California ley lines

Ley line was the term coined to describe the straight alignments of sacred sites found in Britain which is where the word originally comes from.

Before I show you where these energy lines run in California I am going to clarify what they actually are. The energy lines I describe on this website are the energies that define and shape our world. Physicality is defined by them, not the other way around. The energy when it first arrives here is pure and holds the intelligence that created everything in creation. Physicality is imbued with this intelligence.

In Britain ley lines usually connect between standing stones and sometimes later constructions such as churches and they often run along the lines of what are called Roman roads. These alignements were usually built on the old straight paths that followed energy lines but it is not certain who built them. They are very old.

Leys are only really visible on a map and aren’t actually straight other than locally. The famous dowser Hamish Miller dowsed a very long aliment that runs from south west Ireland right across Europe to Israel. I respect Hamish but his work is not portrayed very well in the book that was written about his discovery. The writer gives the false impression that the line is straight which it isn’t. That is his story and he sticks to it. I am a cartographer and what I discovered when I plotted Hamish’s findings creates a curve. You can read about that here if you are interested. It appears to be a general rule that ley lines actually bend if you follow them for any distance. The Rods of Power decribed here do run straight and form what are called great circles that encircle the Earth. They also plunge through her to the Earth’s centre.

The energy lines that dowsers pick up and that run between sacred sites are often called Earth Energies. They wriggle all over the place and sometimes spiral but generally follow the general ley alignments. Earth Energies is a misnomer too because although they do include energies from the Earth they also include energies that come from an external source. These energies are what feed our planet and keep her vital. They are found globally but come from the cosmos. The lines I am going to describe are fed by the source of this energy. They are our planet’s source of nutrition and are found deeper than the ley lines which usually run on or near the surface.

Although many have been destroyed there are still a few sacred sites in North America; Casa Grande in Arizona is one example. It is located not on a ley line but on one of the major arteries of this energy. The people who built it knew what they were doing. The information I have about them is that they weren’t from Earth but came from another star system. They were small, fair haired with white skin and were picked up and returned to their home planet about six hundred years ago. They could communicate with other extraterrestrials and called home. Not all went but those that remained were told to disperse and abandoned the place. They used advanced crystal technology and built observatories. If you read my work you will get used to such outlandish statements. You don’t have to take on anything I say, I am just providing the information as it has been given to me. It comes from numerous sources, in this case from an Ascended Master.

I have been working on this project for over twenty years. I was in California in 2005 and spent five months doing energy work there. I was a mobile focus in this density that enabled higher level beings, the Els, to adjust and refine the flows. That is a long story in itself and I have written up some of it on my blog.

The lines you will find shown here are the main arteries that feed through to the leys which are equivalent to our capillaries. I will continue to call them leys because that is the popular terminology. My lines are straight but deeper and much bigger at about sixty five or more miles wide. They circle the globe in what is called great circles but also run through to the centre of the planet. They are what feeds her and keeps her vital. You could also say they are her meridians.  They are lines of pure energy and not visible to most of our senses but we can feel them. They provide our planet with her nutrition but they also feed us. This the source of chi energy, ki, life force, prana whatever you want to call it. The Els, the Beings who made them, call these main arterial lines the Rods of Power.

This is not the energy grid people talk about, it is only part of the whole. Ancient sacred sites are usually built on energy centres. They mark and enhance them but the energy was already there. It is an organic system not geometrical. It is one of the main networks and it feeds the life force to all us including our planet, the Earth. Gaia is the being, or life force, that inhabits the Earth and is the source of everything that exists on and within her body. Like us Gaia is multi dimensional. The Earth our planet is only her physical body. Like us, she has several bodies one inside the other like nested Russian dolls. We all survive on the same energy be it that we get it directly or indirectly.

