His Story

I have been watching some alternative media about New Zealand talking about the things that are here from our past and it puzzles me. People are happy to tell us that we are all one and Divine and live in multiple dimensions but they still revert to their programming when they examine the physical. I have discovered many interesting things as I have wandered around the world.

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Anything that promotes or generates love is of the Light, it sustains life and expands in all directions with limitless creativity. Everything is sentient and knows itself gloriously as part of the whole and changes constantly. It grows, is inclusive, fun and exciting.

Anything that promotes or generates fear is of the dark, it negates and contracts. It is insular and controlled. Everything has a rigid structure is pyramidal and a small group enforces power over others. It is competitive, hard work and boring.

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One of the things that we get told is that you learn from your mistakes.
No you don’t. You just get pissed when things don’t work out.
You learn from your successes, your achievements. You tweak what went wrong until it goes right. That is how it works. So where did this come from then? This misinformation. It’s everywhere.

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