Welcome to my blog

This is life the universe and everything according to me and I have written up some of my adventures. This post will tell you what is going on if you are new to being awake. It even tells you what that means. I cover more or less everything and it ends with a video which covers a little of our history but more importantly it will tell you the exciting news about what is coming next. I don’t want or need anything from you. I share what I know with love.

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Energy work

We are all energy. Modern scientists, like Nassim Haramein, tells us that even sub atomic particles are just energy fields and have no physical substance at all. We are energy then but we are far more than this we are a specific kind of energy. Continue reading “Energy work”


The dark gives us endless delusion. It tries to convince us that we can never win. We already have. That’s times little secret, every eventuality is there we only have to choose it.

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We all live in multi dimensions. We inhabit several places but we hardly notice. If you think that sounds crazy tell me where you go when you’re asleep or dreaming? You aren’t simply unconscious. We go other places. You may not remember but you then you might.

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