Breaking your programming

We are all a product of our programming which begins at birth. Removing it is our responsibility.

My generation came in saying NO actually this isn’t how we want to live. I remember clearly in my late teens making a choice. Money was unimportant to me. How I lived was paramount. I didn’t want to conform, to have a job, wear a suite and tie and be tied to a mortgage. I wanted something more exciting, something creative. My generation rebelled en-mass. It was very effective. We came together at large festivals, grew our hair and explored some of the alternatives to what was out there. The establishment really didn’t like that and has spent many years trying to control or forget us but many generations followed who did exactly the same thing. The oligarchy can’t prevent us and tried instead to destroy us. They do that rather well but there are far too many evolving humans. We outnumber them many millions to one.

They didn’t succeed because we had the support of changing circumstances. The Dark’s time is up. It is time for something new. Where we are now is because of my generation to some extent, we started it but our children have taken it further. Technology has enabled very fast collective communication. We all learn quickly on a global scale. We are still subject to interference but that is failing now. Many people have become aware of the old establishment that does not have our welfare in mind. We are breaking out of this control system a little bit at a time. I want to speed that up which is what my blog is about. I am learning new ways to break the programming all the time.

The first thing you need to do is to become aware of it. If you are reading my words you have probably already done that but it is useful to define it. That may not be comfortable for you but stay with me, there are solutions.

We are trapped in an environment that is not life supporting. We age. Our life expectancy is very short, for most of us that’s not even a hundred years. We suffer from many diseases. This is unnecessary but intentional. The Earth our planet has been badly polluted and damaged, again callously and with intent.

Our free will is subverted constantly. We are subject to external pressures as to how we should behave. We are guided into a fixed system that prevents our personal fulfilment. We are made to conform from an early age, self expression is stifled and often ridiculed.

If we are successful and eventually manage to remove these constraints we then become targets and are attacked, often killed.

Now this is not a pleasant prospect but fortunately this is only one side of the coin. It is useful to be aware of it because it provides strong motivation.

The first thing to understand is that all this is very near it’s end. We are going to witness the demise of the dark control system, actually that is happening now. We can help it on it’s way. By being our true selves and joining together we infinitely outnumber the opposition. We are also very powerful. We need to tap into that power.

Our full potential is all around us. It is the collective awareness of everything in creation. Some people call it Source. We are directly linked to the highest aspect of who we are by a silver thread. Our highest aspect is the closest thing to source that is still manifest. This link means we have the full potential to do anything. Source is pure Love and is expressed as everything we see around us, even beyond our galaxy, it encompasses the entire cosmos.

We can become aware of Source. We do that when we meditate correctly. You can do that daily. It is a very pleasant experience and generates well being – bliss. It is very good for all your bodies, it integrates them and revitalises all of you. If you do this often enough the awareness that you are expands. When you meditate, the distance you are to source becomes smaller.

Source is your full potential too. We can start to use this. Source is busy knowing itself and experiencing creation through extensions of itself – that’s us. If we align ourselves in this direction we enhance our potential even more. So this is the best way to remove what isn’t real. It may seem too esoteric for some but it is a very good first step.


In order to answer this you have to understand who you are. We are light beings having a human body experience. That though is not all that we are. We are fully realised beings that have forgotten that we are. There is a barrier to that memory. It is called the veil. It is also a creature a very large limited awareness that takes the form of a black fractal octopus that some call Yaldabroth. That may sound crazy but I have seen it. I had no idea what it was the first time but it really does exist. We each have a link to it, a small part of it that is embedded when we incarnate on this planet. I saw it just after I had this implant, which was larger than normal, taken off my back. That must have drawn it’s attention. We eye gazed. I didn’t like that at all but we observed each other. I looked at it in great detail. I have seen it several times since. The last time very little of it was left.

It used to encompass our entire solar system but it is being removed, just part of it’s head remains which is larger than the Earth. Part of it’s role was to keep us from remembering who we are. It lives in a different plane of existence, in a plasma dimension which we don’t normally perceive. Most of it is gone but it was bolstered recently by the dark side with some very nasty worms. It will take time but they will be removed too.

The plasma planes are a part of creation we know little about. The one it inhabits is a lower dimension. We can go much higher. We can circumvent it by joining with source but although you may have a very high level experiences when you meditate it’s hard to recall it when you stop. That is because the octopus removes most of these memories. As you stay higher it’s influence is reduced. That is why I say meditating is important. There are many other reasons but that is a good one.

I have dealt with the highest first but there are many layers to our experience. Now I will go lower. I mentioned that we have an implant that prevents our full access to memory of who we are but we have other implants. They effect the way we think and feel. Our emotions can be controlled. Combined with negative energies projected at us from technology, smart phones, TV’s especially the phone masts we are inundated with subtle influences. We are brain washed constantly by the media and the entertainment systems that we use.

A good first step then is to turn all this off. I have done that for decades and am very careful with what I ingest. That works. I understand that doing this is difficult if you are still embroiled in the system. If you still have to make a living, must play computer games, etc. then there are things that you can do to reduce these influences.