We are wired to perceive the physical using our five senses but there is far more.  Science can measure many things we can’t detect. The energy I am talking about may not be visible but we do feel it, it effects us and good dowsers can find it. I have had some of my lines independently confirmed. Their alignments may not be perfect yet but they are the best I can manage at the moment. I am always open to refining them. I do get confirmations as I work. For example there is a line that runs from Port Harcourt in Nigeria up through the Great Pyramid at Giza. I have plotted this line many times in different mediums but hadn’t plotted the pyramid. I am working on Google Earth Pro and could see one corner clearly enough to draw the whole pyramid in today. I noticed the line enters and exits the pyramid diagonally through opposite corners.

California is an energy focus and has huge assets particularly in the San Francisco Bay area. There are five main energy lines that cross at the Golden gate.

It is easier to see this big junction from outer space. On this slide geeen is the equatoerial line and cyan shows larger than normal lines.

Below is a close up of the golden Gate junction

I have shown main lines in yellow and blue. Blue lines I am less sure of their exact alignments and the magenta are lines that have not been confirmed yet. There are very many smaller ones that fan out from this junction but I am only going to focus on the main lines for now.

In the image above I have shown the centre of each line not their actual size because that rather obscures their alignments. Below is another image which shows their actual coverage which is vast.

Practically all of California is covered but there are very many smaller lines which fill in the gaps.

These lines are what sustain Mother Earth our planet and is the energy she lives on and through her they sustain us. I have said it before but it is worth repeating, they are the source of prana, chi the life force what ever you want to call it. This energy sustains every other living thing including plants, animals and rocks. Yes rocks and crystals etc. are sentient, every manifestation of creation is aware.

Our planet has been compromised and held by – I will call them malevolent forces. They know about these lines. One of their common practices is to pollute them. They do this with in several ways but the most common is the negative energy of war, especially genocide. I apologise for this negative information but knowledge is power. It is one of the reasons I am writing this post. We can do something about it.

Polluting these lines with the negative energy can be very effective. An example is the Vietnam war which was started intentionally to counteract the growing counter culture that started in the late 1960’s. The movement was about peace and love and was global. It threatened the negative focused system. The movement started and was focused in San Francisco. It should not surprise you to know that one of these big lines, the one that runs from the Golden Gate through San Francisco down through many residential areas to the Gulf of California also goes on to Laos and the northern part of Vietnam.

This is a very common practice. Here is another example:
There is a line running through Londonderry in Northern Ireland which has been a focus of ‘the troubles’ for many years. This line runs down through the Falkland Islands where Britain had a war with Argentina in the early nineteen eighties. The same line runs up through Japan and covers Hiroshima the location for one of the nuclear bombs used at the end of the second world war. It then runs on through North Korea. I could go on quoting countless examples especially in the middle east. This is not a coincidence but a pre meditated plan. Those in power or should I say those who have been in power on our planet know about these lines and that they can be effected by any negative energy imposed on them. The effects can bleed through to the rest of the planet because they are all interconnected. All war zones work in this way. They are often started at particular places which have very positive energy. The negative energy counterbalances and pollutes the positive effects. Fortunately positive also works the same way and this energy is continually being renewed. This is partly why fighting has to be relentless.

So what can we do?

We are powerful. You can direct a positive focus and that helps. Even single person has power but together the effect is exponential. Positive energy is winning now and things are mid change. You can help accelerate what is happening, All that is necessary is your attention. Just your awareness is enough, that is how powerful you are.

There are very many of these lines in north America but the Golden Gate really is golden and is the spot if you live in California. You can see from the map at the head of this post how covered the area is. These are only the main lines, there are very many smaller ones. I am publishing this at this point in time so that anyone looking at it can make it a focus. Your attention will enhance the power these lines radiate and that will spread through the system enhancing it. Tuning into them will enhance your life.

