We are on a journey but it is not a difficult one we are simply going home.

Sometimes I get – visions – that is the not the right word but it will do. I experience my future. They have always happened but I don’t usually notice until a while after they manifest. It is a bit like deja vu.

I mentioned I spoke to an El in the post before last. Spoke is hardly the word either. I am still unfolding the experience. Unwrapping the content is every birthday present ever rolled into one. The Elohim are such incredible beings. The experience is synchronising with other information that is coming from more prosaic means. I thought I would share what I feel.

All lightworkers and that means you. If you’re reading my words then you have been drawn to them because it is you who I am talking to. If you have doubts – he doesn’t mean me – I certainly do. We came here in a process that removed our awareness of the beings we are. We did this intentionally because we wanted to help. Our journey was to assist in the process of global ascension.

For us it is simply becoming who we really are again. We have already done it probably several times before. It is simply a question of letting go of the restrictions we have taken on and is not hard at all. It is who we really are. We have wandered into a dark room, its time to put on the lights. The El that I spoke to did that for me, he gave me the experience of what it will be like. I am using a medium that is rather crude but I will attempt to share the experience. If you close your eyes I will send it to you. We can do that, attach a telepathic message like an email attachment.

I am going to embellish the message with words in case you don’t get it.

I felt myself dressed in the clothes I was wearing and they resonate with the colours that are me. I was wearing new clothes at the time, ones that I felt drawn to. Feel yourself wearing something that is totally you. Let go of all aches and pains. Your body is perfect and working properly again. The heaviness of this dimension will be left here, you wont take it with you, but your body will go. This applies to everything – how you think – your emotions – all of you.

Turning the lights on is going to happen in waves which gradually get bigger and brighter. There will be three. You can take any of them and that is up to you. The first will be the smallest and most difficult to ride but it will trigger the rest. That’s my ride and my focus. If you go on the first one it will enable you to come back and help everyone else. The second will be bigger and each will be a catalyst for the next. We are not doing anything other than becoming ourselves.

What is really fun is that because of the way time works we have already done it.

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