxious to get rid of me and my awkward questions. I could tell he was a good person and quite genuine. The map had been research, a small part of his journey no longer relevant. I was rather disappointed and felt let down. I have interacted with other authors and spoke with them about their methods and what they achieved. Some were better than others.

Hamish Miller

By far the best  was the dowser Hamish Miller who was a remarkable man. He had been in the rat race but stepped out of it after a near death experience. He was a totally honest and as authentic as you can get. He was a wonderfully talented and very inspired bloke. He became an artisan, a blacksmith. When I spoke with him he told me he was more comfortable with a 5lb hammer than a pen. He wasn’t a writer but he had been working with someone who was. They had since had a falling out which is why I had not been able to contact him through his publisher.

When I discovered some inconsistency in the ley-line story  I wrote to the publisher about what I had discovered. Everyone knows that ley-lines are straight. It is what I thought defined them but I discovered that the lines that Hamish had dowsed were not straight at all. The orientation looked straight on the maps published in the book but that is only an illusion. They say they are diagrammatic but that isn’t an excuse. The diagram was definitely contrived to make the line look straight. I’m sure they were aware that it wasn’t but that wasn’t the story the author wanted to tell.

The publisher turned out to be the main author and he lived very close to me, only a few miles away. ‘Great.’ I thought we can meet quite easily but he never replied and after several failed attempts to contact him I shrugged and wrote an article about my findings.

Hamish eventually heard about my article through the dowsing community who had published it. He called me to discuss it. He was a bit defensive at first but after a while he warmed to me and we had a long conversation. We had a similar outlook and got on rather well.

The writer in question is the exact opposite of Hamish. I met him once and we took an instant dislike to each other. That happens to me occasionally but I’ve found that although irrational it is usually justified. My intuition is seldom wrong. He is a much better writer than I am but isn’t as ethical. I’m biased and freely admit it. On that occasion he was rudely trying to peddle his own new book at someone else’s book launch.

He may be well educated and extremely eloquent but I didn’t like him. He makes his living from his discourses and his writing. I am not a scholar and not qualified to judge but I can discern padding and bullshit when I read it. He has obviously not met a dragon and all his knowledge is second hand. I came across a friend who worked with him and also had a falling out. I trust him completely and have known him for years. He is extremely ethical, some might even call him annoyingly honest. He was asked to edit one of this man’s books. He told me it was so badly researched he had to practically rewrite it which took him nearly two years but he never got paid. In both cases the falling out was to the author’s financial benefit. That appears to be his motivation.

This man obviously had a strong influence on the way The Dance of the Dragon was presented and he massaged it to fit a story he’d created. The opening chapter puts forward the premiss that the line they are following is straight. Hamish’s brilliant dowsing should be the basis of the book but it hardly gets a look in.

Below is their diagram of the line. It looks perfectly straight here doesn’t it.

Diagram from the book Dance with the Dragon

They call this line an axis which means a straight line or vector and it does look like it is a straight line. But that is simply because of the projection they have used. A projection is a flat representation of the curved surface of the Earth. By its very nature a projection distorts and can be quite deceptive. In this case the line looks straight but it actually curves in the middle by about 185 miles.On the image above, which is taken from Google Earth, I have plotted the two end points and then connected them with a green line. I have also plotted all the points from the original map and joined them with white lines. You can see that at the mid point the green line doesn’t actually go anywhere near Italy as shown on the original map. If you measure the distance it diverges by about 186 miles. My end points are plotted accurately but you can shift them about a very long way before it will make any difference. The line looks straight because I have centred it in the image as they did but mine is different because it is actually straight. If you rotate the globe it will appear to bend but that is caused by the curvature of the Earth not the line itself. Drawing a straight line on Google Earth is certainly accurate enough for this exercise.

I am a cartographer and understand maps. The huge anomaly is very apparent. Even if you only plot the end points very roughly you will get the same result. You can plot all the points along the dowsed line as I have and you will see that they generate a fairly smooth arc. It has the odd kink in it but we can ignore that for now. The book does have the occasional sketch of what Hamish dowsed but I would have much preferred to see large scale maps of his work. Forget all the mythos and historical religious references, I am far more interested in what Hamish actually found.

I originally plotted their points on a 3D model of the Earth that I had built for my own mapping project which is how I discovered the curve. My own virtual globe is software based and graphical like Google Earth. It is accurate to 2 seconds of arc and took me about six months to make. I built it when the internet was still in its infancy and long before the advent of Google Earth. If I was doing the same job today I would have used Google Earth. It is independent and would give my findings more credibility. You can also zoom in on the satellite  imagery right down to street level. I only had large scale maps.

This image is taken from my latest work and shows my line in yellow with Hamish’s dowsed line in white. The green line as before joins the two end points Hamish dowsed.

I was never trying to disprove anything. I was just pointing out something that did not appear to fit in the story that we were being given. People have believed this story because of the way it was presented. It looked very professional. It is now part of the established truth, that is until I came along. My observations are uncomfortable for a lot of people and they reject them in favour of what they know.

When I spoke to him Hamish told me that he had never said that ley-lines run in straight lines. In fact a lot of them are curved or spiral. He did not document it publicly but he was very curious fellow and followed the Michael and Mary line right across Europe and up into Russia. He told me he couldn’t go any further because the line curved away from the ground and up into space. That actually fits very well with my own information.

The British part of the line is relatively short and is more or less straight but when I plotted the new points he gave me they extended his line quite a long way. Low and behold it curves. Unfortunately I don’t have the data he gave me. I have moved countries twice and lost it somewhere along the way. I will keep looking, you never know. I have recently plotted Hamish’s lines on a new model I am building. It is very interesting that the Apollo and Michael axis end points joined together actually run more or less parallel to one of my own lines. It crosses it in a similar way at both ends and they are obviously related.

What I have discovered is that yes some ley line orientations do run fairly straight but only locally, the higher the frequency the less they bend. Much like light really. Red energy lines bend the most. An experienced dowser who I came across through a contact I met in Sedona checked my own work for me and was able to confirm it. He could pick up the edges of my lines which are huge and circle the globe. They are 65 plus miles wide but he said he could trace the edges of them and found them exactly where I had indicted.

He spoke about many different types of energy lines which he classifies by colours which is actually how they are made up. Hamish has shown that Earth Energies as he called them can flow in different directions in the same line. Each has its own qualities and most of them bend. I have no explanation other than space does bend. Modern science recognises this. You can see a star that is actually behind the sun. It is one of the things science has discovered but is not that widely talked about. Space may be curved!

This brings me back to my original topic. Truth. It is not that the people involved in a any particular story are wrong. It is more that they don’t have the whole picture and that some people make a living from it. They have a vested interest in part of the truth but not all of it. It creates a fear, a fear of change. They simply don’t want to change their story. If you challenge someone’s truth don’t expect to win any friends, I certainly haven’t.

Question everything, especially me and find your own reality. It is up to each one of us to discover our own truth and to welcome in any changes that this knowledge brings. We are all about to be given a great many new insights which may well rip apart all the things we thought we knew. We have been living with dogma and half truths for a very long time. Most of what we consider sacrosanct is actually just programming. It is almost time to let all of that go.

Let your feelings guide you. If you are reading something on the internet and find you don’t really want to read it or have lost what it was saying, then stop. Your mind switches off for a reason. You may also get an instant reaction to it – this is not truth. This is your intuition. Learn to listen to your Self. It will prompt you very accurately. Spiritual people can find it very difficult letting go of something they have believed in for a long time. All I would say is be open to anything and keep in mind that if you let go willingly you may find the transition much more comfortable.

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