Welcome to my blog

This is life the universe and everything according to me and I have written up some of my adventures. This post will tell you what is going on if you are new to being awake. It even tells you what that means.


In our day to day world practically all knowledge is distorted and simply not true. Facts are hard to come by they are often made up. We do have access to all knowledge but it certainly isn’t on the internet, at least not yet.

Talking to the Earth

We are all Earth’s children even if we aren’t aware of it. We would not be here without her. She knows each and every seven point nearly seven billion of us. Talking to her is not mystical or special, it should be normal. We can all do it but have forgotten.

The other way

There are many minutia in the 3D world that people claim are importance for our growth, understanding even our wakefulness. Actually that’s all bullshit. Our focus is what changes things not how much we know.