Mother Earth, like all the planets, is fed energy from the outerness. I use this term because it is multi dimensional not just a part of the physical realm. Energy comes from Source, the source of all life whatever you want to call it. It reaches here through the central cluster at the heart of our Galaxy which is a higher frequency realm. It feeds here through portals that nourish our solar system. Twelve rays of energy feed into this system. It is a little like our own blood circulation systems; energy is fed in and circulates mixes with our planets energy and then returns back to the outerness again. There is a cleaning system, one that works similar to our own. Together they revitalise all parts of the planet. She is very like us. She is also a being and you can feel her heart beat if you are sensitive enough. The British Isles, including Ireland, lies over her heart and has many more of these lines than any other place on the planet. Like us there are two chambers one focused in Scotland and the other in the south west England. Dartington Hall contains the main heart centre and is at the centre of the smaller circle. The two circles are areas that are part of the cleansing system. Energy whirls around them and they also join together. The larger circle is centred at Evie on the Orkney isles. The blue line is a bit larger than the others and I have differentiated it in this way. It is important and connects the heart to Uluru, which some designate as the Earth’s root chakra. It also runs through two huge energy focuses at the equator, one in the Amazon and the other in Borneo.

The British Isles heart centre
The British Isles heart centre

Mother Earth lives off this pure energy; the twelve rays which is a huge subject all on it’s own. Each one has different properties. We know about the seven which are visible light frequencies and also correspond to our chakras. That is the basis of what we have lived up until relatively recently. We have not had the full energy input which has only given us limited consciousness. Five Rays of energy were lost when our planet was knocked out of her rightful position many thousands of years ago. That event some call the fall. It deprived us some of the higher frequency energy for a long time and accounts for our drop in awareness. That has been fixed and all the Rays are back and the system is working properly again. That was achieved in the early two thousands.

The seven Rays we know bring in an attribute for example:

The Violet Ray is the seventh ray and is associated with St Germain. Its energy is  transformational and creates change. This old information and is fairly well known.

The Magenta Ray was brought back by the Els in about 2004. Magenta is not in the visible light spectrum but is a colour found quite commonly in nature. This Ray establishes harmony and balance.

I was involved with a small group of humans who helped to ground it initially to a point over the heart centre in south west Britain. We provided a focus that helped the Els ground the new or re-established ray to the lower levels of this density and on to the centre of the planet. I did something similar on my own in 2004 at Little Bell Rock in Sedona. There is a line that connects from Sedona to the huge junction at the Golden Gate and it runs through Little Bell Rock who is also an entity. He is male and has a wonderful sense of humour and is fun to talk to. The Magenta Ray has a very high energy which has now dissipated and spread throughout this vast energy network.

The energy is always beneficial when it arrives. It can be coloured as I have mentioned but the energy is rising in frequency and any discolouration will soon disappear. We are being rebuilt at the moment and will eventually have thirteen chakras that correspond to these Rays. Two of these new chakras are the galactic male and female which are separate but conjoined to give a balance which means there are really only twelve.

Our planet is going through similar changes.

If you want details the huge energy lines that cross at the Golden gate are:

A line running from Freetown in Sierra Leone, Africa through the Cape Verde Islands to the USA. There have been recent skirmishes involving American troops both is Sierra Leone and Liberia but troubles there date back to the American war of independence. The pattern becomes very obvious when you know it.

Freetown Africa

This Rod runs right across the USA from Berkeley township in New Jersey on the east coast.

To Berkeley city on the west coast. I find that the two names are the same is rather interesting.  The Rod runs right through the University of California and probably accounts for why Berkeley has always been a very creative place.

This line runs right across the country.

All the lines are roughly the same size but I have shown this one to scale so that it stands out.

The Rod runs on through the Golden Gate then on to Hawaii where in runs between two of the islands, O’ahu and Moloka’i. This is one of my latest maps which shows the edges and also the centres of each line. I am still refining them but these lines have been checked by my tester.

Hawaian Islands showing the main lines that pass through there.

Like all the other lines they circles the globe in what is called a great circle. Most flow naturally at about sixty five miles wide but they vary in width. The largest closely follows the equator but is at a slight angle. It is huge at over two hundred and twenty miles wide. The angle is about three and a half degrees and that may have been caused when the Earth was jolted out of her rightful position.

