Welcome to my blog

This is life the universe and everything according to me and I have written up some of my adventures. This post will tell you what is going on if you are new to being awake. It even tells you what that means. I cover more or less everything and it ends with a video which covers a little of our history but more importantly it will tell you the exciting news about what is coming next. I don’t want or need anything from you. I share what I know with love.

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Interview with Jio

Talking to my Korean friend Jio last summer, January 2018. Unfortunately she lost her hard drive and there is only a very short section of what was a very long talk. It does have a few good shots of my local area.


We all live in multi dimensions. We inhabit several places but we hardly notice. If you think that sounds crazy tell me where you go when you’re asleep or dreaming? You aren’t simply unconscious. We go other places. You may not remember but you then you might.

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A new way to Be

I look at what is happening around the world and test how far we have come. The old way of doing things is still there but is falling apart very visibly. Letting it go requires a new start, we need to revaluate what is important.

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