I have been getting some interesting downloads recently which I feel a need to share. The different realities are moving relative to each other. We experience them depending on where we are. That is in our personal space.

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Anything that promotes or generates love is of the Light, it sustains life and expands in all directions with limitless creativity. Everything is sentient and knows itself gloriously as part of the whole and changes constantly. It grows, is inclusive, fun and exciting.

Anything that promotes or generates fear is of the dark, it negates and contracts. It is insular and controlled. Everything has a rigid structure is pyramidal and a small group enforces power over others. It is competitive, hard work and boring.

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One of the things that we get told is that you learn from your mistakes.
No you don’t. You just get pissed when things don’t work out.
You learn from your successes, your achievements. You tweak what went wrong until it goes right. That is how it works. So where did this come from then? This misinformation. It’s everywhere.

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Light Worker

Being awake is a responsibility. I am feeling my power and what I say may be uncomfortable for some. I tell it how I see it. We are very close and pushing hard. If you are reading my words this message it is for you. I speak at my level. Only take it on if it resonates with you.

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Finding your Self

We tend to look outside ourselves when we search for the truth, it is natural development of how we experience this world. We learn here from sensory input and from other people. Somebody else must know more than we do. It is how we are taught. The mundane lessons we learn at school only teach part of the story, we aren’t taught who we are and as we waken we reach for more.

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