Light work

I want you the reader to become stronger and more self reliant. I get a lot of emails from people who are waking up but haven’t fully woken yet. I decided that one way to help  is to give you everything I have learnt. I am doing that in a free ebook.In it I have collated all the things I think may help. It is partly autobiographical but only for illustrative purposes.

You may give it to who you like or use any part of it in any way at all. There is no copyright. I have made it in pdf format and it will open in any browser. You can save or print it if you want. It is written in English but you can download the pdf and translate it here.

I am updating the manuscript as I find out new information, nothing in this reality is ever fixed and I get new information all the time.  Not all but some of it is not published anywhere else. I have revised some of my older experiences to bring them up to date with my latest knowing.

Download it here Light work.pdf

This website software wont allow me to upload free ebooks in any other format. If you would like a different format just ask using my contact form and I will send you an epub (works beter on a smart phone) or mobi (for kindles).

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