There is also a line running  up through the gulf of California through to the Golden Gate which as I have said runs on to Laos and Vietnam. It runs through Los Angeles, through San Jose and San Francisco. You can feel it on the coast at Dillon beach which is where I worked. Perhaps it is better to say I was a focus in the mundane for higher level beings enabling them to work on it. They did good things for the San Andreas fault line while I was there.

Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

The third line I want to mention comes from Columbia through Panama City up to Casa Grande and Mount Lemon in Arizona then on through the Golden Gate.

There is also a line that runs through Mount Shasta and down through the Golden Gate

I think there is also a fifth vertical line running down through this junction that goes through to the centre of the Earth. This is then a major energy centre, a very important place. There are other lines of energy here but I have felt guided to elaborate on these ones.

Unfortunately my original maps were made in the late 1990’s, before the internet had really got going and there was no Google Earth. I had to make my own virtual 3D model which has limitations when blown up large. It was designed to cover the whole globe rather than show details for specific places. I have put all my information onto Google Earth Pro and am re-reading my reference materials to make fine adjustments. I will write up a full article when I have finished and will release it with the overlay on its own website. You can look at the lines globally in fine detail, right down to your own house.

Notice how the land shapes, abuts and follows these lines. They also cross over the highest mountains including Mt Everest and K2, the two highest. One runs through the heart of the Amazon rain forest. They run through important energetic places like Uluru or Aires Rock in Australia, and Stonehenge in England. Actually the same line covers all of these places.

This is work in progress. As I have said I am plotting all the information onto a 3D model which is based on Google Earth. I am adding lines and refining what I know. It all needs explanation and checking and that takes time. I will also write up all the knowledge which I have accumulated as I have worked on this project. That on its own is very interesting.

People like to show that energy centres connect together on alignments and to some extent that is true. The idea of strait alignments is not necessarily correct however but a convention established by the man who first discovered them. He was only looking relatively locally but taken far enough they bend. They are extremely complex and wiggle all over the place and even go up into space. Most of the maps that have been published are not cartographically correct. They are at best badly drawn diagrams. I wish they were correct, it would have made my job that much easier, but unfortunately most of the researchers have little or no idea about the mechanics of making a map. They try to show relationships between ancient sites but lack the ability to do so, often because they simply don’t know. There are still many mysteries but Google Earth has made this work significantly easier.

Like many others I have discovered is that most of our teachers have been wrong and actually have no idea what they are talking about. I have had to unlearn most of the things I thought were well established facts. Coming to this project with no expectation is the only way to approach it. I am constantly surprised even after twenty years. I learn something new every time I work on it. Today I plotted a line that coincidentally goes through my house in New Zealand. I lived on this same line for over three years when I lived in England. I checked and this applies to almost everywhere I have lived, all have been on or close to a lines centre. I have moved fairly often and this can’t be a coincidence.

Below is a sneak peak at my work covering North America. Not all the lines are in yet but it will give you the idea. This shot only shows the centres which makes it clearer. You will see immediately that the network is not geometrical but has focuses at certain places. The Golden gate is only one. The cyan coloured line is the Rod of Movement which controls earth movements, things like earth quakes. It is the widest of all the rods apart from the equator. There is a major junction in Iowa very close to where there are a pair of domes for TM meditation advanced practices. There is also a line in England that covers the dome I helped build there. Having done the surveys of that site I know they knew nothing about this information but don’t think it was a coincidence.  The major focus in the Amazon shows clearly. That is one of two found on or near the equator. There is another on the opposite side of the world in West Kalimantan, Borneo. Lines radiate out in a fan from these two junctions. They are probably on other chakra points but I wont get into that now, everyone has their own ideas about where Earth’s chakras are.

North America earth energy line centres

Living on or close to these lines especially at a junction has been beneficial in the past when they weren’t working as well but they have been repaired and became fully functional again in the early two thousands. Our whole planet benefits from this energy. The places the lines run through especially on the coast tend to be very beautiful.

