Being Multidimensional

I have been catching up on the alternative – news? Not really news. They’re still saying much the same old things. They’re still waiting….. I prefer to explore new places.

I thought I would try Michael Tellinger he’s usually fairly interesting. Sigh, same old story just a few new photos and odd details but otherwise much the same. He’s decided that everything we have been taught is a lie – perhaps or has he exchanged one set of information for another. My mental body prefers first hand information. It doesn’t like a mystery it always wants to solve it.

He now thinks our world could be a flat disc. I rather like Terry Prachett, what’s underneath?

I’m an expert at Photoshop and have used it from version 1.5. I also use After Effects which is Photoshop on steroids for video. I could make a photo or video of almost anything you like but the photo below is real at least I haven’t doctored it. It is just the first one I came across that had a clear horizon. I have loads of others.

Photo of a mussel farm Golden Bay 2008

It’s an old photo but the horizon looks pretty curved to me. Hopefully the hologram we live in hasn’t changed that much. My physical body thinks the horizon is curved, I used to see it out of any window. I have moved away from the coast but that was my view for over a decade. You don’t need to be up very high to see it.

My experience with the dark is that it has no imagination. It is an expert at distortion and half truths and that is its favourite trick. I thought I’d let Michael know a few things I’ve found out which might change his perspective, bring his references a little more up to date. Seems he’s much too busy for email – never mind. Most researchers are so very conventional. The scientific method objectifies creation but from the smallest grain of sand to a galaxy, it is alive. The methods people have been taught ignore that, it’s a shame, they completely miss the point. Creation is a being not a frozen or even a changing state.

If I’m honest I’m not an exception. I was trained as a cartographer. We are taught to add the unknown into the framework of the known and that is what I’m going to do. What is the known when looking at the multi-dimension you. Well that’s easy, 3D of course, we all know about that.

In 3D we experience three different states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping.
We also have three bodies, the physical, mental and emotional.

Even allopathic doctors should be able to handle that and acknowledge that each body has different needs.
I not really going out on a limb here although most people don’t experience sleep they only experience its affects. This should all be familiar. These three bodies or the lower aspects of them are what we leave behind when we die.

Where do we go then? We go through a process, one that we can’t stop. Our will is overruled and we have no choice but to go through with it. From my own experience we travel through another dimension and transition to – well that’s up to you, everybody goes somewhere different – but we get there through another dimension. I remember it, it was rather featureless and not that interesting. I have transited with several people and seen them enter other realms. The main thing I took from those experiences was that they all experienced bliss when they entered. I only ever went as far as the entrance, I never actually went in. I don’t know if I could come back if I did. That wouldn’t bother me but I still have things to do here.

Before I go much further let me add time. Time is very much a part of 3D. We experience time moving in a singular direction. To us it appears that time unfolds in a linier and predetermined manner. This is where it gets a little tricky. I can put my awareness any time I want. Forwards backwards that isn’t important. I’m sure I’m not unique in this. I have discovered that I prefer not to look, it’s like looking at the end of the book before you read it. It spoils the fun. I prefer to be surprised. I can do it and it sometimes happens spontaneously but I usually choose not to. I only mention it because I want to destroy the illusion that time is a dimension. It’s not. As far as we are concerned, although not from a 3D perspective, time isn’t linier and is all happening at once. When you exit 3D you also leave linier time. You become timeless again.

Up until now this has all been more or less conventional and is the framework that we know. So what comes next?

Well I guess I need to bring in all the beings I can see and interact with, the dragons, angels fairies etc. Where do they hang out? I am certainly not the only one who one who can perceive them. There are quite a few and I think each group has its own dimension. Dragons certainly do. They come here to visit but it isn’t home for them. Some are guardians and live in portals but most flit about. Fairies hang about in plants I guess that’s because that’s where they have things to do. They live in another dimension too or we would all see them. Perhaps they just vibrate at a different rate I don’t really know. Angels go where they are needed and that can be anywhere. They vibrate differently too. There are many other beings. We can experience some of these dimensions at least some part of us can. They are part of the whole we inhabit although we are a little restricted. Planet Earth is still prison planet for the moment. Prison not as in punishment but as in a place that we can’t escape from at least not permanently, not yet.

The prison is another dimension, a plasma plain and we have a hostile guardian who prevents us breaking out. It is in decline but still effects us for the moment. Knowing is of value because you can help remove it just by desiring that to be.

We can actually get out and can do that every day for a while if we choose. That is easy. Meditation is the key that unlocks that door. It is a way to experience other states of consciousness too. There are many more than three. We can bring back some of these experiences and that changes who we are here, a little bit every time. It’s not the only way to do it but is a good one and has no down side unless you over do it. This is a way to go to the highest dimension you can manage. It takes a while to learn to function there but you can and you can do things here from there too. You can manage both at once eventually.

There are many other dimensions in between, the astral realm for instance. You can use that body to travel around but it is not particularly useful, you can experience but can’t really do anything.  I suppose you can see what shape the Earth is but we are here in a 3D body for a reason, we came here on a mission. If we wander off we aren’t doing what we came here for.


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