There are very many dimensions very close to ours. We often sense more than one. Science says our eyes can’t do that because they can only see a fixed set of frequencies.

Hum perhaps but everyone sees things slightly differently. Our perceptions of colour can vary quite widely from almost nothing, just shades of grey to billions of colours, so many that they don’t all have names. Our perception of colour then is personal and subjective. Our other senses work in much the same way. Our reality is what we can tune into. That depends not on our physicality as much as on our perception of it. The various vibrations around us only impinge on us if we tune into them. We often do that without intention. We are a vibration and that is all that we really experience.

That applies to all of us not just our senses. What we process in our minds is what we can understand, what emotional experiences we can relate to etc. We refine what we experience in the awareness that is us. We can use this. We can also be targeted by negative vibrations. They aren’t any more real than anything else but they can be rather annoying.

After the big global meditation, well for a few days before I have been busy expanding to the largest me I can. I usually fast and do longer meditations. I was feeling good and it must have been effective because today I was attacked. My website was knocked down, again, and I was in a lot of pain. The attack was there when I woke up and gradually got worse until I was very sick, literally. I hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours so my stomach was more or less empty. If I had eaten anything bad that should have showed up long before.

I had just been into town for a few supplies and had planned to go for a long walk up to my favourite waterfall at the same time. The weather at home was perfect, hot and sunny but there was a huge dark cloud over where I was planning to visit. I was feeling a little rough and decided not to go. By the time I was home I was feeling very uncomfortable. I vomited several times and had a strong pains in my stomach. I couldn’t get comfortable or feel what was wrong. I checked in and was told it would go in about an hour.

It was bad and had moved to my lower back which wasn’t a good sign and usually means my kidneys. They have done this before and it can get very nasty. I was anticipating a bad time in the hospital which I have experienced several times before. They can’t find or do anything other than give me morphine for the pain. Its not physical but its more comfortable and safer in case something in my body gives out. I didn’t believe that it would just go but I was exhausted and lay down to rest for a bit before seeking help. That wasn’t wise perhaps but I fell asleep in the sun. When I woke up it was gone. I have been left alone for some time and perhaps the dark isn’t as effective as it was but I was all fixed and feel great.

I noticed my website was down. Only the titles and the menu but none of its contents were showing. It was a one button fix but told me me to be alert. I have been expanding the content for the California ley line post with new maps, some higher knowing and it tells some of what the bad guys have been doing. Someone obviously didn’t like that. The email going out to my subscribers was also blocked. You may have missed one but hopefully, like me, it’s all working again quite happily.

P.S. I you want to understand why I was attacked then check out my next post.

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