Each line has a property, a job if you like. There is a Rod of vegetation for growth. I don’t have all of that information yet but will provide what I can.

It is good to know about them because all knowledge about our planet and how things work will help us to care for her. It helps us as individuals if we tune into this energy. You don’t have to be on a line to do that but it may help if you go to one to feel what they are like. I am very sensitive to this energy because I have worked with it for many years but there are other energies too. As we expand our awareness our world grows huge and complex. That doesn’t change who you are but tuning in will refine your awareness. This energy is beneficial but very powerful and needs to be treated with respect. Follow you own inner guidance how you use it.

I have built the new website now and you can download my lines to put into Google Earth or Google Earth Pro. The sites explains how to do that. To visit it go to

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  1. Hey I live in SF Bay area…just had the thought to look this up…how can I use this to help? And what about lightwork? How do the lines affect this?

    1. Just your awareness is enough. We are very powerful Beings. Knowing what is there and tuning into it will enhance it. As a Lightworker we all illuminate where we are in the way that is most natural to us. Being where you are is advantageous because you are in a high energy spot and resonating with it is easier.

  2. Beautiful, thank you for this information. I was prompted to look this up after linking to a grid in my minds eye. I live only 6 hrs away from SF. ❤️

  3. Your website is very helpful. Thank you. I’m 30 minutes from SF. Wanted to get more detailed directions to ley lines and also those at Mt. Shasta as I’ve read it is a sacred site. I think I’m supposed to go there.

  4. I live in the eastern sierra nevada on top of a caldera. I am interested in learning the lines that run through this area. It is extremely powerful here. Thank you for your love and website.

  5. I live up in Amador County in No. Calif. It’s beautiful up here. Is there anyplace around here that would be beneficial for mediation? Are there any ley lines up here in Amador County? I live up in Pioneer. Thank you so much for your information, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everything.

    1. That’s a good place to be and right on one of the big energy lines. Anywhere you feel good is a beneficial place to meditate.

      1. Hello, Ray!

        Regarding Amador County, I was driving through the hills there with my family back in high school (2002-ish). I’ve since come to learn that I’m clairaudient, and at one point during the car ride, I heard “Look!” and stared out into the hills. It was dusk, and I saw a distinct vibration, a glitch of sorts, that had some strange movement. Like a tiny tear in the fabric of earthly perception, if that makes any sense. Could that have been me resonating with a ley line? Or maybe it was some type of portal? A sign of another dimension? I’ve never known what it was, only that I was specifically guided to look at that area, and I have never forgotten how real and otherworldly the experience was. Any feedback would be appreciated!

        Also, one of the magenta lines you plotted goes through my home in the Los Gatos mountains, about an hour south of SF. I never leave comments online, but felt compelled to reach out because your work really resonates with me. Thank you for everything you do to help raise the earth’s vibration! More and more people are finally awakening and they seem to keep stumbling into my life…. it’s a continual confirmation that the work we do as lightworkers is truly working in a magical way!

        1. What we perceive is very much dependant on our state of consciousness. I don’t know what you saw either but to see such things is a blessing. To live on a line is very beneficial. We each choose where we go. Our task in some ways is just to be here.

  6. Tanzania Lucas

    I was looking for Southern California information. Learning that they are so wide, I’m sure, that I was correct in what I am feeling.

  7. I live in Columbia, in Tuumne County, on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Am I on a ley line?

    1. I cannot be specific but it is the energy that is important. People tend to focus on the ley lines and think they are special but the entire globe is covered by this wholesome energy now. It is like our own body, every part of it has access to the energy of our blood supply. The energy of the twelve rays is everywhere. It has been that way since the early two thousands.

  8. I’m interested in the full map. Keep up the good work! More specifically I am around the Pasadena/Hollywood/Los Angeles area and am very interested in how detailed the map can get.

