In my last post I let you know there are other realms coincident with ours and we can interact with them. That is our normal mode of functioning, it is our birthright.

Looking inside

I have discovered the Divine Feminine is outside and up. To become part of it, I usually close my eyes and reach up. My focus is above my head. It always works but is external to me? I am part of it but separate too….

Go to the Source

In my last post I was looking at our state of Being – the rise of the new energy of the Divine Feminine. Assimilating this new energy is very important – it is how we link to Source but what is Source?

One way

It is not possible to be wise if you rely on someone else, a teacher or a philosophy, other peoples opinions. We learn from these things but they are just good beginnings, good starters to take us in a direction but that direction may not be yours.