Looking Out

I was thinking about the nature of my reality, I say mine because it will be different to yours. We each create our own. I have been “looking” in but can also “look out”, back or forwards, in any direction I like. Continue reading “Looking Out”


Dragons are revered in the east but have had very bad press in the west. They have been presented as scary, tooth and claw low level, fire breathing monsters that eat animals and people. They are gold and jewel hoarders. Why is that?

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The Masters OF Light

The ascended Masters are Masters IN light. Their role here is to guide us. They form part of our Spiritual Hierarchy. The Elohim are sometimes called the Masters OF Light. They are beyond form. They radiate love in gratitude to all that is. Their role or perhaps part of it is to create and care for physicality. That means everything from the stars down at every level of existence, vibration and reality.

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The Sun

Science or rather those that influence us through science have not wanted us to know just how alive and vibrant our universe is. Our planet is a living breathing Being but so is our Sun.

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