The Rayman Series


Book one - The Rayman

Book 1 is the Rayman's personal story.

He is a musician but also uses light in his performances to project a visual element to his music. He is just starting to reach his full potential when he has an accident and is suddenly flung into a very different dimension. He is rescued by strange elemental beings who not only heal him but teach him how to heal. In this process they change him and he can no longer play.

He is joined by his life partner who is a singer. She is sets out to find him and is intuitively drawn towards him. Together they discover how to bring him back and confront his disability learning to enjoy life in spite of what has happened.

It shows that not matter what happens, no matter how dreadful it is for the good. We grow and become stronger and can never loose who we are. The Rayman's journey is very joyful. He is the wounded healer who eventually figures out how to heal himself. He rises again to become far more than he was.

To some extent this story parallels my own. The interesting thing is that most of the events happened to me after this book was written not before.


Book two - Growth

Book two continues the story and is about growing in many ways.

Donna, one of the Rayman's young friends, has an insatiable desire for knowledge. She decides to visit the huge community called the Gathering which she has heard about from Carrie the Rayman's partner. The Gathering is where Carrie's mother Margaret came from originally. Margaret assures Donna they can teach everything she wants to know.

It is a very long journey and takes her very high up into the mountains. Nothing works out as she expects and she discovers that there is far more to life than just learning information. She decides to leave and sets up on her own. She meets a being who changes her by raising her awareness.

This book explores the difference between knowledge and wisdom in a very playful way. I have brought in plenty of my own experiences. Nobody would believe them otherwise. It explores the limit of what we think we can do. We can all do more or less anything and my characters do.


Book three - Transformation

Book three continues the story and is about our present journey of ascension.

Brian is a gifted child. He is his own person and completely unfathomable and very powerful. He changes anyone he meets and nobody is safe from him. He is without any malice but will take on anything. Marsha on the other hand is a gifted actress she becomes her characters but finds she can do far more than act. This final book takes healing to its limit and heals the entire planet.

I don't expect you to believe me until it happens but here it is. My characters explore some of the limits of human ability in a humorous madness that was great fun to write. I have worked in the theatre and in music production and the shows I describe are the direction these art forms are going. They are what we could do once rid of the negative influences that constrain the creative world at the moment.

Writing this book was a wonderful experience and I know that it will happen.


My books are

I have five more books on the go.
Expect Flying Mermaids the first in a new series I am calling The Octacular. The writing part is finished but it is a large book and needs editing. It is a contemporary story and wide ranging. It includes behind the scenes in the music and theatrical worlds and confronts the dark side of those businesses. It visits another dimension or two and might be labelled science fiction/fantasy. It features Galatics working with Masters as well as my usual array of gifted characters including a dog that can teleport and a multidimensional answer machine.

I am busy writing four other books at the same time:
The Unicorn on the roof
Simon's Surprise
Possibly a Faery
A Medal for being Dad

They all share the same ending but seen from different angles. It's pretty hard to write like that. If I was using my head I couldn't do it.