Are you shining brightly?

In this time of change, just as the wave is reaching us, are you holding the light?

The wave of Light coming from the central sun is touching the Earth now and this wave will be break soon. Nothing will be the same. It can’t be stopped, it will happen in relative time. Time is not material but how you are is important.

I have been pounded by the dark and hit many times of late. It has literally left me static for several weeks now. I get rid of their attacks then they come at me again. They are really desperate but it only slows me down it will never stop me. Being static has given me time to do some investigating and I have discovered things I probably wouldn’t if I could get about.

The important thing for those capable is to hold the Light to remain focused in that direction. It is coming regardless but it will make things easier if you can let go of the madness that is all around you. This turbulence in the world is unimportant and simply indicates the World is ready and very close to the change. None of the fears that are being expounded are of any value.

Clearly radiate our new direction and hold the Light. The more that do this the smoother it will be. Those who can’t take it will be fine and help is close at hand. They will be removed from the Earth’s surface until the wave has passed. They will go up to the ships where they will be cared for. They may not even remember but change is going to happen for every single person, even those who are completely asleep.

Some will wake as this happens but everyone will loose fear no matter where they are. Fear and fearful beings will be gone. They wont be able to stay here. All dark beings will be removed. It is not a choice they simply cannot stay. What happens to you is going to be different for every individual but no harm will befall you. Let the world go and be centred, meditate as your main focus. This will change the balance far more quickly. When it comes embrace it.

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