A mental representation of an attitude positively oriented towards the likelihood of something being true.

I lay back in my hospital bed chatting to the nurse who was looking after me.

“What do you believe in?” he asked me as an opener.

“Nothing.” I replied which kind of threw him.

I explained that ‘belief’ is a mental process that tries to make sense of the world. I don’t feel any need to do that.

“Surely you believe in something?”

‘No why. I can get real answers to anything I want to know. Why I am here for example is because I took on the dark and I won. You can’t find anything wrong but I’m completely depleted and can hardly stand up. You probably can’t envisage an energetic battle. There is no substance therefore it isn’t real?’

‘I can understand you believe that.’

‘I told you I don’t believe anything.’


We could have gone round and round. People are very happy for you to believe in reincarnation but tell them the details from many lives as I can and they get rather uncomfortable. Belief wastes so much time. It’s a prop a mental process we use to sure up our lack of perception. Christians tell you, You must believe in god. It’s important to them that you conform. Profess to an intimate personal relationship and they get upset.


I can just ask Jesus, I casually say, he’s still around and I’ve always found him pretty friendly. Not very clear perhaps but he tries. He usually calls me little brother, I don’t know why.

That usually starts a huge rumpus. Is it just me?

Belief in – well anything is a step away, a backing off from personal interaction. We need to learn to get involved. We don’t need intermediaries to tell us how to think, be or feel.

There is nothing you can’t find out or interact with directly.

Including God?

Yes that is by far the easiest thing to do. Just sit on your bum close you eyes and ask. We are all One.


People say that like a mantra but its true. We are all created by the same Creator. He, not a gender but used because its easier, gave us free will. We can co-create together. We can create anything.

“You believe that?”

“No I don’t believe anything!’ Doesn’t anyone ever listen…..



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