To live a magical life is easy and very hard both at the same time. Like most things in this life it is not rational, reasonable or logical or anything that can be easily defined.

It requires fearlessness to know that everything is happening as it should. You need to be emotionally mature. That means un-fazed by strong emotions either in yourself or in others.

When you are feeling totally despondent you need to be able to tread the wire of balance, not interfere with how you feel but notice and acknowledge it. Treat your self with love and watch it go, as it will go.

It makes life easier especially at these dramatic times of change. We are letting go of patterns that we have been used to for a very long time. Those close to us may express this by being quite volatile towards us. They are simply re-balancing a relationship that has got a bit out of control.

We are also going to be required to let go of concepts that we have long held, belief systems that have been handed down from generations. Even letting go of small things hurt when you resist letting go.

Which world you are in can change from moment to moment. Sometimes you are dealing with what was, then you are in what is coming next, oscillating between the two. It can be rather confusing. Should you engage the death throws of the old or embrace the new.

One thing you can’t do is anticipate or plan. You can only Be in this moment. If you aren’t you soon will be and if you try otherwise you may fall with a bit of a bump.

I can only relate my own experience but so far letting go of who I was has realised a love that is beyond anything I have ever felt before. I have no hate or negative emotion for anyone no matter what they have done. I feel the Oneness and embrace everyone in an enormous hug.

I have no need to impose my ideas or thought patterns on others. They are free to Be who they like. It feels perfectly normal to love everyOne.

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