  9. As with every teacher who passes on knowledge I am always in awe as to why they don’t use their skills to bring the little people together? Surely the connection of a group of individuals in oneness focusing on the healing of our planet our corrupt governments and the breakdown of our communities…surely it would be beneficial to at least set up a place for groupies to meet? I feel so alone.

  10. I’m in Vista near San Diego. I should say I am an enlightened being, no one understands me and I feel that I am supposed to be part of something more than myself. I am tasked with healing, which is more effective when there are many focusing on the same thing rather than one. So many people could be healed with the energy of community.

    1. There are many groups joining up. Each favours a different method. One that I point to is Within this organisation are many different groups. We are each drawn to those who are at least similar to us. But a leader is often unlike others, I am not drawn to groups or to lead them, I like to explore what is ahead. Our unification is happening. One of our coming opportunities will be to guide others who are waking up. To reassure and to guide them.

  11. Jennifer Collins

    Thank you so much…waiting with excitement for detailed map as i have been working with California energies all of my life…the map will help me be more direct in my approach…blessings my love…all of our contributions are so important.

  12. Hi ,

    Are there any special places in or near Benicia, California that might have good energy to meditate, that might resemble the energy of Ley Lines, rather than driving to the Golden Gate Bridge area?

    Thank you 🤗🤗

    1. You don’t need to go anywhere. The lines are huge, about sixty miles wide, and you are covered in Benicia. Just focus on the idea of feeling them.

  13. As the map appears to show Devil’s Punchbowl and Devil’s Gate along the center points, what is the force of the negative focus of these ley lines running between Pasadena & Los Angeles?

    1. The energy of these lines can only be beneficial, that is their nature. They are deep underground although they effect the surface because of their size. Names like Devil this and that are found all over the world. They are common in England. They are usually in very beautiful if striking places. It is probably more pertinent to look at who named them rather than to fear them. Highly charged places can effect sensitive people. I wrote about the efforts to distort and contaminate natural energy in my last post. Fortunately that time has nearly passed. These main lines are all working perfectly again and have been for about fifteen years. I spent five months in California in 2005 tidying up after their repair, which work took their makers about thirty years.


    I agree with you about living in Calif. I spent the last 45 years in Washington state, Whidby Island where I raisedmy kids has a ley line going through the middle of the island. I had to leave my beloved island to care for my aging father. A labor of love. I am in the mist of every kind of debauchery imaginable, and missing my everyday life with my friendly ley line and surrounding beauty. Ive been looking for the Pasadena ley line, ive been hearing about, but I just do not feel it. Any ideas that you can share would be wonderful. I am going out with a divining rod next time. So much concrete, so much asphalt. And the heat here is stifling.

  15. Hello. I live in San Diego and I was seeing some crossing in this area but it is hard to tell. Are there any here?

    1. I am working on a Google earth overlay which will allow you to see details. There are many other lines I havn’t shown and you will be covered by the energy anyway.

  16. Hi, Ray
    Thank you for your awesome work! Do you know if there is a line directly connecting San Francisco Bay (Vallejo specifically) and San Bernardino/Riverside?

    Thank you!
    Matt (C.Ht.)

    1. The simple answer is no. Everywhere is covered but there is no direct link. There is a line running through Vallejo but it goes north east. I haven’t plotted anything for San Bernardino yet. You can download the Google Earth info from my other site.

  17. Thank you for your reply, Ray. I am writing a historical fiction novel set in 1966 that includes SF and SB (esp. Route 66) as the two main locales. Thank you for getting back to me!

  18. Hey! I’m very interested in details about how you said that in the early 2000’s energy was restored to everywhere outside of the ley lines. This is a fascinating Idea to entertain for me, and I am also interested in your complete map of california when it’s ready! If it means anything to you, I was born in 2000 in New mexico, and then grew up partly in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I see two lines converge, and partly in Sacramento, California. I have also had a strong vision in the Mt. Shasta region. I don’t know much about these things, but I’m curious.

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