Turn everything off when you go to bed especially if you have children. Unplug everything if you can. Some of these devices are still doing things even when turned off. Your smart phone is a very nasty piece of work especially when it is close to your head. There is a way to combat it.

Tacyons are particles that still retain the influence of source and travel at speeds way beyond the speed of light. Conventional science dismisses them probably because the dark doesn’t like them. They don’t penetrate the veil, that is another of it’s tasks, but tachyons can be generated here on Earth. They reduce the influence of harmful EMF. There are several companies that make a tachyon activated patch that can be attached to your phone. Here is a link to one company that make them. You will find they sell several other devices that will help overcome the harmful effects of even your electrical supply.

Reducing the influence at a physical level is very useful but we can do more.

How we think effects us greatly. We have been trained to use a process that works with the control systems. This is especially noticeable in tertiary education. We are taught to rationalise, to reason, to be objective. There is nothing wrong with this except that at the moment it can be influenced and is very heavily. What you think is monitored and adjusted in real time. I know this sounds paranoid but even if you don’t believe it there is plenty of evidence that shows we are being lied to constantly. The propaganda is relentless.

The dark faction that controls our planet are not connected to source and they teach us how they want us to be taught. Their way. They also impart their values and philosophies. What we think can and is steered.

I will give you an example; human nature. We are told right from an early age that self interest at the expense of others is human nature. Actually that is the dark’s nature not ours. It is an imposed idea and not who we are at all.

We are pure love, nothing else. As a part of source we have its attributes and will revert to them when no longer under the dark’s influence. All of Creation is manifest Source. Love in physicality becomes Light. We are Light Beings but are also a vibration – a sound. All of creation vibrates, there is no physicality to matter; an atom is a simply resonance field. You could say that all of creation is a sound….

The difference between us and the dark is that the dark has a life force but has purposely disconnected itself from Source and cannot reconnect. It is quiet. It is an anomaly, something that happened at the beginning of time which is being resolved. It likes to remain static in a fixed situation it controls. We are designed to grow.

With regards thinking there are other ways to operate. Spontaneous right action circumvents the controls. You don’t use the rational part of your brain but just do things; something which we are definitely not encouraged to do. When you do this you use your intuition, which can see around corners, and therefore you don’t fall into the traps – well not as easily.

Great but how?

To do this requires a slightly different approach. You use your subtle feelings. Intuition can be cultivated and I will go into that but there is a much quicker way. You simply decide that you will stop thinking and instead perform spontaneous right actions – then let it go. You can save a great amount of time and energy by using this approach.

If this doesn’t work for you then it can be cultivated.

Sit and do nothing until you do something. Just sit and Be and wait until you find you have done something. Don’t think just sit. If thoughts come ignore them. It sometimes helps to meditate first. If you don’t know how to do that watch your breath for a while. That means focus on it. When you feel relaxed open your eyes and just observe. Watch everything around you, watch yourself. Eventually if you sit long enough you will suddenly do something. This is a spontaneous action. Keep practising this occasionally and you will get used to it. It’s fun. As you progress you will notice a feeling that accompanies the action. If it feels right it is a spontaneous right action. These can be developed but I didn’t do it this way myself.

I was talking to someone and they kept saying you’re too much in your head. I wasn’t but they were – I decided to do something about it to remove this accusation. Often discomfort works as good motivation.
‘OK I said I’ll turn it off,’ and I did. They were highly evolved and very intuitive and felt that I had done exactly what I said. The person I was talking to was on another continent and was super aware but couldn’t work out how I did it. I can’t tell you either, all I know is I decided to do it spontaneously and just did it. Now I hardly think at all, I only use my intuition. I am used to it. There are significant advantages. I can’t do logical and linear things but I don’t really need to. You can retain that part of you if you want but remember it can be easily influenced.

Our emotions can be heavily influenced too. Our opinions are not necessarily ours but are just a knee jerk reaction imposed on us by subliminal programming. This is subtle but can effect you in lots of areas.

The way to overcome this is to observe your feelings and strong emotions. Question “is that really me, is that how I feel.” Stepping back is often all you need to do. Awareness is a strong way to remove them. In the heat of the moment become an observer. Let what ever happen but notice how you feel. If you are angry or upset in any way chances are you aren’t. Most negative emotions are imposed. Notice which ones are real.

This process is a daily experience. It will enhance who you are. There is no need to be detached when observing and if you are truly angry give it some power. That can be fun. Righteous anger is very strong.  I have helped several people by getting really angry with them. It got their attention and they had to deal with something – me right in their face. In doing so they had to face something in themselves they didn’t want to tackle. They resolved the difficulty because they had to. There was no choice, they were uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is perfectly OK it demands change and this feeling is very good at creating it.

This should give you a good start. I am constantly updating how I operate. Easier methods are been given to us all the time. We are also been diverted. Don’t get embroiled in complex thinking, it can be interesting but often leads into a dead end, a static place. All of creation is constantly moving and growing, that is its nature. If you find yourself stuck then the dark has you but it’s easy to get out of anything by laughing. The dark has no sense of humour.

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