My books are written with love at their core. They are  designed to lift you up and make you feel good. I use my own experiences as inspiration and look to our future to bring out the truth of who we really are. I want to light people up, to make you explode with creativity and to discover your own inner power. I started writing because I couldn’t find any books that did that for me and decided to do something about it.

All my books are written intuitively. That means I just write. I don’t plan or work out the characters or stories, I let them come. I have no idea what is going to happen. That makes writing them exciting and great fun. My writing is about where we are going, not the content as much as how it feels. Plenty of people talk about the mechanics of a better life but that is only a small part of the story. Envisaging a divine future in your heart is how you create it.

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The Rayman Series

This series is all about about our journey right up to and including ascension. It is filled with the love of the un-manifest and was inspirational to write.

Book 1

The Rayman

This is the Rayman’s personal story.

He is a musician but also uses light in his performances to project a visual element to his music. He is just starting to reach his full potential when he has an accident and is suddenly flung into a very different place. He is rescued by strange elemental beings who not only heal him but teach him how to heal. In this process they change him and he can no longer play.

He is rescued by his life partner who is a singer. She sets out to find him and is intuitively drawn towards him. Together they discover how to bring him back and confront his disability learning to enjoy life in spite of what has happened.

It shows that not matter what, no matter how dreadful it is for the good. We grow and become stronger and can never loose who we are. The Rayman’s journey is very joyful. He is the wounded healer who eventually figures out how to heal himself. He rises again to become far more than he was.

To some extent this story parallels my own. The interesting thing is that most of the events in my life happened after this book was written.

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Book 2


This book continues the story and is about growing in many ways.

Donna, one of the Rayman’s young friends, has an insatiable desire for knowledge. She decides to visit the huge community called the Gathering which she has heard about from Carrie the Rayman’s partner. The Gathering is where Carrie’s mother Margaret came from before she was married. Margaret assures Donna they can teach her everything she wants to know.

It is a very long journey and takes her very high up into the mountains. Nothing works out as she expects and she discovers that there is far more to life than just learning information. Helped by a mysterious master she sets out to discover more. She meets a being who gives her a life changing experience.

This book explores the difference between knowledge and wisdom in a very playful way. I have brought in plenty of my own experiences. Nobody would believe them otherwise. It explores the limit of what we think we can do. We can all do more or less anything and my characters do.

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Book 3


Book 3 is is the end of the journey.

Brian one of the Rayman’s and Carrie’s children is a gifted child. He is his own person and completely unfathomable but very powerful. He changes anyone he meets and nobody is safe from him. He is without any malice but will take on anything. Marsha on the other hand is a gifted actress. She becomes her characters but finds she can do far more than just act. This final book takes healing to the limit and heals the entire planet.

I don’t expect you to believe me until it happens but here is the rest of our journey. My characters explore some of the limits of human ability in a humorous madness that was great fun to write.

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What my readers say

The Rayman manages to combine all the ingredients of a juicy read: believable characters, a hard to predict, twisting plot but it’s minus any violence, cynicism, or bedlam. There’s a vein of goodness running through this novel that I held onto with both hands.
CharlotteNew Zealand
I loved it. It was like drinking a glass of fresh water – clear and refreshing
ManiNew Zealand
It was a really good read and I really didn’t want to finish it. The ending was wonderful
The Rayman reminds me of being honest with myself and fully embracing whatever is happening in life, good or bad. Truly inspirational and transformational. Highly recommended!!
Growth opens a magical pathway for living on the Earth Mother in a most creative, fun and loving way.
You created a book that evokes a certain deep and beautiful feeling that I can even access just by thinking of it! The Rayman books affect people very deeply!
JoannaNew Zealand
The Rayman opens your eyes to a whole new world of ideas and ways of being. A truly adventurous ride from beginning to end. It will keep you completely engaged with the possibilities of the human mind and spirit.
I was moved to tears. I’ve just finished your book and have to try to tell you how deeply moved by it I am. It’s brilliant.
SikaNew Zealand
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I read the last two chapters in full delight, feeling uplifted and very inspired.
NgangNew Zealand
I have just finished reading the Rayman, the book bought me to tears several times, such a wonderful gift of love and insightful potentialities of our future. A future I and many others are starting to live.
KevinNew Zealand