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I notice a lot of attention is on California at the moment. It is going through a huge transformation. The US is going to be the fulcrum point for the rest of the world and California is the fulcrum point for the US.

It is the most maligned and heavily attacked place I have ever been. It had by far the worst chem trail activity I have ever seen but that is only the obvious sign of control. There are military bases all over both underground and above. Toxic areas that I found hard to tolerate. Fortunately most of them have been cleared now.

Now I know how sensitive Californians are and I am not deriding you. I praise you to the skies. I could not live there. I was there for over five months and found myself loosing who I am. I could not be creative at all but I had work to do and got on with it. How you manage is beyond me. I won’t dwell on this more but it is the reason for this post. We can do something to help.

The main reason California is so heavily targeted is because of what it contains. The huge redwoods are an enormous resource. Trees remove negative energy and redwoods do that big time. They are truly incredible Beings but there is more. These forests contain other powerful beings too and I met one when I was up in the north. I have written about the experience. The sea has some incredible beings too not just the whales.

California is also an energy focus and has huge assets particularly in the San Francisco Bay area. Four huge energy lines cross at the Golden Gate. These are the main arteries that feed the ley lines which are anomalous to our capillaries.

Perhaps that needs some explanation. Mother Earth has a vast energy network which supply her body. The main lines are over 60 miles wide and deeper than the ley lines which are much smaller and on the surface. The main network of huge energy lines covers the whole of our planet but also pass right through her. They connect her main energy centres and you can consider them to be her meridians.

We are then talking about her energy body. Like us she has several bodies and the physical body is only the most concrete. This is not the energy grid most people talk about. It is organic and not geometrical. It is one of her main networks and as I said it feeds Mother Earth the nutrition that she needs. It is only a part of the whole. Like us she is a Light Being and is multi dimensional with several bodies.

There are many of theses lines in north America but the Golden Gate really is golden and is the spot if you live in California. You can see from the map at the head of this post how covered the area is. These are only the main lines, there are very many more smaller ones. I am publishing this at this point in time so that anyone looking at it can make it a focus. Your attention will enhance the power these lines radiate. Tuning into them will enhance your life.

Mother Earth like all the planets is fed energy from the outerness.  I use this term because it is multi dimensional not just a part of the physical realm. Energy comes from the central sun at the heart of our Galaxy but that is a higher frequency realm. Twelve rays of energy feed this system. It is a little like our own circulation systems; energy is fed in and circulates round and then returns back to the outerness again. It is similar to our own blood circulation and our breathing it revitalises all parts.

This is pure energy; the twelve rays is a huge subject on it’s own. Each one has different properties and is associated with an Ascended Master. They brings in an attribute for example the violet ray which is the seventh ray is associated with St Germain is transformational and creates change.

If you want details the huge energy lines that cross at the Golden gate are:

A line running from Freetown in Sierra Leone in Africa through the Golden Gate and then on to Hawai. It runs between O’hau and Moluka’i islands and as I said it is about sixty miles wide. It runs straight through Berkley. It runs a little south of Chicago and a little north of Pittsburgh. It travels right around the Earth as they all do in what is called a great circle.

There is another line running from Galapagos up through the gulf of California through the Golden Gate. It runs through San Fransisco through San Jose and between Los Angeles and Pasadena. Again it is sixty miles wide and covers Point Res station and Tomales Bay. You can feel it on the coast at Dillon Beach.

The third comes from Columbia through Panama City up to Mount Lemon in Arizona and on through the Golden Gate.

I think there is also a vertical energy line running through this junction that goes down through to the centre of the Earth. This is then a major energy centre, a very important place. There are other lines of energy in California but I have felt guided to elaborate on this one.

If you want to see where all the main energy lines run I have published a pdf of how the maps were made and also a complete set of maps. It includes my story which gives a better understanding of the work involved. I spent eight years working with the Elohim mapping this network. It explains who the Elohim are and has more detailed information about these energy lines. You can get that here.

Unfortunately this was made a long time ago, before the internet had really got going and there was no Google Earth back then. I had to make my own virtual 3D model which has limitations when blown up large. It was designed to cover the whole globe rather than details for specific places.

I intend to make a better image for this post that will show all the cities in California. At some point I will transfer the information to a Google earth overlay. It depends on people’s interest.

12 thoughts on “California ley lines

  1. Hey I live in SF Bay area…just had the thought to look this up…how can I use this to help? And what about lightwork? How do the lines affect this?

    1. Just your awareness is enough. We are very powerful Beings. Knowing what is there and tuning into it will enhance it. As a Lightworker we all illuminate where we are in the way that is most natural to us. Being where you are is advantageous because you are in a high energy spot and resonating with it is easier.

  2. Beautiful, thank you for this information. I was prompted to look this up after linking to a grid in my minds eye. I live only 6 hrs away from SF. ❤️

  3. Your website is very helpful. Thank you. I’m 30 minutes from SF. Wanted to get more detailed directions to ley lines and also those at Mt. Shasta as I’ve read it is a sacred site. I think I’m supposed to go there.

  4. I live in the eastern sierra nevada on top of a caldera. I am interested in learning the lines that run through this area. It is extremely powerful here. Thank you for your love and website.

  5. I live up in Amador County in No. Calif. It’s beautiful up here. Is there anyplace around here that would be beneficial for mediation? Are there any ley lines up here in Amador County? I live up in Pioneer. Thank you so much for your information, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything.

    1. That’s a good place to be and right on one of the big energy lines. Anywhere you feel good is a beneficial place to meditate.

  6. I was looking for Southern California information. Learning that they are so wide, I’m sure, that I was correct in what I am feeling.

  7. I live in Columbia, in Tuumne County, on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Am I on a ley line?

    1. I cannot be specific but it is the energy that is important. People tend to focus on the ley lines and think they are special but the entire globe is covered by this wholesome energy now. It is like our own body, every part of it has access to the energy of our blood supply. The energy of the twelve rays is everywhere. It has been that way since the early two thousands.

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