Being visionary

Time is a misconception, it doesn’t exist. If you can remember past lives you can remember the future especially when that is where you come from. It can be a two edged sword to know what is coming next. It can be very hard waiting for what you know is going to happen. When is always impossible to predict.

I knew that I was going to marry someone as soon as I saw her picture. I also knew we would have a son and that we would not stay together for very long. That was not something that was easy to live with. Our emotions don’t like prior knowledge.


Visitor 2035 in concert mid 1970’s

In 1974 I was into light shows. It was great fun I worked with a good band Visitor 2035. The seventies is when we took what we learned in the sixties and started to apply it. That is when a lot of us started our inner journey. But technology was rather crude back then, there were no computers, everything was mechanical and it took four or five of us to handle the many slide projectors, cine projectors, stage lights and lasers at a live performance, which is all we had. There were no video cameras or any way to record what we were doing apart from on film which was expensive and as you can see colour photography was not used with low light levels. I used to talk about having a light show machine that could be played like an instrument that could control and record.

‘Yes Ray’, they said rolling their eyes but any VJ will know what I meant.

VJ’s started to appear in 1981

In 1984 I was working. It is the only time I had a conventional job. It was a rather sad and lonely decade. There was a big reaction from those in charge to the freedom we had started to explore. Nearly everybody smoked. I hated that. I told my work colleges that there would come a time when smoking in the workplace and in public places would be illegal. They just laughed at me.

The smoking ban in the UK came into effect between 2004 – 2008

In 1994 I had discovered computers. I had just finished making my first electronic book, it had images, music and video and just fitted on a CD. I sold my house and bought a 3D animation system and learned how to use it. I wanted to make a feature length animated film. People thought I was mad.

Toy Story, which was the first all CGI feature film, was released at the end of 1995.

In 2003 the company I co-founded had just finished building the proof of concept of a satellite delivered music and video streaming technology for 3G mobile phones. It worked very well even though there was no real 3G coverage at the time. Music streaming was an unknown technology. There were a few mp3 players and ipods were catching on but no iphones. We were even looking at a shopping system that would enable you to order and pay for goods using your phone. I told the record companies that physical products would no longer be necessary and actually they wouldn’t be needed any more. That is when I discovered that big money steals your ideas or kills you when you have something really great to share. I walked away – well I skipped…. countries a few times. It took 10 years to find me but by then it was too late.

Music and video streaming is now the norm. Record companies and CD sales have declined to almost nothing. New artist don’t bother with record companies or they create their own. Most people, who own one, make purchases from their smart phones.

Today in 2014 I see the end of the bankster run oligarchy and the release of dozens of suppressed technologies. Free energy devices are already coming out in the open but that is just the start. We will see replicators, teleportation devices and space flight that only takes hours to get us to the stars. All this will generate huge prosperity and we will see the end of money.

p.s. When I make statements like this it comes from something deep inside and I usually get a confirmation. Normally it’s a rainbow. This is what I saw when I looked out my window after making this post.

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